Brand Focus: LEE Industries Furniture

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 LEE Frame Build

So what if we told you there’s this furniture company where each piece is 100% manufactured in the USA (North Carolina, to be precise), environmentally sustainable, can stand up to the rigors of family life, with trendsetting style to top it all off? Well, they do exist—and we’ve been fortunate to carry LEE Brand Upholstery since we first opened in 2008. Let us just say that they’ve exceeded expectations from day one as our store's featured line of furniture.

LEE White Sofa

LEE Athena Chair


When it comes to style and versatility, the sky is the limit—especially if a quick glance at LEE's seemingly endless samples for furniture creation is any indication! No matter what look you’re craving—beachy, boho, brass, buckskin, leather, lounge or even retro—these can be dialed up, complete with all of the details you desire. This makes it easy to adapt to even our most demanding (or “particular”, shall we say) projects, whether the client is aiming for timeless and traditional with a twist, or something more unusually colorful or contemporary.

LEE Design Team

LEE Ready To Ship


All over the interior design scene, including the covers and content of popular magazines like Elle Décor, Traditional Home, Coastal Living and more, LEE find themselves constantly in the spotlight. While they are perfectly comfortable (get it?) being the focal point, they are quick to acknowledge that it all begins behind the scenes. Ask a LEE representative, “what’s the company’s biggest source of inspiration?”, and they’ll surely answer “the people that work for us”. We dig this humble attitude and think it speaks volumes about why they’re so successful.

 LEE Factory Seamstress

LEE Factory Production


When purchasing furniture, one undoubtedly views the acquisition not just as a necessity, but also as an investment. Not the kind you would necessarily consult with your financial advisor about, but definitely one worth doing a little research over! We mentioned a few key selling points right off the bat (see first sentence-first paragraph) that immediately jumped out at us when we were shopping around for “the one” years ago, and there are a few more to consider.

LEE Fabric Cutting

LEE Factory Construction


Every piece is built to last for generations (under normal use and circumstance, of course). Wait...should we repeat that? LEE craftsmanship stems from workmen who are not only highly skilled and experienced, but also motivated and considerate. Their values include honesty, fairness, respectfulness and accountability of actions, contributing to a very “family-like” atmosphere. The company makes an effort to procure as many materials from local sources as possible, and are genuinely enthusiastic about doing their part to keep the local economy alive and thriving.

LEE Finish Samples

LEE Wood Finish Samples


On the front line of eco-friendly manufacturing (in fact, they are the award-winning Gold Standard as determined by the Sustainable Furnishings Council), and aligning with American Forests, the Sustainable Forestry Council, and the Forest Stewardship Council, the materials of the now standard naturaLEE(TM) components are made from both renewable and recycled resources. We don’t want to bore you with too much shop-talk, so feel free to check out all of the environmentally responsible details for yourself. Their sustainability initiatives are certainly impressive and hopefully provide inspiration for similar production within the rest of the industry.

LEE Striped Sofa

LEE Sofa Arm Detail


Providing peace of mind is fantastic, but it's got to be comfortable too, right? With no shortage of options to choose from (we’ll guide you—don’t worry!), you’ll surely find the perfect comfort level, nestled somewhere amongst LEE’s engineered combinations of down, springs and foam core. Discover yours. Our favorite is Cloud NineTM. Needless to say, we’re over the moon at the end of the day when we plop our lazy bones down on such thoughtfully crafted furniture.


Thanks to LEE Industries for providing us with their industry-exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes photographs for this article.

LEE Shearling Ivory

LEE Retro Swivel

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Ideas & Inspiration: Outdoor Settings Pt. 1

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Since it's that sunshine-celebrating time of year, we thought we’d explore some of the most exciting and practical ways to transform your outdoor area into "party central", "relaxation station", or whatever vibe you might be going for.  Whether pool-front, waterfront, green-grassy acres or garden bonanza, there are plenty of options to enhance and optimize your exterior spread.

[Photograph © Fiona Newell Weeks]

We're talking about woven all-weather wicker, ethically-harvested teak frames, heirloom-worthy aluminum, versatile “grid” geometric seating, illuminating lanterns, Parasol canopies, palm planter boxes, hard-as-nails ceramic table tops, retro chaise-on-wheels, and peanut tables, just to name a few.  

Any of those strike your fancy...or at least pique your curiosity, even if you don’t know what they are?

You're probably thinking, "I’m familiar with wicker...and I’ve always wanted a ceramic-topped table!  But, parasite canopies…? We hired a guy to spray for mosquitoes, so we shouldn’t be needing one of those...”

Hold on, we said parasol canopies, silly!  Those lifesaving umbrella-type things that protect you from frying or going blind when you’re outside eating lunch on a warm and sunny day.  That all came out a little fast, but there is a lot you need to know before making any outdoor furniture decisions this season! 

[Photograph © Gloster]

Woven All-Weather Wicker

This isn't wicker from grandma’s generation, although the “hand-crafted” part still applies.  These pieces feature lightweight, corrosion resistant powder coated aluminum frames clad in the highest quality manufactured fibre.  Soft to the touch, this remarkable polyethylene material is completely weatherproof and resistant to both tears and UV light (as Gloster puts it best in their portfolio catalogue).  Whew, and I thought we were long winded.  Come in-store to discover more about this traditional-looking wicker furniture that uses the latest outdoor materials and technology.  Also, we'll show you more of the styles and options they offer -- and just like all of the words they/we try to cram into our sentences -- we assure you it’s a lot.  

Ethically-harvested Teak Furniture. 

We work with companies, such as the aforementioned Gloster, who harvest their hardwood from carefully managed plantations, keeping a close & caring eye on all phases of production.  Literally, they only fell trees they themselves have planted (an average 50 years prior).  What?!  (We are impressed too.)  By allowing the trees to reach a certain level of maturity, this ensures that the wood develops all of the inherent properties, including “high natural oil content, hard-wearing, highly resistant to rotting and almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, frost or snow.”  Their knowledge and professional discipline is on-point.

[Photograph © Fiona Newell Weeks]

Heirloom-Worthy Aluminum. 

And here we have another company making a bold claim and doing absolutely everything to back it up.  “Guaranteed for life… we want our furniture to become heirlooms”, states McKinnon and Harris, manufacturers of some of the most gorgeous metal-framed furniture we’ve seen, and are lucky enough to offer.  Industrial paint-finishes can be a designer’s worst nightmare (i.e. Orange Peel may work as a hip band name, but not so much for painted surfaces).  On the other hand, what you witness with McKinnon and Harris is smooth elegance personified -- like buttercream frosting on your favorite cake.

[Photograph © Gloster]

Grid Geometric Seating. 

Do you covet versatility...pieces that can easily be rearranged or reimagined depending on company, mood or season? 

As we’ve said before, we know many ways you can have your dessert and eat it too.  Unlike your typical, overstuffed living room sectional (these are on a leaner, meaner diet) “GRID” geometric seating allows you to change your outdoor furniture arrangements with different lounge combinations of sofa/chair/table/etc.  So. Many. Possibilities.

Tune in next week for a focus on outdoor fabrics, plus much more!  




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Spring Tent Sale

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Fabulous selection of furniture and decor from quality vendors. A sale you don’t want to miss!


Take 50% OFF regular retail prices


Take 55% OFF 9am-12pm


Take 60% OFF 12pm-4pm

Sale includes TENT ITEMS ONLY.  
(Not applicable to merchandise at retail location.)

For more information 

410-822-2211 | info@dwellinganddesign.com



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Color Preview 2017: Pantone’s ‘Greenery’

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Pantone recently announced their “Color of the Year” for 2017, entitled Greenery, and by their own admission it was a total no-brainer.  Although it may have flown slightly under the radar up until this point, once you've seen it for yourselves, its pervasiveness should quickly become evident.  Just take a moment to look around.  Serious.  We'll do it together...!

From the vantage point on this end, I immediately see a mousepad, polka-dotted seat cushion, colored paperclip and striped stationary; all shades of yellow-green and very close relatives to the appointed Greenery.  What do you see?  (Feel free to comment below.)  Perhaps a Granny Smith apple, tablet cover or tupperware lid?  Maybe you're that guy or girl with their very own in-office putting green.  Lucky you!  (Clovers are green too, btw.)


Pantone Greenery

 Pantone | Greenery (15-0343)


Undoubtedly, this was a major part in Pantone’s decision-making, as this “tone” has become such a wildly popular choice for companies and manufacturers in the past 10 years. International brands like Starbucks, BP and Holiday Inn all use some form of green in their logos. And even local companies such as Hill’s Café and their JMX juice line have used it to highlight the natural, healthy features of their products, in addition to biodegradable and recycled packaging content. It is representative of money (ca$h), go (green light) and synonymous with the eco-friendly movement.  Summed-up in the words of Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute--“symbolic of the age we’re living in”.

Green Juice

In the interior design realm, one of our favorite colors has always been lime green--a very close cousin to Greenery. Over the years, we have always been compelled to work this into our home designs and store vignettes (just drive by our store windows, browse our portfolio, or peruse our Instagram feed). We find it happy and energetic, whilst also calming and restorative!


Showroom 2

 Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design


Green can be a great color year-round for its warmth and vitality, whether used primarily or accentually. It serves to bring a bit of nature indoors, and will also complement your existing potted plant life quite well. Want a pop of color that injects new life into your existing coastal-theme? Blue and green are a classic combination, and give that comfortable Polo or preppy understated-swagger to a room. It’s also not gender-specific, so it can safely be used to decorate a new baby’s nursery, whether it’s a boy or girl.



Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design

Wooters Project

Design Project | Dwelling & Design


Some more quotes from Laurie Pressman (VP of the Pantone Color Institute) during Pantone’s latest Color of the Year announcement:

“Green signifies the 1st sign of Spring…and compels us to express, explore and experiment.”

“Green is forward-thinking in the sense of not just eating avocados, but applying avocados.”

“It indicates self-assurance, success and happiness.”

“Green is Nature’s neutral.”

“(The color green) has been proven to slow our hearts’ production of stress hormones.”

“(Green implores us to) work in tandem with natural forces in the environment…and connect with something greater than ourselves.”


 Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design


It also stands in stark contrast to last year’s selections—Rose Quartz and Serenity. And yes, in 2016 there were two ‘Colors of the Year’ (actually, the only time since COTY’s inception in 2001 that they’ve doubled-up). But sure enough, to help carry over those colors in seamless & ingenious fashion, Pantone has offered a very useful (and attractive!) ‘Transitional Palette’. After all, it would be kind of silly and impractical to completely start over with a blank canvas each year, just to keep up with the latest trends!


Pantone 2017 Transitions

 Pantone | Transitions Palette 2017


So, needless to say, we are very excited at the prospect of utilizing this color in a broader scope, now that it is receiving even more recognition. If you are interested in adding or expounding upon this color within your own domain—we are more than eager to help you do just that!


Dwelling & Design

For directions to our store and design center, click here.


Showroom 3

Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design

John Steiner Artwork

Original Artwork by John Steiner | Dwelling & Design

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September Furniture Sale

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It's that time of year again!  Starting Labor Day Weekend, save BIG on LEE Upholstered Furniture.  Prices too low to advertise! 

Sale runs the entire month of September and applies to only LEE Brand Furniture.  Discount on in-stock items as well as special orders.  

Visit our showrooms and Design Center to view all of your options: size, fabric, style, stitching, and so many more details!  Meet with one of our designers to create a custom piece, perfect for your home, apartment or office.

For more details, visit Dwelling & Design in Easton, MD or contact us here.  Store Hours are Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm.  

Dwelling & Design Showroom September 2016

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NY NOW Gift Show Recap

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Last week, Fiona, Don and Mindie attended the NY NOW Gift Show in -- you guessed it -- New York City!

During this annual event, their goal is to seek out new items for the Fall, as well as upcoming holiday season. As usual, they were in luck and discovered lots of amazing pieces and products.

NY NOW Gift Show 2016

While reluctant to disclose everything they purchased (they enjoy the surprise factor of waiting to reveal new items in-store), they did mention a few things they are excited to receive, including new Julie Vos Jewelry, Juliska Housewares, John Robshaw Textiles and new lighting products. They look forward to sharing these items with you in the near future.

(To be notified when new items arrive, sign-up for our preferred email list here.)

Included are photos taken on the trip of some of the fun and exciting pieces they came across. Enjoy!

NY NOW Gift Show 2016

NY NOW Gift Show 2016

NY NOW Gift Show 2016

NY NOW Gift Show 2016

NY NOW Gift Show 2016


NY NOW Gift Show 2016

NY NOW Gift Show 2016

And last but not least, they met a new friend while on their adventure... and his name is Pierre!  

NY NOW Gift Show 2016

They already miss this adorable little guy.  Until next time!


D & D

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Brand Focus: Bunakara

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Featuring Q & A with Bunakara owner/designer Joana Aranha and company architect Marta Aranha.

All photographs courtesy of Bunakara.

Bunakara furniture catalog picture #1

For each installment of “Brand Focus,” we highlight one of the amazing manufacturers and their products offered here at Dwelling & Design. This month, we are excited to tell you all about Bunakara, a hot new company set to take the design world by storm with its current collection of home furnishings. Inspired by knowledge, traditions and emotions of the past -- combined with present inspiration and their own unique vision – they produce pieces that can’t be found anywhere else.

In fact, “not be found” has become a tagline for the company, and motivation for creating their one-of-a-kind products. Look closely at some of the pieces (shhhh it’s a secret… unzip one of their pillow cases and look inside!) and discover thoughtful messages or other “hidden” details. Other signature characteristics include -- brass ferules on table legs, Flower of India beaded rose (think “charm bracelet”), and single paint-dipped furniture legs.

Bunakara furniture catalog picture #2

Joana Aranha has literally turned the tables in the furniture design realm, and offered-up her own solutions by creating items she couldn’t find anywhere else. And this über creative, memorable and mysteriously-fun product line is the triumphant result!


Dwelling & Design reached out to Bunakara for more information and insight into their creative process. We were fortunate enough to receive a Q & A session with Joana Aranha and her sister Marta, the Bunakara company architect. Let’s get into the conversation.

Bunakara furniture catalog picture #3

How long has Bunakara been in business? 

The conception of the collections took place throughout 2014. Joana’s wonderful  ideas were first designed and water-colored  creating the visual expression of Bunakara’s collection. Technical drawings and the execution of the prototypes was the next step and production followed.

In January 2015 we revealed it at the Atlanta’s Mart and the response was really good. So we went in April to High Point which confirmed the enthusiastic welcome clients gave to the brand.

We would say that 2016 is the launching year of Bunakara. 

Where do you get your inspiration for the designs?

Joana Aranha, heart of Bunakara and head of creation, always goes back as far possible in search for inspirational elements in a dialog between her cosmopolitan soul and her artisan essence. Although Joana has her roots in Europe, a land of history that inspires her creations, it is in India that she celebrates heritage and nourishes savoir-faire to create the objects she does not find anywhere else.

Bunakara furniture catalog picture #5

What is your favorite product and why?

It is very difficult for Joana to pick one product since the whole collection reflects what she really loves. If only you could see her when she holds the fabrics…. And the extremely keen eye for proportion when it comes to the furniture.

But since Joana has to choose, on textiles her favorite is the Patchwork story because of the incredible mix of velvet, linen, cotton, buttons and embroideries. A patchwork of a story, the mix of old techniques.

Regarding Furniture the piece that Joana can’t resist is the two stripe chair with the back covered with fabric. It’s an Icon, the chair that is completely unexpected, that surprises the client. Actually this one was the first creation of Bunakara, maybe that’s why there is a special connection.

Tell me about the red flower and why it’s included in every piece?

It is the iconic signature detail, a tiny beaded red rose with a fabric-wrapped stem. Inspire by a red flower Joana once cupped in her hands in New Delhi, represents the soul of Bunakara, the “beginning of everything”. The flower of India insignia hangs from all the Bunakara pieces.

Bunakara furniture catalog picture #6

Thanks so much to Joana and Marta for providing us with more details about Bunakara!

 We invite you to stop by the Dwelling & Design showroom to see all of the new Bunakara pieces we recently received… you really have to see them for yourselves! What do you think about this exciting new product line? Please leave your comments below!



Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and be the first to know when new & exciting items, such as Bunakara home furnishings, arrive in-store.

For additional questions or inquiries, call 410.822.2211 or email info@dwellinganddesign.com.  Find store directions here.

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DIFFA / Architectural Digest Show @ NY Pier

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Owner/Designer Don Wooters is an insightful, design-intuitive guy who will make you think and laugh at the same time, with his intellectually-stimulating comments. No question, he immensely enjoys working with his clientele, and has that requisite combination of professionalism, talent and experience to pull-off any job he decides to tackle. Part of the arsenal he brings to the table is being well-versed and traveled in the design and art world. In addition to completing projects up and down the East Coast, he makes a point of attending an array of interesting events, including art shows, opera performances, and trending designer showcases.

He recently was in New York to take in Dining By Design, an annual spring show sponsored by Architectural Digest and hosted by DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS). “I always do my best not to miss this event each year,” says Don, adding emphasis to the fact that “some of the leaders in the design industry are on display here”. Since being founded in 1984, DIFFA has become one of the country’s largest supporters of direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS and preventive education for those at risk. This year’s event raised nearly $800,000 to go towards DIFFA’s grant making efforts.

In addition to this being a great cause, it is a spectacular presentation of dining room design, from the minds and wildest imaginations of current interior designers, design schools, as well as popular decorator brands.   These settings -- each completely unique -- capture and transport you somewhere else fantastic for an out-of-the-box (and in some cases, out of this world!) dining experience.

Below, peruse a few glimpses from the show, along with inspiration statements by the creative folks behind the luxuriously-decorated interior spaces.

(All photos taken by Don Wooters.)

Benjamin Moore & Consentino, designed by Julia Buckingham

“The great Paris fashion houses have been Julia Buckingham’s muse. Our space is reminiscent of a long, flowing silk-charmeuse white gown with sparkling chandelier earrings; chunky lacquered bracelets; and a strikingly modern sculptural necklace hidden under a snow-white fur wrap.”



Luxe Interiors + Design with LIAGRE, designed by Sasha Bikoff

“Christian Liagre is known for amazingly chic and sleek woodwork, so this space translates that into something more vibrant that displays the furniture in a new light with de Gournay’s ‘Le Eden’ wallpaper transforming the room into a rainforest.


Don’s description: “A floating banquet topped with greenery and umbrellas creates a nice centerpiece and division between either side and the intimate, yet friendly tables for two. The multi-colored flower arrangements, along with variety of different chair fabrics add elements of fun to this setting that would work nicely outdoors as well. I see lots of lively conversations going on at these tables.”




“Descend into an underwater wonderland inspired by the lost city of Atlantis. Organic shapes, gilded finishes and seeded glass are a few design elements that will pay tribute to this revered utopia that has captivated dreamers for centuries.”



Parsons The New School For Design

“string. a singular element. an individual. vulnerable in isolated form. woven together a network evolves. density in strength. support. a community.”

For more information about DIFFA and their mission in fighting HIV/AIDS, visit: www.diffa.org.

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Trending... Trending... 1, 2, 3

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Trending… Trending… 1, 2, 3…

The year of 2016 is well on it’s way at this point (daylight savings just kicked in, thank you very much!), but there are those who are just beginning to scrape off the rust and turn the wheels on their upcoming projects. We are always curious (and presume that you are as well, if you’re reading this right now) to know the latest trends including styles, colors, and whatever else has started to catch fire or is already ablaze.  For those of you looking for inspiration, here are some insights, suggestions & palettes we are currently working with and noticing within the design-world realm.


Copper and Pastel Pink, anyone… to go with a nice, refreshing flute of champagne rosé, perhaps?  This trend has us buzzing already! 

Come home to this soothing, delightful combination of colors, pour yourself one, and revel in your impeccably well-chosen lifestyle surroundings. 

When coupled with softer shades, we find metallics to exude confidence in a positive yet subtle way.  To go a little bolder and add some pop to the party, go with hot pink and glimmering gold.  Pick any of a number of applications... we love wallpaper, flashy fabrics, lustrous, industrial-strength lighting or pearlescent paint finishes (also, antimonial appliances). And mixing various alchemical elements (brass, stainless steel, etc.) is no longer a faux pas, as long as they are relatable & complimentary. Key words to describe this scene are “reflect” and “recharge”.

Black & White with a Non-Traditional spin. Soon to be, if not already, one of our faves!  Soften those hard edges by injecting some organic elements. Less checkerboard rigidity and more yin & yang varied harmony! Contrast that white marble or black granite fireplace with a furry, cream rug. Couple an interesting bone sculpture with indigenous art. Coordinate lava rock coasters on your reclaimed kauri wood table while lounging on tampa cigar black leather… all whilst listening to a friend playing Tchaikovsky on a wonderful ivory-key Grand Piano!

Indigo & Navy blue… timelessly regal and romantic!

We are utilizing quite a bit of this classic color already this year. A perfect example would include the Bow Ties & Bubbly event (Chesapeake Bay Beach Club) we participated in during January – where, in our Navy Wedding-themed space, dress attire, tablesettings, flowers & other décor were all coordinated around classic blue & white.

[Above Photograph taken by Melissa Grimes-Guy Photography)

(BT&B Garden Room Design Team: Designer: @popthecorkdesigns / Florist: Little House of Flowers / Stationary: @weddings_by_cink.art / Photographer: @annareynal)

This can be attributed to where we reside geographically (trust us, we have lived in Maryland and been surrounded by water long enough to know that blue will never be out of style!) but also international influences such as Asia & Scandinavia. This dovetails nicely with the next point of interest…

Scandinavian design, it seems, has a lot in common with Apple -- clean, contemporary, user-friendly and always outsmarting the competition. It is generally hard to get away from “practical”. Mostly because the rooms we decorate have the minor complication of needing to be lived-in! Interior design is our talent and skill-set which we use to help create the vision for your personal space. This space is 3-dimensional, including heighth, width, and depth; perhaps including, but definitely not existing within some 2 ½” deep canvas that can be hung up on the wall. Point is, it cannot be set aside; we must navigate thru it. Once you realize this fact, you can… ummmmm… damn! We just completely lost our spatial/metaphysical train of thought.

I think what we were trying to say is, those ingenious people up north are really good at coming up with stylish and practical stuff for your home, and we like it!

[Natural stone tiles courtesy of AKDO; Dwelling & Design exclusive local dealer.]

Some other interesting items to consider: colorful & textually-varied poufs, woven wall hangings, tile (geometric patterns are always a good call; we also have some very cool alternative faux-wood grain flooring to consider), contemporary abstract art, brightly-colored pillows and books… lots of books! Use them to intellectually catapult a dull conversation or obtain a new drink recipe. (We have some excellent ‘mixology’ reads right now!)


Dwelling & Design

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