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The 5 Most Popular Uses of the Color Red | Inspired by Caliente

Posted on February 01, 2018 | 1 comment

Over the course of the past 100+ years in American culture, red has symbolized and been associated with many things: the Hollywood red carpet, fast cars and love & romance.  Pretty ironic how so many of these elements indicate "go, go, go" and then you have the big STOP sign (and light) that throws the brakes on the party.  Point being though--RED is a color that gets your attention.

Red is a deeply American color.  It's one of the three colors in our nation's flag.  It's prolific in the logos and advertising of US-founded companies including McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Pinterest, Netflix and more. And don't forget America's almighty condiment, Ketchup.  As one of the primary colors, its importance and influence within the color wheel can't be understated.

In honor of Benjamin Moore's 2018 Color of the Year, "Caliente", we've compiled a list of the most popular, iconic associations of the color red.

Red Front Door

  1. Front Door - Warm Welcome

Historically, this has been done for centuries, with a continuing prevalence today. Loads of theories abound as to the “why”, including Chinese belief in the positivity of red, the Scottish denoting a mortgage paid off, and usage as a universal sign of safe passage, whether it be home, hotel or holy church. 

Whatever the reason, there’s nothing warmer or more inviting than a painted red front door. 


Red Carpet

  1. Rugs - Roll Out the Red Carpet

Oriental rugs, the infamous “red carpet” of Hollywood, etc. If you were asked to choose the most popular “rug color”, this would be the one. That’s because red is  representational of royalty (i.e. “bloodlines”). Additionally, this shade’s inherent qualities, from a visual standpoint, are perceived as lending warmth and dignity to cold, untamed surfaces. It’s also one of the more readily available dyes used for handmade production.

Red Leather Sofa

  1. Seating - Make Yourself Comfortable

Red is at its roots an energetic, yet warm color. Think flame or fire. In the case of a bolder red, it has the additional benefit of making a space feel cozy thanks to the effects produced by darker colors--drawing the eyes to focus on contrasting edges (example: red walls against white trim), and creating a framed-in feeling.  This as opposed to the diffusing effects of lighter colors within softer, monochromatic spaces.

Hot Tips: Red leather is always sexy and attention-getting. Bold reds are very complimentary when paired with other basic or primary colored components, including white, black, blue, yellow and green. You’ll end up with a space that’s both modern and fun!


 Red Volume

4.  Library - Rich Volumes

Yes, we’re in the era of "the internet of things", when visiting the library isn’t exactly on the weekly list of errands. That being said, whose inner intellect isn’t charmed when thoughts and memories are evoked pertaining to Old-World (or old school) thick, rich, red leather-bound volumes? Without even cracking open these tomes, feelings of knowledge and wealth wash over us.

Big Red Barn

5. Barns - Big Red

"Why are barns painted red?", asks everyone in the room (that includes us!). According to LiveScience.com:

“Barns weren't originally red; in fact, they weren't painted at all. The early farmers that settled in New England didn't have much extra money to spend on paint , so most of their barns remained unpainted. By the late 1700s, farmers looking to shield their barns' wood from the elements began experimenting with ways to make their own protective paint.

A recipe consisting of skimmed milk, lime and red iron oxide created a rusty-colored mixture that became popular among farmers because it was cheap to make and lasted for years. Farmers were able to easily obtain iron oxide the compound that lends natural red clay its coppery color from soil. Linseed oil derived from flax plants was also used to seal bare wood against rotting, and it stained the wood a dark coral hue.

Farmers also noticed that painting their barns with the homemade paint kept the buildings warmer during the wintertime, since the darker color absorbs the suns rays more than plain, tan wood. So red paint spread in popularity due to its functionality and convenience, becoming an American tradition that continues to this day.”

That sums up the 5 most popular uses of the color 'red'.  Anything you associate with 'red' that we left off the list? Feel free to add your comments below.  And for more ideas and inspiration based on Benjamin Moore's 2018 Color of the Year, 'Caliente' (and red in general), be sure to check out our brand new Pinterest board here.

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Design Board: Ultra Violet COTY Inspiration

Posted on January 09, 2018 | 0 comments

Dwelling & Design | Design Board | Ultra Violet

With Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year 'Ultra Violet' in mind, our newest design board features shades seeking both the fun and dramatic across the purple spectrum. Smatterings of green, gold and blue compliment, while neutrals provide perfect backdrops for letting the bolder, more energetic colors grab the attention.

Click the board for a larger view or scroll the list below to discover each component individually:


  1. Nina Campbell | Las Reves | Pampelonne | View

Experience Las Reves, the newest collection from celebrated designer Nina Campbell. This features an elegant, elongated wood grain pattern with the perfect subtle repeat.


  1. Designers Guild | Berwick | Marshall | View

A ribbed, velvet pattern with various candy colors that exhibits both fun and structured qualities.


    1. Stark | Petra | Purple Haze | View

This one lures us in with sexy, seductive swirls and the influence of old marbled book covers.


    1. Nina Campbell | Las Reves | Marguerite | View

"A floral cartouche trellis". (Nina Campbell) History Lesson: 'Cartouche' originates in Egypt and identifies an oval ring often surrounding royal hieroglyphs, protecting whatever is within. 

Explore the rest of the Las Reves collection by Nina Campbell.


    1. Stark | Santorini | Blue Sky | View

A delicate, open-weave textile perfect for window curtains and letting just the right amount of light thru.


    1. Designers Guild | Riveau Essentials | Ultramarine | View

 From Designers Guild--a deep, lush, colorful fabric with comfort and style in mind.


7. Julie Vos | LaFayette Necklace | Chalcedony and Pearl | Purchase

Lustrous bell cabochon with pearl accent on lightly hammered links, front toggle closure.  Semiprecious stone, pearl and imported glass. 24K gold plate. (Julie Vos)
    1. Designers Guild | Alexandria | Amethyst | View

"A gorgeous illustrated botanical, digitally printed on beautiful tumbled linen. The ombre ground shades delicately behind the crisp cow parsley and poppies." (Designers Guild)


    1. Designers Guild | Arona | Grass | View

A beautiful, bright green reminiscent of last year's Color of the Year, Greenery.  Used as a transitional reference; you can see how well it pairs with this year's Ultra Violet for evolving the palette of your space.


    1. Groundworks | Hutch Lavender | View

 We love this whimsical pattern designed by neo-expressionist American artist Hunt Slonem.


    1. Stray Dog Designs | Flower Bracelet | View

 We love Stray Dogs' eclectic nature...plus every item is uniquely made by hand.


    1. Osborne & Little | Matthew Williamson | Shimmer | View

"A semi-plain ottoman curtaining fabric in Matthew Williamson's highly individualized colour palette." (Osborne & Little)


    1. Farrow & Ball | Bumblebee | View

One of the finest patterns we've come across recently. Instant classic. 

"This was originally found in Josephine Bonaparte’s bed chamber as a silk fabric. Featuring an enchanting myriad of bumble bees and sprinkled with cheeky polka dots, this is a hypnotic design that inspires a beguiling sense of childish innocence and playfulness." (Farrow & Ball)


    1. Schumacher | Iconic Leopard | View

Stylish and iconic, animal prints portray a confidence in your fun-loving nature.


    1. Bellridge | Metropolitan | Pewter  | View

Introduce a geometric pattern to provide symmetry within a space and compliment some of the design elements, such as furniture, window dressings, mouldings, etc.


Additional points of interest: 

  • Explore our NEW Ultra Violet Pinterest board for some exciting ideas and inspiration we've come across.
  • Our January Anniversary Sale, featuring storewide savings* of 15-50% runs until Wednesday, January 31st. (*Some exclusions apply.) 


Do you dig something you see on the board? Leave a comment below or stop by the store and design center to explore all the options for turning your daydreams and design crushes into reality.


Dwelling & Design | Design Board | Up Close

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January Anniversary Sale

Posted on January 01, 2018 | 0 comments

It's our 10th Birthday...and we're celebrating all month long!

Celebrate with us--by taking 15-50% OFF storewide (some exclusions apply--see below) on home furnishings and decor including furniture, lighting, artwork, bedding & linens and much more--the entire month of January! 

Sale begins Tuesday, January 2nd and ends Wednesday, January 31st.

Since our doors first opened in 2008, it's been our goal to provide the finest home furnishings along with the most professional interior design services.  We have enjoyed every step along the way and want to thank everyone for their business and support over the past 10 years...and allowing us to continue doing what we love!

Also, be sure to join us Friday, January 26 from 4-5pm for a little 10-Year Anniversary get-together (RSVP HERE). The Talbot County Chamber of Commerce will perform a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 4:30pm. We'll be serving refreshments (and cake!).  Hope to see you!

Details & Disclaimers:





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3 Ways to Use "Ultra Violet", the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year

Posted on December 11, 2017 | 0 comments

Last week Pantone announced their Color of the Year for 2018--Ultra Violet--a stunningly deep, regal shade of purple. We must say, after playing it safe the past several years (including last year’s “Greenery” and 2016’s duo of “Rose Quartz and Serenity”), we’re excited Pantone has chosen such a fun, fearless color!

That being said, this vivacious violet is less about #trending and more about #timelessness. Purple has long been one of the most coveted colors, so when it comes to interior design, you can be confident it won't be losing its popularity anytime soon. Depending on your comfort level and décor situation, here are 3 suggestions for integrating this color into your life.

Hydrangeas | Pantone Ultra Violet


Want the easiest, most successful (or at least risk-free) way of introducing new colors into your spaces? You already guessed it. Play it safe with temporary elements such as flowers (orchids in the winter; hydrangeas in warmer temps) and venture out from there. Also, throws, pillows, and areas rugs are nominal investments that can easily be added or subtracted later.

Powder Room | Pantone Ultra Violet


Love the color but hesitant to bite off too much? Choose a smaller space, such as a powder or laundry room to paint the walls. This particular purple would look fabulous as a compliment to white wainscoting. Also, the lavender body products you most likely have on hand are sure to make perfect (and practical) décor accents.

Designers Guild | Palasini Plum Wallpaper


Palasini Plum wallpaper by Designers Guild

Renowned textiles company Designers Guild has made its reputation in the design world by using colors similar to this year’s Ultra Violet for a long time. Makes sense, as they are based in the UK, where residents are known for using bright palettes to cheer up their gray, dreary days. Choose one of any number of available fabrics and wallpapers from our design center and get ready to live like the Queen (or King, man). 

And be sure to check out a few more of our favorite ideas and ways to utilize this color on our brand new Pantone COTY 2018 Pinterest Board.  

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Project Focus: Updating The Dixon House

Posted on November 29, 2017 | 0 comments

Check out Talbot Spy's interview of Dwelling & Design co-owner/designer Don Wooters. Along with Dixon House Director Linda Elben, he shares his insights on the renovation project, particularly the interior design work by Dwelling & Design.  

Design rendering by artist Nicholas Tindall of Easton, MD.

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Event Recap: Holiday Tablesettings Workshop

Posted on November 17, 2017 | 0 comments

We recently hosted a Holiday Tablesettings Workshop including table decorating, tips for entertaining and how-to demonstrations. We invited some of the most creative professionals we know to collaborate and share ideas for the upcoming holidays. 

Featuring David Wunderlich of Juliska, Carolyn Lasako of Kari Rider Events, Amy Wilkins of Monteray Farms, Eunice Kim-Port of Surcee Calligraphy and local spirits distributor, Hair 'O The Dog, who provided champagne for the evening.

Photography provided by Melissa Grimes-Guy.

Enjoy a few photos and recap of the event!

Fiona Weeks and Don Wooters, co-owners of Dwelling & Design and co-hosts of the evening, greeting all in attendance, and sharing the evening's itinerary.

Carolyn Lasako, Studio Manager of Kari Rider Events (@kaririderevents), made sure everyone had flutes of champagne comfortably in-hand. 'Bubbly Bar' signature drink recipes included Blood Orange and Cranberry Prosecco with blackberries, rosemary sprigs and pomegranate seeds for seasonal garnish. The rosemary was fragrantly delicious!

KRE's dining table personalization, in the form of name cards and menus, conveyed a perfectly intimate setting for any special occasion. Local, festive accessories included ‘found’ items such as oyster shells and magnolia leaves. Also featured--for those in the giving spirit—small gift boxes and miniature champagne bottles, each adorned with handwritten calligraphic tags.

Surcee Calligraphy (@surceecalligraphy) provided the golden ink for all of the table’s stunning stationary. Owner/artist Eunice Kim-Port was in attendance to share her stories of how she makes the lettering come alive.

Amy Wilkins of Monteray Farms (@monterayfarms) filled the store with an abundance of freshly cut flowers and stunning centerpieces—both large and small—for nearly every table within the store.


Amy Wilkins demonstrating how to fill decorative vessels with an exciting variety of floral elements. With Amy, diversity and texture are the name of the game. Introducing local and eclectic elements like sorghum and purple bean-pods, she pushes the envelope of style and composition with every arrangement. She grows much of what she uses in fields and greenhouses on her local Trappe, MD based farm.

Some of the items she brought along (that you might be able to find in your own backyard!) included: deer antlers, oyster shells, driftwood, and winter vegetables, such as radishes, carrots and gourds. Amy’s advice to forage nearby areas for interesting and different pieces brought a collective ‘aha!’ moment from those in attendance, who were delighted by the simple, charming idea.

David Wunderlich of popular diningware and glassware company Juliska (@juliskaofficial). Their fun and stylish collections of diningware and glassware truly set the tone for any occassion.  Spreading the message that we should “celebrate everyday”, he showcased many new and popular Juliska collections, including:

  • Berry & Thread; with its’ iconic berry stamp; available in multiple colors
  • Country Estate; red, blue and flint-colored toile countryside designs
  • Firenze; a fluid, marbling-inspired pattern with striking lines and coloration
  • Reindeer Games; whimsically-detailed, holiday themed artwork detailing
  • Santa’s reindeer playing games like polo, skiing, and the sorts

Every piece of Juliska is unique, as they strive to impart a handmade feeling by embracing a "perfectly-imperfect" methodology. Mixing and matching of the various collections is encouraged and highly recommended! 

The table is our gathering place, shared with family and friends during the holidays—so this year create a setting that will be truly unforgettable!


Dwelling & Design


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Holiday Tablesettings Workshop

Posted on October 18, 2017 | 0 comments

Holiday Tablesettings Workshop

The table is our gathering place, shared with family and friends during the holidays—so this year create a setting that will be truly unforgettable! Join us as we host a special workshop featuring the talents of a few of our favorite companies getting their festive on!

Look forward to tips and inspiration aplenty as they showcase their own, unique expertise when it comes to the art of planning, designing and decorating tables perfectly primped for the holidays. 

Also, be sure to take advantage of event-exclusive promotions. Plus, GWP for spending $250 or more on Juliska products (first 25 purchases only).

Juliska offers functional and beautiful artisanal glassware, tableware, lighting and home accessories. Representative David Wunderlich will be in-store telling Juliska’s compelling L’Amour et Savoir Vivre story and decorating with their extensive line of products, including the newest 2017 Fall/Winter releases. Come see and learn how to layer and build each place setting for a most elegant (and epic!) celebration this upcoming holiday season.

Meet Carolyn Lasako, Studio Manager for Kari Rider Events, as she shares their celebrated expertise for planning your next special event. She’ll reveal how a well-curated presentation combined with a few thoughtful details can make all the difference in crafting your next memorable experience. Point of emphasis includes dressing tables with artistic calligraphy on namecards and menus.

Monteray Farms and owner Amy Wilkens will demonstrate their hands-on approach for creating the perfect centerpieces, using wildly colorful and creative floral arrangements. Come see how their expansive, farm-grown varieties can be used to tie all of the elements together within any setting, and add the finishing touches that take your special occasion to the next level. 

We will be serving hors d'oeuvres, as well as signature cocktails by Kari Rider Events, from 4-6 pm.  

Please RSVP for this event here.  We look forward to seeing you!

Once registered, you’ll be entered to win a FREE floral arrangement from Monteray Farms, as well as one FREE item from Juliska (up to $100 value), both awarded that evening.

Special Juliska discounts & GWP promotions run all day Friday & Saturday. 

Juliska Event 2016 - Karena Dixon Photography

Juliska Tablesetting. Photography by Karena Dixon.



Founded in 2001, Juliska first began with an assortment of 40 historic, mouth-blown Bohemian glasses. Today, Juliska makes hundreds of items in over a dozen categories for the table and home, all inspired by the joy of bringing people together and helping create a happy home. They believe in savoring the moment, loving your life, being bold, making your own rules and always finding reasons to celebrate!

Kari Rider Events

Since 2009, Kari Rider Events has been offering a collaborative approach to event planning and design. Using strengths in management, organization and styling, their team transforms each client’s vision into a carefully designed custom event. Visit their downtown Easton, Maryland studio and showroom—a place where inspiration and hands-on collaboration unite to streamline and enhance the planning process for clients and vendors alike.

Kari Rider Events website.

Monteray Farms

Monteray Farms creates their floral bouquets and designs on the family’s farm, located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. They maintain a small, exclusive shop in order to provide a personal, hands-on experience. Their designs are known for their freshness in quality and design, using an abundance of varieties and texture. They prefer to think of their customers as friends, not jobs. Visit them by appointment only.

Monteray Farms website.


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Brand Focus: John Robshaw Textiles

Posted on October 03, 2017 | 0 comments

Mala Bed Collection

[Photo courtesy of John Robshaw Textiles.]

From the moment we first encountered John Robshaw’s textiles at market, we felt transported to a foreign, yet familiar place. We found ourselves swooning over the majestic elephant prints and Eastern-inspired themes, which lent themselves perfectly to everything they graced--including pillows, bed linens and stationary. A refreshing sense of “new timelessness” indicated we had found something magical, that we should embrace and share with others.


As a young painter in pursuit of his passions, John found himself traveling East seeking the perfect paint pigments for his projects. What he found was a deep connection with the local artisans he encountered and their tradition of textiles going back decades, if not centuries.

[Pictured: Unique John Robshaw block-print artwork available at www.johnrobshaw.com. Images courtesy John Robshaw Textiles.]

John fell in love with not just the natural beauty of these fabrics--including raw wool and cotton spun with loose, colorful geometric patterns--but also the time-honored production methods. He spent time with these craftsmen, learning their skills and applying their methods—particularly the process of block-printing from detailed wood carvings.

Check out our John Robshaw Textiles Pinterest board.

The Visionary Designer

Throughout the course of his international travels (which include China, India and Indonesia, among other countries), he has discovered and amassed a collection of techniques and patterns that delight his inquisitive mind and inspire his artistic heart. Mixing a variety of styles and aligning them together with his own careful twist and creative vision, he has struck a unique designer chord within himself.

John Robshaw Artisans

[Photo courtesy John Robshaw Instagram: @johnrobshaw]

John’s works display an affinity for the various histories and cultures he has become so familiar with. And he holds the highest regard for these teachers and older practitioners—whom he is inclined to utilize within the fold of his company endeavors today—for their perfectly imperfect, human touch (reference: About John Robshaw at www.johnrobshaw.com).


John Robshaw Textiles

[Photo courtesy of John Robshaw Textiles.]

When admiring the wonderfully broad range of fashionable John Robshaw Textiles products, the continuity and attention to detail is unmistakable. Curved, scalloped edges define not only the elegant, fabric-adhered headboards, but also the fine stationary products as well. Thick, pulpy, recycled paper acts as the perfect canvas for holding rich, bold colors carefully applied by silkscreen or block print. Eastern themes of karma and yogi wisdom proliferate these printed materials, and indoctrinate both the giver and recipient, imbuing feelings of enlightenment and thoughtful charm.

JR Yogi Notecard

[Pictured: John Robshaw Retailer Thank You Card]

Is it possible to charge up the chakras and balance our karmic scale simply by coveting a piece of handmade fabric or paper? We’re not sure, but John Robshaw has us revisiting our feng-shui principles and pondering these ancient Eastern philosophies.



John Robshaw Textiles produces block printed textiles from India including bedding, wardrobe, tabletop, curtains, lounge, travel, gifts & accessories, vintage one-of-a-kind treasures, and much more.

Join us, as we feature the new Fall/Winter 2017 releases during our Bed & Bath Product Showcase.  Take 20% OFF all Matouk & John Robshaw Products.  In-store and special orders.  Friday, October 6th and Saturday, October 7th ONLY.  Details here.

Don John Fiona

[Photo: Don Wooters & Fiona Newell Weeks of Dwelling & Design with John Robshaw at 2015 NY NOW Market.]

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Bed & Bath Product Showcase featuring Matouk & John Robshaw

Posted on October 02, 2017 | 0 comments

Come see the new Matouk & John Robshaw Fall/Winter 2017 releases!  Including Bedding, Pillows, Bath Linens and more.

Company Representative Roseanne Wilson will be in-store (Friday only) sharing product information, how-to demos and design suggestions. Learn more about how these popular textiles are made and the inspiration behind them.

Take 20% OFF all Matouk & John Robshaw Products.
In-store and special orders.

Friday, October 6th and Saturday, October 7th ONLY.

Plus, ENTER TO WIN a John Robshaw Textiles pillow of your choice (up to $300 value)!  No purchase necessary.  Must visit store 10/6 - 10/7 to register.

Also, join us Friday evening 4-6pm, as part of downtown Easton’s First Friday festivities, for complimentary snacks & cocktails.


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