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Brand Focus: Matouk x Schumacher

A little inside scoop on this amazing collaboration over 90 years in the making

For this one, we’re spotlighting two of our favorite, fab companies: Matouk, which specializes in gorgeous bedding and linens; and Schumacher, textile-maker extraordinaire. 

Each brand has a storied history, dating back to the early 1900’s (Matouk) and late 1800’s (Schumacher). As a fresh, first-time-ever collab between the companies for 2020, we’re no doubt excited to see what they've teamed up to create.

About Matouk

About Schumacher

We reached out to our reps to tap into their excitement and insights about the new releases. Schumacher rep extraordinaire, Maddie--who we excitedly welcome to the shop every few weeks to drool over the latest Schumacher samples--shared this story with us:

“Here is the backstory on the Matouk/Schumacher collaboration…  Schu(macher) CEO Timur Yumusaklar and Matouk CEO George Matouk, Jr. happened to be seated next to one another at a luncheon for textile CEOs in early 2019. They chatted and found many similarities between the two companies. Both are multi-generational, family owned American businesses. They both chuckled about being “old” companies Matouk (Fall River, Mass.) being established 91 year ago and Schu in 1889 (NYC), 131 years ago. At the luncheon they arranged a meeting between the companies’ creative and marketing teams and it became more apparent that our philosophies about design were also in-line, and the collaboration was born. Each of the products in the line are Schumacher patterns on Matouk’s fine linens. The second Schumacher Matouk collection is set to launch later this year. “

Without further ado, here are the inaugural offerings/joint creations by two of the best textile companies in the business.


Pomegranate (Citrus, Pink Coral, Prussian Blue)

“Based on an 18th century design from Schumacher’s archive, Pomegranate reimagines a timeless botanical in three luscious colorways. This vibrant style is printed in Italy on our 500 thread count Luca percale and finished with the subtlest scalloped edge and white tape—a perfect pairing of Schumacher artistry and Matouk craftsmanship.”

Available in: Sheeting, duvet covers, quilts, pillow cases, shams, and shower curtains.


Attleboro (Citrus, Pink Coral, Pool, Prussian Blue)

“Attleboro, a print drawn from an archival Schumacher design, mimics the distinctive look of dyed textiles; here, Ikat-like blurred strokes are arranged in hazy stripes and printed on our Luca percale. Attleboro’s palette of subtle colors matches back beautifully to our bold Pomegranate print, bringing a modern verve to that traditional pattern.”

Available in: Sheeting, duvet covers, quilts, pillow cases, shams, and shower curtains.


Cora (Blue, Blue/White, Mineral, Mineral/White, Natural/White, White)

“An organic Schumacher print is the inspiration behind our unique Cora coverlet and shams. Woven in Italy with a soft, lightweight drape, Cora is offered in three solid colors, emphasizing its topographic appearance, or in three two-tone styles that bring out a bolder animal pattern.”

Available in: Coverlets and shams.


Burnett (Berry, Navy, Nickel)

“This Schumacher creation, one of the house’s most versatile styles combines beautifully with almost any Matouk collection. Burnett’s field of painterly brushstrokes is printed in Italy on our wonderful Luca percale, and its subtle, two-toned stripe effect extends even to its delicate piped edge.”

Available in: Sheeting, duvet covers, quilts, pillow cases, shams, and shower curtains.


Serengeti (Sea, Silver, Tusk)

“For our Serengeti style, a beautiful, abstract Schumacher print is reimagined in soft, multi-tonal colors that coordinate with Matouk classics. An elegant sheen gives this Italian-woven sateen jacquard a dynamic look that changes subtly with the light. Serengeti is finished with a carefully tailored and modern flange.”

Available in: Duvet covers and shams.


Prado (Hazy Blue, Onyx)

“Prado creatively combines a chic Schumacher design and a classic Matouk construction, with breathtaking results. We’ve placed the Prado pattern on our crisp Ceylon percale as we would a tape detail, but here the pattern is fully embroidered instead. The finished product has a crisp, tailored look with a delicious pop of colorful decoration.”

Available in: Sheeting, duvet covers, pillow cases, and shams.


Faubourg (Coconut, Ocean, Pink Coral, Sun)

“The artwork that inspired our Faubourg beach towel was hand-drawn in the acclaimed design studio of Schumacher. We’ve adapted their whimsical, strutting horses into a printed cotton terry towel made in Turkey and finished with contrasting tassels that emphasize its playful spirit.”


Seashells (Navy, Sand, Shell)

“This cotton terry beach towel springs from a creative Schumacher pattern that is a graphic expression of seashells. Woven in Portugal and finished with fringe, it’s a towel that perfectly at home on the sand.”

Zebra Palm

Zebra Palm (Cerulean, Jungle, Pink Coral, Sea)

“Based on an iconic design from the imaginative world of Schumacher, the Zebra Palm beach towel is a striking hybrid of two of our favorite motifs: tropical leaves and zebra stripes. Bold-colored threads are woven with plush white cotton terry, creating a lightweight towel that has a hand-loomed look.”

Not only rich on their own, all of these offerings are easy to pair with existing Matouk and Schumacher selections.

“From the start, Matouk and Schumacher have had our eyes on one common goal: creating a collection that weaves together our shared tradition of exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design. Our first collaboration fully realizes this vision.” – Mindy Matouk

We're gonna enjoy implementing these in every bedroom we can get our hands on, and look forward to seeing the second round of this exciting collab a bit later this year!

For pricing info and to see actual samples of these textiles, visit our design center today.

Special thanks to Maddie for sharing this backstory, which always enriches the context of who we work with, and the products we are proud to offer.

All images courtesy of Matouk & Schumacher.

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