3 Ways to Use "Ultra Violet", the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year

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Last week Pantone announced their Color of the Year for 2018--Ultra Violet--a stunningly deep, regal shade of purple. We must say, after playing it safe the past several years (including last year’s “Greenery” and 2016’s duo of “Rose Quartz and Serenity”), we’re excited Pantone has chosen such a fun, fearless color!

That being said, this vivacious violet is less about #trending and more about #timelessness. Purple has long been one of the most coveted colors, so when it comes to interior design, you can be confident it won't be losing its popularity anytime soon. Depending on your comfort level and décor situation, here are 3 suggestions for integrating this color into your life.

Hydrangeas | Pantone Ultra Violet


Want the easiest, most successful (or at least risk-free) way of introducing new colors into your spaces? You already guessed it. Play it safe with temporary elements such as flowers (orchids in the winter; hydrangeas in warmer temps) and venture out from there. Also, throws, pillows, and areas rugs are nominal investments that can easily be added or subtracted later.

Powder Room | Pantone Ultra Violet


Love the color but hesitant to bite off too much? Choose a smaller space, such as a powder or laundry room to paint the walls. This particular purple would look fabulous as a compliment to white wainscoting. Also, the lavender body products you most likely have on hand are sure to make perfect (and practical) décor accents.

Designers Guild | Palasini Plum Wallpaper


Palasini Plum wallpaper by Designers Guild

Renowned textiles company Designers Guild has made its reputation in the design world by using colors similar to this year’s Ultra Violet for a long time. Makes sense, as they are based in the UK, where residents are known for using bright palettes to cheer up their gray, dreary days. Choose one of any number of available fabrics and wallpapers from our design center and get ready to live like the Queen (or King, man). 

And be sure to check out a few more of our favorite ideas and ways to utilize this color on our brand new Pantone COTY 2018 Pinterest Board.  

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The Inspired Palette: Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating (Small)

Healthy eating is more than just the latest trend--it's become a full-blown way of life, incorporating select ingredients with exceptional nutritional benefits.

We can't help but notice that many of the popular "super-foods" at the forefront of this movement aren't just good for you--they're amazingly colorful as well!  We're officially inspired.  Hence, we've assembled a palette of refreshing shades motivated by some of the foods that everyone and their gym trainer are talking about.


Organic Green


1. Avocado | Organic Green (6732) by Sherwin Williams

Color: So we know that green is all the rage this year (Pantone's Color of the Year: Greenery).  This particular shade is a little more laid back, leaving you feeling calm and confident, yet still willing to tackle a bit of adventure.

Food: Avocados are surely one of the cornerstones of a healthy diet.  Their mild flavor profile makes them extremely versatile in how they can be used.  We can't really think of anything with avocado that isn't good for you.  Quite literally, the perfect food.



2. Sweet Potato & Turmeric Root | Exuberance (17-1349) by Pantone

Color: A brand new color for Pantone in 2017, featured in their Fashion + Home Color Guide.  Contemporary yet rustic.  Reassuring, strong and steadfast.  Instantly bring warmth, depth and coziness to a space.  An excellent choice to pair with animal prints or themes.

Food: Sweet potatoes are ranked right at the top of the "healthy food" chart, packed with fiber and charged with all of the right vitamins to fuel a productive body. Turmeric root (the ingredient that makes ground Cumin yellow...but more beneficial in raw form) is another magical food with an ever-growing list of health benefits, including kidney and cognitive functions.

All White

3. Coconut | All White (No. 2005) by Farrow & Ball

Color:  Our favorite white from our favorite paint manufacturer, Farrow & Ball.  Soft, clean and illuminating.  We love how true this color is, showing no hints of green, blue or pink that a lot of other whites display. 

Tip: Please don't use those "generic" whites already stocked on the shelves!  You'll appreciate the results of making a more educated color decision, even when it comes to the basic colors.

Food:  We're pretty loco for coconuts.  Coconut milk lattes, coconut cream & curried dishes, coconut water...you name it!  This should be in everyone's diet on at least a weekly basis.  Shredded coconut is great when mixed with granola, too. 


Rococco Red


4. Pomegranate | Rococco Red (18-1652) by Pantone

Color:  Bold, juicy and ripe with possibilities.  Keep things fun and colorful by pairing with pinks and oranges.  Nicely contrasts with black or white, and compliments natural-finished materials.  Reds are great for areas where people tend to congregate, as they promote conversation and appetite.  On that note...

Food: Amongst the healthiest fruits on the planet, the seeds so densely crammed within each pomegranate are full of more nutrients than you might imagine.  If you don't have the patience to dissect them by hand, go for the juice instead!


Dust Pink


5. Salmon & Melon | Dust Pink (2013-40) by Benjamin Moore

Color:  Warm and dreamy.  Vibrant without being too bold.  This family of colors is easily incorporated into coastal-themed decor.  It also pairs well with greens and earthy tones, thanks to its terracotta-like qualities.

Food:  We like these foods because they're light, yet filling and nourishing. Nothing like a fresh slice of cantaloupe with breakfast, or refreshing midday snack.  And whenever we're having salmon as our entree, we just feel like we're doing something right! 


Golden Orchards


6.  Egg Yolk | Golden Orchards (329) by Benjamin Moore Classics

Color:  Warm, golden rays of sunshine.  We guarantee you'll feel the happiness that this color radiates.  This is one of those colorful neutrals that pairs well with so many things.

Food:  Egg yolks (contrary to more recent beliefs!) contain all of the right fatty acids, so long as they are sourced from chickens raised in a stress-free, healthy environment.  Skip the grocery store, and connect with a neighbor or local farmer doing things the responsible way.  Mutually beneficial for everyone involved--chickens included!

Blue Atoll

7.  Water | Blue Atoll (16-4535) by Pantone

Color:  Can a color be both relaxing and energizing at the same time?  Well, this one is.  The perfect shade for creating a cool 'island-vibe' or giving a contemporary refresh to traditional coastal and oriental themes.

Food:  We can't think of too many natural blue-colored edibles, so we went with the all-important H2O.  Always stay well-hydrated!

Summary:  For a boost of energy and inspiration, give one of these foods or colors a try (or both!).  Here's to a colorful life--full of health and happiness!


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