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Posted on June 16, 2017 | 0 comments

D&D Online Shop

We are excited to announce the reboot of our online store! Consider it a Dwelling & Design LITE--featuring a variety of items we currently have on-hand, as well as a finely curated selection of goods readily available from our amazing vendors.

Purchase the hottest home décor by Dana Gibson Designs, furniture and lighting options from Arteriors and Currey & Co., pillows and bedding by Designers Guild, and the finest dinnerware and glassware from Juliska! We also have the newest collection of Julie Vos jewelry, a selection of hugely popular blue & white ginger jars and so much more!

And you won’t have to worry about pricing. We’ve compared everything online, making sure our prices are on-point! We realize you have more shopping options than ever before, and want you to feel confident that every purchase you make with us is going to be the best deal around!

Have we competitively matched Houzz’s prices? Check. How about One Kings Lane? Yes, we’ll strive to always do our very best!

Shopping with us online is 100% secure, and we currently accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX. Should you have any questions prior to making a purchase, or at any point along the way, you can reach us at orders@dwellinganddesign.com.

Responsiveness, delivering the finest goods, and ultimate customer satisfaction are our highest priorities, and we ask for a small amount of patience as we are getting underway! (Thanks in advance.)

To browse our new selection of online goods, start here!



Dwelling & Design




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Screen Shot 2


Screen Shot 3





NOTE: Because of the numerous options available and limited delivery area, you will not find ‘Upholstered Furniture’ for purchase in our online store. We recommend visiting our actual showroom and trying upholstered pieces out for yourselves, to ensure they’re an attractive and comfortable fit. Another advantage is having our in-store Design Center as a resource—available for all of your creative customizations, with samples you can truly see and feel (unlike internet browsing!). Stop in or make an appointment anytime, and we’ll make sure to give you the hands-on service and experience you deserve. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Juliska Summer Release - Introducing Al Fresco Melamine!

Posted on June 14, 2017 | 0 comments

From their Al Fresco Collection, this new melamine dinnerware was made with the adventurous entertainer in mind.  Durability meets design with the iconic Berry & Thread motif allowing you to seamlessly entertain indoors and out.


  • Available in Colorful, Neutral (Off-White) designs
  • Dinner Plate & Salad/Dessert plate sizes
  • Clear Glasses also available for pre-order
  • Outdoors, Child & Animal friendly
  • Made of Melamine, BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe, top shelf recommended
  • Imported


**View and purchase NEW Juliska Al Fresco Melamine items in our ONLINE STORE.**


And check out the Juliska promo video below:


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Ideas & Inspiration: Outdoor Settings Pt. 1

Posted on May 25, 2017 | 0 comments

Since it's that sunshine-celebrating time of year, we thought we’d explore some of the most exciting and practical ways to transform your outdoor area into "party central", "relaxation station", or whatever vibe you might be going for.  Whether pool-front, waterfront, green-grassy acres or garden bonanza, there are plenty of options to enhance and optimize your exterior spread.

[Photograph © Fiona Newell Weeks]

We're talking about woven all-weather wicker, ethically-harvested teak frames, heirloom-worthy aluminum, versatile “grid” geometric seating, illuminating lanterns, Parasol canopies, palm planter boxes, hard-as-nails ceramic table tops, retro chaise-on-wheels, and peanut tables, just to name a few.  

Any of those strike your fancy...or at least pique your curiosity, even if you don’t know what they are?

You're probably thinking, "I’m familiar with wicker...and I’ve always wanted a ceramic-topped table!  But, parasite canopies…? We hired a guy to spray for mosquitoes, so we shouldn’t be needing one of those...”

Hold on, we said parasol canopies, silly!  Those lifesaving umbrella-type things that protect you from frying or going blind when you’re outside eating lunch on a warm and sunny day.  That all came out a little fast, but there is a lot you need to know before making any outdoor furniture decisions this season! 

[Photograph © Gloster]

Woven All-Weather Wicker

This isn't wicker from grandma’s generation, although the “hand-crafted” part still applies.  These pieces feature lightweight, corrosion resistant powder coated aluminum frames clad in the highest quality manufactured fibre.  Soft to the touch, this remarkable polyethylene material is completely weatherproof and resistant to both tears and UV light (as Gloster puts it best in their portfolio catalogue).  Whew, and I thought we were long winded.  Come in-store to discover more about this traditional-looking wicker furniture that uses the latest outdoor materials and technology.  Also, we'll show you more of the styles and options they offer -- and just like all of the words they/we try to cram into our sentences -- we assure you it’s a lot.  

Ethically-harvested Teak Furniture. 

We work with companies, such as the aforementioned Gloster, who harvest their hardwood from carefully managed plantations, keeping a close & caring eye on all phases of production.  Literally, they only fell trees they themselves have planted (an average 50 years prior).  What?!  (We are impressed too.)  By allowing the trees to reach a certain level of maturity, this ensures that the wood develops all of the inherent properties, including “high natural oil content, hard-wearing, highly resistant to rotting and almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, frost or snow.”  Their knowledge and professional discipline is on-point.

[Photograph © Fiona Newell Weeks]

Heirloom-Worthy Aluminum. 

And here we have another company making a bold claim and doing absolutely everything to back it up.  “Guaranteed for life… we want our furniture to become heirlooms”, states McKinnon and Harris, manufacturers of some of the most gorgeous metal-framed furniture we’ve seen, and are lucky enough to offer.  Industrial paint-finishes can be a designer’s worst nightmare (i.e. Orange Peel may work as a hip band name, but not so much for painted surfaces).  On the other hand, what you witness with McKinnon and Harris is smooth elegance personified -- like buttercream frosting on your favorite cake.

[Photograph © Gloster]

Grid Geometric Seating. 

Do you covet versatility...pieces that can easily be rearranged or reimagined depending on company, mood or season? 

As we’ve said before, we know many ways you can have your dessert and eat it too.  Unlike your typical, overstuffed living room sectional (these are on a leaner, meaner diet) “GRID” geometric seating allows you to change your outdoor furniture arrangements with different lounge combinations of sofa/chair/table/etc.  So. Many. Possibilities.

Tune in next week for a focus on outdoor fabrics, plus much more!  




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Ideas & Inspiration: Outdoor Settings Pt. 2

Posted on May 25, 2017 | 0 comments

In the last segment we ran through a variety of options for planning your outdoor spread, highlighting furniture pieces made by some of the top manufacturers in the world. We also discussed materials and guiding principles utilized in the production of these thoughtful, well-made products.

For this next installment, we’ll showcase a few more options  -- including supplemental tables, durable fabrics and fun accessories -- to round out the entire project.  

(Hint: If you really want your deck or patio to stand out, this is where we discuss the cool stuff.)



[Photograph © Janus et Cie 2016.]

Chaise Lounge. We should have included this in part one, but ran out of time (or perhaps forgot!). Anyway, we now have a chance to give this item it’s own special due. We know how near & dear these are to the sunbathers out there!

Let’s face it, chaise lounges are always calling, beckoning you to come chill by the poolside.  It's pretty much impossible not to sit down or lean back on one.  Some are retro-cool with features that hearken back to the 60’s era, while others are more elegant with updated contemporary styling. Either way, these are outdoor staples sure to be one of your most used & enjoyed items.


Lexington Tommy Bahama Cafe Table

[Photograph © Lexington 2016.] 

Café Tables.

Do you cherish that intimate outside setting for you and a friend to sip iced tea over lunch, or begin the day having breakfast & coffee with your significant other? Look no further than the legendary Café table (and chairs). This one is self-explanatory, but there are a couple things to keep in mind…

The cheaper versions are often narrow and less than sturdy, while the well-made ones will ensure you are comfortable for the duration of your meal and conversation afterwards, at the very least. Play it safe & smart. No chair collapses or table tumbles on our watch, please. (We hate the awkwardness of checking to make sure the other person’s okay, but really wanting to laugh instead!)


 Gloster Bar Cart

[Photograph © Gloster 2016.]

Other Tables (besides coffee, cafe' & side tables)

This is where you can really start making some headway by both adding to your basic spread, and having everything conveniently at your fingertips when it comes time for entertaining.

Save yourself the hustle of running inside to refresh drinks by having a beverage cart within arm’s reach. We think this is a no brainer! Right?! Serving food? Get yourself a handsome and practical buffet or serving table that will leave all of your other surfaces free & clear for their intended use. Utilize the secondary shelf below to stow extra servingware; and this also makes a nice out-of-the-way spot for your bluetooth speaker.


Tucci Hammock

[Photograph © Tucci 2016.]

The Cozy Elements.

Nice afternoon hammock nap anyone? Just like the aforementioned chaise lounge -- you know you want to! Whether standing or strung between two trees, nothing allows for more peaceful relaxation and tuning-out, while simultaneously tuning-in to the sweet sounds and gentle rhythms of nature. Single or multiple person sizes available, depending on if you want to share or not!

 Once you have all of the major & minor bones in place, you’ll perhaps want to finish with accessories that tie it all together and really make it feel like home. This is where area rugs truly shine and import “that indoor feeling” to a place outside of those 4 walls. Several of the product lines we carry, including those from Perennials, have captured the best-of-both-worlds in their look, feel and functionality. When considering these items as investments (as you should), and factoring-in longevity, read this quote from Perennials product catalog:

 "(Their) selection of made-to-order luxury performance rugs (are) specifically designed to resist mildew and fading while keeping a luxurious feeling underfoot. Perennials rugs are made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarns, meaning they are as durable as they are beautiful.” There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth.

Brown Jordan Fireplace

[Photograph © Brown Jordan.]

Fire pits… lanterns… planter boxes?

Suffice to say, you can put as little or as much thought and expense into your outdoor area as you so desire. We provide you with product lines & options (as many as humanly possible), and offer help with decisions and design… the rest is up to you!

And lastly… FABRICS!!! 

To preference (if you weren't aware), most furniture manufacturers have their own lines of fabrics nowadays. These are going to be your most cost-effective options and also what the company thinks will pair best with their designs. We usually start here first, and browse what they have to offer; if there is something different or more particular you require, we have a plethora of available options past that. What we’re trying to say is… no matter what, we’ve got your cushions covered.

One of, if not the first, names in indoor/outdoor fabric that pops in everyone’s mind is Sunbrella. Let us inform you that we have personally experimented ourselves with the durability and “cleanup-ability” of Sunbrella fabrics, and it amazes us how something can be so soft & tough at the same time. We give it our seal-of-approval for following thru on their performance promises. In fact, Sunbrella is “the #1 trusted name in marine fabric”, so they certainly have the chops in the outdoor arena. And with thousands of choices, you can’t go wrong there.

Not to be outdone, all of our fabric lines have indoor/outdoor options that are both tough and beautiful.  Notables names include: Thibaut, Décor de Paris, Scalamandre, and Kravet Soleil.

One of our faves is Bella-Dura, who have “developed (a) response to the industry’s demand for an upholstery fabric that literally outperforms (on all levels)”. They’re an impressive company who has won multiple ‘Best of Year’ awards from Interior Design magazine. To catch a glimpse of their products in action, click here

Thanks for reading our two-part blog on outdoor settings. When it comes to decorating your home, we strive to give you the best products available, made by companies who love what they do, to make sure you are completely satisfied (hopefully thrilled!) with your design project!

To browse more available options online, check out the Outdoor Settings board on our Pinterest page.

See you soon,


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Spring Tent Sale

Posted on May 04, 2017 | 0 comments
Fabulous selection of furniture and decor from quality vendors. A sale you don’t want to miss!


Take 50% OFF regular retail prices


Take 55% OFF 9am-12pm


Take 60% OFF 12pm-4pm

Sale includes TENT ITEMS ONLY.  
(Not applicable to merchandise at retail location.)

For more information 

410-822-2211 | info@dwellinganddesign.com



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Photoshoot: Juliska Garden Party

Posted on April 13, 2017 | 0 comments

Juliska decided to have a Spring contest for retailers, called "Garden Party", and we simply couldn't pass up on the fun!

Here are a few of the photos that resulted (mostly unedited!).  Enjoy!

Juliska Garden Party #1
Garden Party #2
Juliska Flowers
Flowers Fiona

Pink French Tulips. (Caught Fiona distracted!)

Garden Party #4
Garden Party #5
Juliska Garden Party #2

(All items featured by Juliska: Bunny S&P shakers, Bunny plates, (Grayson) glass bowl, pink goblets, candle holders, Bamboo dinner plates, tea cups & saucers, Cake stand, flatware, napkin rings, placemats and vases.)

Our favorite photo will be posted to Instagram on April 15 with the hashtag #juliskadisplaycontest #juliskajoy #juliska.  

Follow us on Instagram: @dwellinganddesign and @juliskaofficial



Dwelling & Design


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The Inspired Palette: Healthy Eating

Posted on April 12, 2017 | 0 comments

Healthy Eating (Small)

Healthy eating is more than just the latest trend--it's become a full-blown way of life, incorporating select ingredients with exceptional nutritional benefits.

We can't help but notice that many of the popular "super-foods" at the forefront of this movement aren't just good for you--they're amazingly colorful as well!  We're officially inspired.  Hence, we've assembled a palette of refreshing shades motivated by some of the foods that everyone and their gym trainer are talking about.


Organic Green


1. Avocado | Organic Green (6732) by Sherwin Williams

Color: So we know that green is all the rage this year (Pantone's Color of the Year: Greenery).  This particular shade is a little more laid back, leaving you feeling calm and confident, yet still willing to tackle a bit of adventure.

Food: Avocados are surely one of the cornerstones of a healthy diet.  Their mild flavor profile makes them extremely versatile in how they can be used.  We can't really think of anything with avocado that isn't good for you.  Quite literally, the perfect food.



2. Sweet Potato & Turmeric Root | Exuberance (17-1349) by Pantone

Color: A brand new color for Pantone in 2017, featured in their Fashion + Home Color Guide.  Contemporary yet rustic.  Reassuring, strong and steadfast.  Instantly bring warmth, depth and coziness to a space.  An excellent choice to pair with animal prints or themes.

Food: Sweet potatoes are ranked right at the top of the "healthy food" chart, packed with fiber and charged with all of the right vitamins to fuel a productive body. Turmeric root (the ingredient that makes ground Cumin yellow...but more beneficial in raw form) is another magical food with an ever-growing list of health benefits, including kidney and cognitive functions.

All White

3. Coconut | All White (No. 2005) by Farrow & Ball

Color:  Our favorite white from our favorite paint manufacturer, Farrow & Ball.  Soft, clean and illuminating.  We love how true this color is, showing no hints of green, blue or pink that a lot of other whites display. 

Tip: Please don't use those "generic" whites already stocked on the shelves!  You'll appreciate the results of making a more educated color decision, even when it comes to the basic colors.

Food:  We're pretty loco for coconuts.  Coconut milk lattes, coconut cream & curried dishes, coconut water...you name it!  This should be in everyone's diet on at least a weekly basis.  Shredded coconut is great when mixed with granola, too. 


Rococco Red


4. Pomegranate | Rococco Red (18-1652) by Pantone

Color:  Bold, juicy and ripe with possibilities.  Keep things fun and colorful by pairing with pinks and oranges.  Nicely contrasts with black or white, and compliments natural-finished materials.  Reds are great for areas where people tend to congregate, as they promote conversation and appetite.  On that note...

Food: Amongst the healthiest fruits on the planet, the seeds so densely crammed within each pomegranate are full of more nutrients than you might imagine.  If you don't have the patience to dissect them by hand, go for the juice instead!


Dust Pink


5. Salmon & Melon | Dust Pink (2013-40) by Benjamin Moore

Color:  Warm and dreamy.  Vibrant without being too bold.  This family of colors is easily incorporated into coastal-themed decor.  It also pairs well with greens and earthy tones, thanks to its terracotta-like qualities.

Food:  We like these foods because they're light, yet filling and nourishing. Nothing like a fresh slice of cantaloupe with breakfast, or refreshing midday snack.  And whenever we're having salmon as our entree, we just feel like we're doing something right! 


Golden Orchards


6.  Egg Yolk | Golden Orchards (329) by Benjamin Moore Classics

Color:  Warm, golden rays of sunshine.  We guarantee you'll feel the happiness that this color radiates.  This is one of those colorful neutrals that pairs well with so many things.

Food:  Egg yolks (contrary to more recent beliefs!) contain all of the right fatty acids, so long as they are sourced from chickens raised in a stress-free, healthy environment.  Skip the grocery store, and connect with a neighbor or local farmer doing things the responsible way.  Mutually beneficial for everyone involved--chickens included!

Blue Atoll

7.  Water | Blue Atoll (16-4535) by Pantone

Color:  Can a color be both relaxing and energizing at the same time?  Well, this one is.  The perfect shade for creating a cool 'island-vibe' or giving a contemporary refresh to traditional coastal and oriental themes.

Food:  We can't think of too many natural blue-colored edibles, so we went with the all-important H2O.  Always stay well-hydrated!

Summary:  For a boost of energy and inspiration, give one of these foods or colors a try (or both!).  Here's to a colorful life--full of health and happiness!


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Annual LEE Upholstery Sale

Posted on March 02, 2017 | 0 comments

March Lee Upholstery Sale

 Annual LEE Upholstered Furniture Sale ★
If you've been thinking about purchasing new furniture, now is the time! 
Visit our Showroom for an exciting selection of pieces featuring rich, colorful fabrics and stunning designer details...ready to take home now!
★ Take 50% off ALL in-store Lee Brand Furniture ★
Or design your very own! 
Browse our Design Center and choose from a plethora of styles, fabrics, stitchings, pillows, cushions and sleeper-options.
The possibilities are endless!
★ Take an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF our ALREADY discounted Special Order pricing ★
For over 45 years, Lee Industries has made it their mission to create innovative, stylish, high-quality home furnishings. Always 100% made in the USA. Experience the difference!
Our Annual Lee Upholstered Furniture Sale runs March 1st thru March 31st.

For store directions, click here.

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Right Around the Corner: Tips for Spring Cleaning

Posted on March 01, 2017 | 0 comments

We're pretty sure we're not the only ones loving these warmer temperatures! And what makes the situation even better? Spring really is right around the corner. So we think now is the perfect time to embrace the warm rays of sunshine and get an early jump on our favorite season!

"Now is the perfect time to embrace (those) warm rays of sunshine..."


So we may be all inspired, energized, and ready to roll out the grill and good times with friends, but...have we checked the "cleanliness situation" in our house lately? Winter generally wreaks havoc on the home with kids, pets, in-laws, etc. (everyone but us!) tracking everything imaginable indoors. Before we mass-text everyone to come over, it's time to get the crib looking good again!


No matter what strategy you employ when tackling spring cleaning, it's hard to argue that the windows shouldn't come first. "They embody the soul of the home", as store co-owner/designer Don eloquently explains, and quite literally shed light on the entire situation.

"(Windows) embody the soul of the home."

Hopefully you have the swivel variety and can hit both sides from within, but if necessary, throw up a ladder outside and make it happen! You'll be glad you tackled this chore first, as everything done afterwards will look that much better, and you'll actually be able to see what you're doing.

In correlation with the "work from the outside-in" approach, it's always smart to start at the top and work down i.e. cleaning celing fan paddles, dusting chandeliers, and replacing lightbulbs. Wash woodwork, starting with crown mouldings, and walls if necessary. Use mild, biodegradeable detergent and warm water. Take up all the rugs and shake or clean accordingly.

"(Brighten) up the linens (by) soaking them in cool, clean water with fresh-squeezed lemon."

For brightening up the linens, Fiona suggests soaking them in cool, clean water with fresh-squeezed lemon (rather than bleach, which can be too abrasive and actually dull your colors). Another alternative method for cleaning your stainless steel appliances is olive oil -- it will easily remove grime and bring back the metal's luster.

PURGE: Out with the old, in the with new (maybe)

Purge--brings to mind a scary movie, right? Cue the loud music (or whatever gets you pumped), put your hardcore villain face on, and let's wage war against those poor, useless chotchkies--we're taking no prisoners (well, OK...maybe a few). Clear the clutter, rediscover your counter space, and try to adopt a minimalist approach. Once the tables, cabinets and shelves have been cleaned, put back or replace items sparingly. You and the family will feel liberated (hint: now you're the HERO!)

"Wage war against those poor, useless chotchkies!"

Another tip: Clean out the freezer or refrigerator of old or unwanted items. Be sure to leave drawer space for upcoming fresh farmer's market produce.


Rather than bore you with too many details, we've compiled the most important tasks into one easily printable Spring Cleaning Checklist--including suggestions for refreshing your interior decor.


Distribute planters around the most visible sides of your home, and pot organic plants to protect the health of bees when pollination begins. When in full splendor, decorate the house with plenty of happy blooms. Plant a variety of herbs for color, aromatics and practical culinary usage.

"Pot organic plants to protect the health of bees when pollination begins."

If you've decide to fire up the grill, afterwards protect your charcoal from possible moisture (and April showers!) by keeping it in a cool, dry place such as the garage, tightly-sealed plastic bin or empty trash can.


Now, kick back and relax before it's time to do everything all over again! 

Dwelling & Design

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