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Annual September Lee Upholstery Sale | 40-50% OFF

Posted on August 15, 2017 | 0 comments

If you've been thinking about purchasing new furniture, now is the time! 

Take 50% off ALL in-store Lee Brand Furniture

Visit our Showroom for an exciting selection of pieces featuring rich, colorful fabrics and stunning designer details...ready to take home now!

Or design your very own! 

Take an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF our ALREADY discounted Special Order pricing

Browse our Design Center and choose from a plethora of styles, fabrics, stitchings, pillows, cushions and sleeper-options.

The possibilities are endless!

For over 45 years, Lee Industries has made it their mission to create innovative, stylish, high-quality home furnishings. Always 100% made in the USA. Experience the difference!

Our Annual Lee Upholstered Furniture Sale runs March 1st thru March 31st.

For store directions, click here.

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Trending NOW! Fall 2017 | Conversation with Designers Fiona Weeks & Don Wooters

Posted on August 15, 2017 | 0 comments

NY NOW 2017  

Ahead of the NY NOW Trade Show, Dwelling & Design co-owners and designers Fiona Newell Weeks and Don Wooters share their thoughts and insights regarding current trends in 2017 and what’s just around the corner.

Before we begin, you might be asking—what is the NY NOW Trade Show? It’s an annual event—exclusive to those within the trade—featuring 1,000+ innovative exhibitors displaying the latest home furnishings and textiles, décor, and housewares.

Who is setting the trends?

One of the first questions in regards to new and exciting ideas within the industry is—where do they originate? To which Fiona and Don both freely admit, “fashion is most often the driving force behind new home décor trends”.

Don has another insight to add…“Cosmetics,” he says, “seem to have influenced a lot of the colors being used right now.” From lighter blush tones such as dusty pink and creamy peach, to deep, provocative shades of red and purple reminiscent of lipstick, “the popular colors are getting warmer,” says Fiona.

What are the latest decorating styles?

In terms of decorating trends, “it may sound a bit cliché, but we’re seeing a lot of traditional-with-a-twist… and ‘eclectic’ is everywhere”, says Fiona. Naming several of his observations, Don says “high-end classic…English chintz…and old-world glammy glitz; people are striving for a sense of splendor within their spaces.”

Commenting specifically on furniture pieces she has seen recently, Fiona adds, “classic is always in, no matter what…and to the delight of those who prefer a little more old-fashioned flair, Victorian pieces are making a come back as well”. Complimenting this old-world charm in the textile realm, Don mentions ‘Althea’, a pattern famous for its large, colorful florals.

What will you be looking for at market?

When asked what they’ll be observing and looking for at market, they answer by pondering a question of their own—“will more manufacturing be returning to America?”, they ask. They have been monitoring global issues and say that all signs point to more goods being made within the country. “We’ll be looking for more products made in the USA,” they announce, which should be quite a refreshing development for our country’s economy moving forward.

Highlighted below are several trends they’ve noticed are hot right now or will be in the near future.

Robert Abbey Lighting

Mod Lighting (Lamps that shine, even in the daytime)

Lamps are often statement pieces—representations of both form and function. Modern and contemporary lighting, offered by companies such as Robert Abbey (seen above) and Holtkoetter, continues to push the envelope as representations of smooth sculpture, shiny space-age engineering or ultra-refined, contemporary contours. “Abstract-style lighting is very popular now, too” says Don. “While we prefer those with simple yet clever designs, we’re always excited to see the new creations in this category.”

CircaLoft Table Finishes

Natural Finishes (Well, almost.) 

“Perhaps what we mean is not totally painted”, says Fiona. As in whitewashed, distressed, or stained with any variation of color. Kind of like denim, wood is currently cool barely clothed. Wow, who knew “revealing the grain” could be so exciting! “We love the pieces currently available from companies such as CircaLoft (pictured here)”, says Fiona.

Dwellling & Design Showroom

Black & White (And the Gray areas in-between)

Gray has been the go-to alternative neutral in recent years. Now we’re seeing it more commonly include both ends of its’ spectral palette—black and white. “Any colors introduced within these spaces, including the palest of pastels, are going to show extremely well,” says Don. Also, a perfect stage for displaying black & white photography for the more monochromatic connoisseurs (as seen in our showroom setting above).


Malachite Mania

The glowing, opulent tones of green within malachite can be mesmerizing and energizing. “This is great when used as an accent, because the colors are powerful…so you don’t need much to really add a nice punch…even as a faux pattern, it’s very effective,” explains Fiona. Examples of accessory pieces include lamps, small tables, trays, and perhaps drink coasters.

Celadon Audubon Print

Wildlife in a Domestic Setting

Living on the scenic Eastern seaboard, we’re encompassed by beauty—especially in the Chesapeake Bay area. And when it comes to decorating interior spaces, “we can’t help but surround ourselves with more of the same”, says Don. “It’s all about the wildlife. When you know what you love, go with something classic—such as graceful waterfowl artwork or a series of always-timeless Audobon Prints.”

Now, we're off to New York for market!


Fiona Newell Weeks 

Fiona Newell Weeks, designer and co-owner of Dwelling & Design

Don Wooters

Don Wooters, designer and co-owner of Dwelling & Design

Want to know more about these trends or curious if we have certain items available?  Leave a message or comment below!  If you found this article entertaining or helpful, please like or share above.

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Julie Vos Trunk Show - September 1 & 2

Posted on August 09, 2017 | 0 comments

Julie Vos Trunk Show

Join us for two days of celebrating Julie Vos beauty & bling with our largest in-store selection ever...and we're offering a free gift with purchase (spend $250+)!  

The trunk show and incentives run all weekend (Friday & Saturday) and don't miss cocktails and hor's deouvres on Friday 3-6 pm (yes, we're staying open an extra hour!) and a little bubbly (can you say mimosas!) from 10-12 Saturday morning.  

This is a two-day-only store event, so invite a few friends and come downtown for some fun & shopping on Labor Day weekend!

Whether fancy or casual, Julie Vos jewelry is perfect for any occassion!

For store directions, click here. To browse our current online selection of Julie Vos jewelry, SHOP HERE.

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Ideas & Inspiration: Joyous Geometry

Posted on July 24, 2017 | 0 comments

Bring joy to your dwelling through the use of gorgeous geometrical designs.

Here we highlight 7 selections that will instill a sense of joyful order to your spaces. And unlike the yawn-worthy shapes you learned about in high school—these are anything but boring! Both fun and smart, these offerings combine the best of both worlds.

Thibaut 'Summerhouse'

1. Thibaut 'Summerhouse'

With appealing combinations of structure and playfulness, Thibaut’s new ‘Summerhouse’ releases have us in a state of exuberance. We feel these bold, juicy lines and colors are super-relevant in the current world-of-design, with the juxtaposition of loose, hand-drawn art and clean, geometric shapes. Each element becomes elevated--coexisting in a new, harmonious form of expression.

View our Thibaut Summer House Pinterest Board containing the entire collection.

Palecek 'Fossil Console'

2. Furniture As Art (And Vice Versa)

Often imitating three-dimensional sculpture, furniture creations emerging on the scene (like *Palecek's Fossil console table, pictured above) are exquisite collisions of form and function. The geometric arrangements portray delicate balance but also bear foundations of strength and stability. An excavated slab of fossilized clam crowns the table top, making each piece a truly unique work-of-art.

LEE Industries 'Atrium'

3. Boho Inspiration

If you're feeling boxed-in, just rearrange the grid, add a dose of Boho inspiration, and throw in a few Greek keys. Even the name of this tangerine-colored textile, ‘Atrium’, means “open-air structure” by definition. Adding to this fabric’s more casual nature is its faded, stone-washed appearance--although it’s certainly not lacking for color by any stretch.

Visit our Showroom & Design Center to purchase LEE Industries upholstered furniture.



With an ode to the old-world cement tile used for centuries across the globe, AKDO’s brand new ‘PASSAGE’ porcelain brings a more modern version with materials that will still stand the test of time. Appropriate for multiple surfaces, indulge in fanciful floors (that you’ll want to dance on!) and beautiful backsplashes to compliment your counters and cabinetry.

Dana Gibson 'Canton'

5. Dana Gibson 'Canton'

Dana Gibson is great at creating crossover appeal with her textile-based designs. As seen with this Canton pillow, she combines classic Eastern imagery and bamboo cross-hatching with complimentary patterns and whimsical flowers for a look that is updated and fresh--and unmistakably her own.

Shop Dana Gibson Designs here.

Visual Comfort Chandelier

6. Chandelier Symmetry

Most chandeliers are symmetrical by default—in order to maintain their balance when hanging from a singular, centered point. So you won’t have to venture very far in this category to obtain the desired effect. However, it is exciting to see certain designers and manufacturers push the envelope such as Visual Comfort, who have one of the most diverse lighting selections, including designs from the likes of Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren and Peter Bristol, to name a few.

Hexagon Mirror

7. Frame-by-Frame

Soften those hard edges by going for something a little less square and a whole lot more interesting. We guarantee it will get recognition (from friends or guests who have that discerning eye for design), while at the same time integrating with complimentary wallcoverings and accessories, thanks to the addition of atypical lines that blend rather than float separately on their own rectangular island. A real “getaway” in terms of the familiar home décor landscape.

Get much more inspiration of the geometrical kind on the Dwelling & Design Pinterest page, and shop our current collection in-store and online at www.dwellinganddesign.com/collections.

If you found the ideas and inspiration from this article helpful, 'like' and 'share' with the links above, and leave us your comments below. Cheers!

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Beach House Essentials

Posted on July 07, 2017 | 2 comments

We've put together our Top 10 list of beach-inspired accessories and home decor this summer season.  Enjoy!

Kravet Echo Ibiza

1. Echo Ibiza Indoor / Outdoor Fabrics

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living, these versatile new Echo Ibiza fabrics from Kravet, Inc. will inspire maximum summertime enjoyment. Visit our design center to explore these hot new selections.

Monogrammed Seersucker Robe

2. Monogrammed Seersucker Robes

Vacation is about celebrating YOU and relaxing on your own time. What better way to do so than with these custom-monogrammed seersucker robes that affirm how special and unique you really are?

Also available—personalized towels in circular fashion that will get the whole family excited and ready to hit the beach!

Juliska Al Fresco

3. Juliska 'Al Fresco' Melamine

We can’t stop marveling at the beauty and functionality of Juliska’s new Al Fresco pieces. Made with super-durable melamine, these are perfect for outdoor entertaining (hint: kid & pet friendly!)

Watch the promo video.

Designers Guild Summer Release

4. Designers Guild Summer Textiles

Designers Guild masterfully blends expressive artwork and textiles with every seasonal release. For Summer 2017, these deep blue hues reflect moving water currents and will instantly make any space cool and refreshing!

Browse their selection of pillows & bedding in our online store.

Gold Nautical Art

5. Gold-Leaf Nautical Art

These handsome, gold-leafed prints will complete your coastal-themed space with timelessness and style. Available in a variety of designs, they’re boat-acious (bodacious!) whether sailing solo or grouped together as a crew.

Julie Vos Jewelry

6. Julie Vos Jewelry

Undeniably fun and flirtatious, it’s hard to stop smiling when rocking NY-designer brand Julie Vos jewelry. Whether fancy or casual, it’s perfect for any occasion!

Shop our collection of Julie Vos jewelry here.

Natural Woven Trays

7. Natural Woven Trays

Keep everything contained with these stackable, woven trays—a necessity you never knew you needed…until you have them and can’t go without! Accessorize the rest of the table with available matching placemats.


8. Bunakara Fingerprint Chair

We love the preppy, coastal vibes of Bunakara and their Fingerprint Basic Stripes Chair. Make a subtle statement of sophistication, while maintaining the casual comfort that’s inviting to everyone.

Read our Brand Focus: Bunakara.

Matchbox Art

9. Art Deco Matchboxes

Always handy for those candlelight moments, liven up your match game with these playing-card sized boxes featuring coastal, cocktail, and canine artwork. Fire, literally!

Distressed Coffee Table

10. Distressed / Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Like the hulls of old wooden boats, weathered finishes portray unique character, not to mention being extremely attractive in all their worn glory. Plus, you’ll get conscientious consumer bonus points when purchasing pieces made from reclaimed materials! 

This collection of essentials, plus much more, are all currently available at Dwelling & Design. Visit our showroom and design center.

If you enjoyed this article, please LIKE above!  

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Posted on July 05, 2017 | 0 comments

Imagination Library July

During the month of July, a portion of all Lee Industries furniture sales at local home furnishings store Dwelling & Design, located in downtown Easton, MD will be given to Imagination Library of Talbot County.

"We are excited to contribute to this wonderful program, which is a fun and inspiring educational resource for local children and parents in our community," says Fiona Newell Weeks, designer and co-owner of Dwelling & Design.  "Our public library is committed to helping all individuals learn and grow, and it's very beneficial when they are able to start at an early age," adds fellow owner and designer Don Wooters.  "We thank Lee Industries as well, who have taken the annual initiative of helping retailers, such as ourselves, give back to the areas where we live and that support us and our businesses."

Imagination Library is an independent, non-profit organization that is solely funded through individual donations and community support. Imagination Library provides preschool-aged Talbot County children with free monthly books in an effort to encourage and foster a love of reading, thus preparing them for a successful start to school.

For more information on the organization, check out http://www.imaginationlibraryoftalbotcounty.org.

For more information on Lee Industries furniture, check out https://www.leeloveslocal.com.

Imagination Library July 2017

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Posted on June 28, 2017 | 0 comments

In the spirit of independence and the opportunity to pursue our dreams (we love what we do, and thank you for allowing us to do that!), we're celebrating by discounting everything storewide this weekend.

Need a few things for entertaining this weekend?  Come in and take a cool, refreshing breath while browsing our latest designer selection of serving trays, bar carts, cocktail recipe books, placemats and table linens... 

...We also have the newly released Al Fresco Melamine dinnerware from Juliska in-stock!  Perfect for entertaining indoors and out (check out the promo video here)!  

Find relaxation amongst indoor/outdoor pillows from Designers Guild, fun summer sheets (and robes!) by Matouk, artisan furniture by Bunakara, colorfully hand-painted accessories from Dana Gibson Designs and standout Julie Vos jewelry -- perfect for celebrating the joy of sunshine and summertime!

 Thursday, June 29th thru Monday, July 3rd

Take 20% OFF Storewide. 

Visit our store and showroom 

*Store will be closed Sunday, July 2 and Tuesday, July 4.*  

And SHOP ONLINE anytime


use checkout code 'JULY4' (good thru July 4)

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NOW! Shop us Online

Posted on June 16, 2017 | 0 comments

D&D Online Shop

We are excited to announce the reboot of our online store! Consider it a Dwelling & Design LITE--featuring a variety of items we currently have on-hand, as well as a finely curated selection of goods readily available from our amazing vendors.

Purchase the hottest home décor by Dana Gibson Designs, furniture and lighting options from Arteriors and Currey & Co., pillows and bedding by Designers Guild, and the finest dinnerware and glassware from Juliska! We also have the newest collection of Julie Vos jewelry, a selection of hugely popular blue & white ginger jars and so much more!

And you won’t have to worry about pricing. We’ve compared everything online, making sure our prices are on-point! We realize you have more shopping options than ever before, and want you to feel confident that every purchase you make with us is going to be the best deal around!

Have we competitively matched Houzz’s prices? Check. How about One Kings Lane? Yes, we’ll strive to always do our very best!

Shopping with us online is 100% secure, and we currently accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX. Should you have any questions prior to making a purchase, or at any point along the way, you can reach us at orders@dwellinganddesign.com.

Responsiveness, delivering the finest goods, and ultimate customer satisfaction are our highest priorities, and we ask for a small amount of patience as we are getting underway! (Thanks in advance.)

To browse our new selection of online goods, start here!



Dwelling & Design




Screen Shot 1


Screen Shot 2


Screen Shot 3



We are currently working to simplify our mobile shopping experience.  Let us know if you experience any issues at orders@dwellinganddesign.com


NOTE: Because of the numerous options available and limited delivery area, you will not find ‘Upholstered Furniture’ for purchase in our online store. We recommend visiting our actual showroom and trying upholstered pieces out for yourselves, to ensure they’re an attractive and comfortable fit. Another advantage is having our in-store Design Center as a resource—available for all of your creative customizations, with samples you can truly see and feel (unlike internet browsing!). Stop in or make an appointment anytime, and we’ll make sure to give you the hands-on service and experience you deserve. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Juliska Summer Release - Introducing Al Fresco Melamine!

Posted on June 14, 2017 | 0 comments

From their Al Fresco Collection, this new melamine dinnerware was made with the adventurous entertainer in mind.  Durability meets design with the iconic Berry & Thread motif allowing you to seamlessly entertain indoors and out.


  • Available in Colorful, Neutral (Off-White) designs
  • Dinner Plate & Salad/Dessert plate sizes
  • Clear Glasses also available for pre-order
  • Outdoors, Child & Animal friendly
  • Made of Melamine, BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe, top shelf recommended
  • Imported


**View and purchase NEW Juliska Al Fresco Melamine items in our ONLINE STORE.**


And check out the Juliska promo video below:


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