10 Spring Product Picks

10 Spring Product Picks

Ahead of the anticipated High Point Market coming in less than two weeks (April 14-18), we couldn’t help but put together our favorite new Spring releases that are sure to make a few waves this year.

Juliska has us craving a cocktail. Le Jacquard Français is giving us an equal appetite for sitting down to the dinner table. We can’t take our eyes away from the mesmerizing new geometrical patterns of Designers Guild. And all day long we’re dreaming of Julie Vos’ pastel precious stones.

Suffice it to say we’re absolutely humming about the new collections this year. Also, be sure to follow our Story on Instagram (@dwellinganddesign) for additional items in these collections, more photos and product insights.

Juliska Bohemian Barware

Photo credit: Juliska

1. Juliska | Cultivated Barware

Juliska’s new glass barware collection has grabbed our attention in a serious way. Perhaps it’s the craftsmanship of their bohemian glass artisans. Or months of dreary winter weather making us crave the warmth of a cocktail. Either way, we’re perking up with excitement over these tasteful new additions.

Thibaut Dynasty

Photo credit: Thibaut

2. Thibaut | Dynasty Collection

We love how the injection of a third color—in this case, a dramatic yet playful shade of salmon—into the traditional blue and white color scheme takes the entire setting to new heights. Thibaut’s 2018 releases, in the form of the ‘Dynasty Collection’, combine bold, contrasting shades with invigorating patterns.. These textiles are sure to become instant classics.

Furniture Classics | Aslar Chest

Photo credit: Furniture Classics

3. Furniture Classics­ | Aslar Chest of Drawers 

“The popular architectural detail of stacked stone is cleverly replicated on the face of this visually arresting chest with three side hung drawers Soft white-washed tones of recycled pine contrast stylishly with the iron base and elongated handles, creating a piece even better in pairs.” – FC

Ryan Studio | River Flow

4. Ryan Studio | New Pillows Collection

With a healthy dose of sophistication and detailed scenery that pulls you right in, these pillows might just become the focal point of the living space. Solid colored back for versatility. The cool comfort of feather-down fill ensures they feel as good as they look.

AKDO | Impressions Silver Linen

Photo credit: AKDO

5. AKDO | Impressions Linen Silver

This textured, metallic finish will look alive in any setting. A few of our ideas include bar backsplash, bathroom contrast wall or sit-in kitchen island kick plate (hey—it’s pretty durable, too). Will surely shine a light on any dark space. Pair with other tiling options to unleash some very interesting (and sexy) combinations.

Designers Guild | Geometry Collection

Photo credit: Designers Guild

6. Designers Guild | New Geometry Collection

The spatial influence of geometry on the interior design realm is REAL. Designers Guild has woven delicate colors and trellis-like patterns together, resulting in a very harmonious new Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Dana Gibson | White Candelabra

Photo credit: Dana Gibson

7. Dana Gibson Designs | Bamboo Candelabra in White

It’s hard not to be drawn into Dana Gibson’s iconic designs. Playfully intertwining classic patterns and objects with fairly simple palettes of primary and secondary colors, she works her own brand of magic, manifesting newfound freshness that is unmistakably recognizable. The Bamboo Candelabra shown here is an instant conversation piece, yet another clever design that successfully combines art and functionality.

Julie Vos | Catalina Collection

Photo Credit: Julie Vos

8. Julie Vos | The Catalina Collection

New for 2018, Julie Vos has released The Catalina Collection. These dazzling pieces make a statement, featuring a selection of glowing colored stones and hammered gold finishes.  Fancy or casual, Julie Vos is perfect for any occassion.

Le Jacquard Francais | Wax Mania

Photo credit: Le Jacquard Français

9. Le Jacquard Français | Wax Mania Linen Collection

Elegance meets versatility with the new Wax Mania collection from Le Jacquard Français. Named for its subtle wax coating which protects from everyday use and perhaps a picnic on the patio. The bourdon stitch-detailing highlights the delicate patterns, woven from 100% cotton. With the variety of colors found across LJF’s Spring/Summer offerings, you can dial up just the right amount of excitement or subtlety to your gathering space.

Bungalow 5 | Mila Table

Photo credit: Bungalow 5

10. Bungalow 5 | Mila Coffee Table

This modern yet functional piece is not just one, but two tables! Join forces for a large, rectangular coffee table and separate for another multi-purpose surface in the form of an end table. Beautifully wrapped in linen and lacquered in a protective finish, these will certainly get your living room organized and squared away.

More To Come

This is only what we’ve seen so far this year. There are still more 2018 collections debuting at High Point Market from some of our favorite vendors. We’ll be sure to fill you in once we get back!

For more from these Spring collections, follow our story on Instagram (@dwellinganddesign) this week and next, leading up to High Point Market on April 14.

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