Design Board: Ultra Violet COTY Inspiration

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Dwelling & Design | Design Board | Ultra Violet

With Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year 'Ultra Violet' in mind, our newest design board features shades seeking both the fun and dramatic across the purple spectrum. Smatterings of green, gold and blue compliment, while neutrals provide perfect backdrops for letting the bolder, more energetic colors grab the attention.

Click the board for a larger view or scroll the list below to discover each component individually:


  1. Nina Campbell | Las Reves | Pampelonne | View

Experience Las Reves, the newest collection from celebrated designer Nina Campbell. This features an elegant, elongated wood grain pattern with the perfect subtle repeat.


  1. Designers Guild | Berwick | Marshall | View

A ribbed, velvet pattern with various candy colors that exhibits both fun and structured qualities.


    1. Stark | Petra | Purple Haze | View

This one lures us in with sexy, seductive swirls and the influence of old marbled book covers.


    1. Nina Campbell | Las Reves | Marguerite | View

"A floral cartouche trellis". (Nina Campbell) History Lesson: 'Cartouche' originates in Egypt and identifies an oval ring often surrounding royal hieroglyphs, protecting whatever is within. 

Explore the rest of the Las Reves collection by Nina Campbell.


    1. Stark | Santorini | Blue Sky | View

A delicate, open-weave textile perfect for window curtains and letting just the right amount of light thru.


    1. Designers Guild | Riveau Essentials | Ultramarine | View

 From Designers Guild--a deep, lush, colorful fabric with comfort and style in mind.


7. Julie Vos | LaFayette Necklace | Chalcedony and Pearl | Purchase

Lustrous bell cabochon with pearl accent on lightly hammered links, front toggle closure.  Semiprecious stone, pearl and imported glass. 24K gold plate. (Julie Vos)
    1. Designers Guild | Alexandria | Amethyst | View

"A gorgeous illustrated botanical, digitally printed on beautiful tumbled linen. The ombre ground shades delicately behind the crisp cow parsley and poppies." (Designers Guild)


    1. Designers Guild | Arona | Grass | View

A beautiful, bright green reminiscent of last year's Color of the Year, Greenery.  Used as a transitional reference; you can see how well it pairs with this year's Ultra Violet for evolving the palette of your space.


    1. Groundworks | Hutch Lavender | View

 We love this whimsical pattern designed by neo-expressionist American artist Hunt Slonem.


    1. Stray Dog Designs | Flower Bracelet | View

 We love Stray Dogs' eclectic nature...plus every item is uniquely made by hand.


    1. Osborne & Little | Matthew Williamson | Shimmer | View

"A semi-plain ottoman curtaining fabric in Matthew Williamson's highly individualized colour palette." (Osborne & Little)


    1. Farrow & Ball | Bumblebee | View

One of the finest patterns we've come across recently. Instant classic. 

"This was originally found in Josephine Bonaparte’s bed chamber as a silk fabric. Featuring an enchanting myriad of bumble bees and sprinkled with cheeky polka dots, this is a hypnotic design that inspires a beguiling sense of childish innocence and playfulness." (Farrow & Ball)


    1. Schumacher | Iconic Leopard | View

Stylish and iconic, animal prints portray a confidence in your fun-loving nature.


    1. Bellridge | Metropolitan | Pewter  | View

Introduce a geometric pattern to provide symmetry within a space and compliment some of the design elements, such as furniture, window dressings, mouldings, etc.


Additional points of interest: 

  • Explore our NEW Ultra Violet Pinterest board for some exciting ideas and inspiration we've come across.
  • Our January Anniversary Sale, featuring storewide savings* of 15-50% runs until Wednesday, January 31st. (*Some exclusions apply.) 


Do you dig something you see on the board? Leave a comment below or stop by the store and design center to explore all the options for turning your daydreams and design crushes into reality.


Dwelling & Design | Design Board | Up Close

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3 Ways to Use "Ultra Violet", the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year

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Last week Pantone announced their Color of the Year for 2018--Ultra Violet--a stunningly deep, regal shade of purple. We must say, after playing it safe the past several years (including last year’s “Greenery” and 2016’s duo of “Rose Quartz and Serenity”), we’re excited Pantone has chosen such a fun, fearless color!

That being said, this vivacious violet is less about #trending and more about #timelessness. Purple has long been one of the most coveted colors, so when it comes to interior design, you can be confident it won't be losing its popularity anytime soon. Depending on your comfort level and décor situation, here are 3 suggestions for integrating this color into your life.

Hydrangeas | Pantone Ultra Violet


Want the easiest, most successful (or at least risk-free) way of introducing new colors into your spaces? You already guessed it. Play it safe with temporary elements such as flowers (orchids in the winter; hydrangeas in warmer temps) and venture out from there. Also, throws, pillows, and areas rugs are nominal investments that can easily be added or subtracted later.

Powder Room | Pantone Ultra Violet


Love the color but hesitant to bite off too much? Choose a smaller space, such as a powder or laundry room to paint the walls. This particular purple would look fabulous as a compliment to white wainscoting. Also, the lavender body products you most likely have on hand are sure to make perfect (and practical) décor accents.

Designers Guild | Palasini Plum Wallpaper


Palasini Plum wallpaper by Designers Guild

Renowned textiles company Designers Guild has made its reputation in the design world by using colors similar to this year’s Ultra Violet for a long time. Makes sense, as they are based in the UK, where residents are known for using bright palettes to cheer up their gray, dreary days. Choose one of any number of available fabrics and wallpapers from our design center and get ready to live like the Queen (or King, man). 

And be sure to check out a few more of our favorite ideas and ways to utilize this color on our brand new Pantone COTY 2018 Pinterest Board.  

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The Inspired Palette: Healthy Eating

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Healthy Eating (Small)

Healthy eating is more than just the latest trend--it's become a full-blown way of life, incorporating select ingredients with exceptional nutritional benefits.

We can't help but notice that many of the popular "super-foods" at the forefront of this movement aren't just good for you--they're amazingly colorful as well!  We're officially inspired.  Hence, we've assembled a palette of refreshing shades motivated by some of the foods that everyone and their gym trainer are talking about.


Organic Green


1. Avocado | Organic Green (6732) by Sherwin Williams

Color: So we know that green is all the rage this year (Pantone's Color of the Year: Greenery).  This particular shade is a little more laid back, leaving you feeling calm and confident, yet still willing to tackle a bit of adventure.

Food: Avocados are surely one of the cornerstones of a healthy diet.  Their mild flavor profile makes them extremely versatile in how they can be used.  We can't really think of anything with avocado that isn't good for you.  Quite literally, the perfect food.



2. Sweet Potato & Turmeric Root | Exuberance (17-1349) by Pantone

Color: A brand new color for Pantone in 2017, featured in their Fashion + Home Color Guide.  Contemporary yet rustic.  Reassuring, strong and steadfast.  Instantly bring warmth, depth and coziness to a space.  An excellent choice to pair with animal prints or themes.

Food: Sweet potatoes are ranked right at the top of the "healthy food" chart, packed with fiber and charged with all of the right vitamins to fuel a productive body. Turmeric root (the ingredient that makes ground Cumin yellow...but more beneficial in raw form) is another magical food with an ever-growing list of health benefits, including kidney and cognitive functions.

All White

3. Coconut | All White (No. 2005) by Farrow & Ball

Color:  Our favorite white from our favorite paint manufacturer, Farrow & Ball.  Soft, clean and illuminating.  We love how true this color is, showing no hints of green, blue or pink that a lot of other whites display. 

Tip: Please don't use those "generic" whites already stocked on the shelves!  You'll appreciate the results of making a more educated color decision, even when it comes to the basic colors.

Food:  We're pretty loco for coconuts.  Coconut milk lattes, coconut cream & curried dishes, coconut water...you name it!  This should be in everyone's diet on at least a weekly basis.  Shredded coconut is great when mixed with granola, too. 


Rococco Red


4. Pomegranate | Rococco Red (18-1652) by Pantone

Color:  Bold, juicy and ripe with possibilities.  Keep things fun and colorful by pairing with pinks and oranges.  Nicely contrasts with black or white, and compliments natural-finished materials.  Reds are great for areas where people tend to congregate, as they promote conversation and appetite.  On that note...

Food: Amongst the healthiest fruits on the planet, the seeds so densely crammed within each pomegranate are full of more nutrients than you might imagine.  If you don't have the patience to dissect them by hand, go for the juice instead!


Dust Pink


5. Salmon & Melon | Dust Pink (2013-40) by Benjamin Moore

Color:  Warm and dreamy.  Vibrant without being too bold.  This family of colors is easily incorporated into coastal-themed decor.  It also pairs well with greens and earthy tones, thanks to its terracotta-like qualities.

Food:  We like these foods because they're light, yet filling and nourishing. Nothing like a fresh slice of cantaloupe with breakfast, or refreshing midday snack.  And whenever we're having salmon as our entree, we just feel like we're doing something right! 


Golden Orchards


6.  Egg Yolk | Golden Orchards (329) by Benjamin Moore Classics

Color:  Warm, golden rays of sunshine.  We guarantee you'll feel the happiness that this color radiates.  This is one of those colorful neutrals that pairs well with so many things.

Food:  Egg yolks (contrary to more recent beliefs!) contain all of the right fatty acids, so long as they are sourced from chickens raised in a stress-free, healthy environment.  Skip the grocery store, and connect with a neighbor or local farmer doing things the responsible way.  Mutually beneficial for everyone involved--chickens included!

Blue Atoll

7.  Water | Blue Atoll (16-4535) by Pantone

Color:  Can a color be both relaxing and energizing at the same time?  Well, this one is.  The perfect shade for creating a cool 'island-vibe' or giving a contemporary refresh to traditional coastal and oriental themes.

Food:  We can't think of too many natural blue-colored edibles, so we went with the all-important H2O.  Always stay well-hydrated!

Summary:  For a boost of energy and inspiration, give one of these foods or colors a try (or both!).  Here's to a colorful life--full of health and happiness!


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Color Preview 2017: Pantone’s ‘Greenery’

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Pantone recently announced their “Color of the Year” for 2017, entitled Greenery, and by their own admission it was a total no-brainer.  Although it may have flown slightly under the radar up until this point, once you've seen it for yourselves, its pervasiveness should quickly become evident.  Just take a moment to look around.  Serious.  We'll do it together...!

From the vantage point on this end, I immediately see a mousepad, polka-dotted seat cushion, colored paperclip and striped stationary; all shades of yellow-green and very close relatives to the appointed Greenery.  What do you see?  (Feel free to comment below.)  Perhaps a Granny Smith apple, tablet cover or tupperware lid?  Maybe you're that guy or girl with their very own in-office putting green.  Lucky you!  (Clovers are green too, btw.)


Pantone Greenery

 Pantone | Greenery (15-0343)


Undoubtedly, this was a major part in Pantone’s decision-making, as this “tone” has become such a wildly popular choice for companies and manufacturers in the past 10 years. International brands like Starbucks, BP and Holiday Inn all use some form of green in their logos. And even local companies such as Hill’s Café and their JMX juice line have used it to highlight the natural, healthy features of their products, in addition to biodegradable and recycled packaging content. It is representative of money (ca$h), go (green light) and synonymous with the eco-friendly movement.  Summed-up in the words of Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute--“symbolic of the age we’re living in”.

Green Juice

In the interior design realm, one of our favorite colors has always been lime green--a very close cousin to Greenery. Over the years, we have always been compelled to work this into our home designs and store vignettes (just drive by our store windows, browse our portfolio, or peruse our Instagram feed). We find it happy and energetic, whilst also calming and restorative!


Showroom 2

 Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design


Green can be a great color year-round for its warmth and vitality, whether used primarily or accentually. It serves to bring a bit of nature indoors, and will also complement your existing potted plant life quite well. Want a pop of color that injects new life into your existing coastal-theme? Blue and green are a classic combination, and give that comfortable Polo or preppy understated-swagger to a room. It’s also not gender-specific, so it can safely be used to decorate a new baby’s nursery, whether it’s a boy or girl.



Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design

Wooters Project

Design Project | Dwelling & Design


Some more quotes from Laurie Pressman (VP of the Pantone Color Institute) during Pantone’s latest Color of the Year announcement:

“Green signifies the 1st sign of Spring…and compels us to express, explore and experiment.”

“Green is forward-thinking in the sense of not just eating avocados, but applying avocados.”

“It indicates self-assurance, success and happiness.”

“Green is Nature’s neutral.”

“(The color green) has been proven to slow our hearts’ production of stress hormones.”

“(Green implores us to) work in tandem with natural forces in the environment…and connect with something greater than ourselves.”


 Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design


It also stands in stark contrast to last year’s selections—Rose Quartz and Serenity. And yes, in 2016 there were two ‘Colors of the Year’ (actually, the only time since COTY’s inception in 2001 that they’ve doubled-up). But sure enough, to help carry over those colors in seamless & ingenious fashion, Pantone has offered a very useful (and attractive!) ‘Transitional Palette’. After all, it would be kind of silly and impractical to completely start over with a blank canvas each year, just to keep up with the latest trends!


Pantone 2017 Transitions

 Pantone | Transitions Palette 2017


So, needless to say, we are very excited at the prospect of utilizing this color in a broader scope, now that it is receiving even more recognition. If you are interested in adding or expounding upon this color within your own domain—we are more than eager to help you do just that!


Dwelling & Design

For directions to our store and design center, click here.


Showroom 3

Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design

John Steiner Artwork

Original Artwork by John Steiner | Dwelling & Design

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Pantone - Color(s) of the Year?

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Here in the D&D store and design studio, we recently got into the discussion about “colors of the year”, and specifically the company known for debuting them right before the calendar flips over each year — Pantone.  So we asked ourselves — How do they choose them?  Are we and/or our clients, utilizing them in any projects at all?  I mean, is there any relevancy when it comes to the real design world?

[Pantone is the authority. Let’s put it this way — Actual COUNTRIES refer to them when choosing colors for their flags.]


As you can imagine, a fun & lively discussion ensues whenever someone pops loaded questions like these around here.  The answers are a mixed bag, and our designers expressed their own opinions, along all points of the spectrum.  Let’s talk about it.


The last question, ‘Why?’ is easy — to generate conversation (which definitely worked!) and recognition for Pantone, who have put themselves at the forefront of the color world and assumed the lead in broaching the subject.  Pantone, which surprisingly just started the annual tradition at the turn of this century (2000 was the first year… and of course you’re going to ask, so it was Cerulean Blue;), has no doubt put in the time and research of knowing all about Color.  They pretty much boast the largest color wheel ever (fact!).  


For example, if you have ever flipped thru one of their paint-chip fan decks, it is rather remarkable — ‘is this color blue or purple?’… ‘is that a pale yellow or khaki?’… ‘how many fire-engine reds do you really need to choose from??’  Questions like these pop into the minds of color enthusiasts & professionals everywhere.  


[Fun fact:  When the company first began, it primarily printed samples for cosmetics companies.]


So HOW are they chosen?  Well, funny you should ask.  There is indeed a thesis behind each company/executive decision.  Let’s go back to the year 1999, when Pantone was introducing the whole COTY idea for the new millennium.  Their reasoning was that 2000 would usher in a new era of…… wait for it…… World Peace.


"Psychologically, gazing at a blue sky brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "Sky blue is imprinted in our psyches as a retiring, quiescent color. Surrounding yourself with Cerulean blue could bring on a certain peace because it reminds you of time spent outdoors, on a beach, near the water - associations with restful, peaceful, relaxing times. In addition, it makes the unknown a little less frightening because the sky, which is a presence in our lives every day, is a constant and is always there. That's the dependability factor of blue."

Man!  We genuinely applaud the vision & idealism.  To give them due credit, they also tempered this with a mindfulness of the water issues we could well be facing as a result of human pollution and consumption in the 21st century.  Hey, we can all dream and still be realists too, right?

Judging from the research we did on this subject, there is a digestive process involved upon introduction of each annual color.  It is first collectively viewed and accepted by the masses through a “power of suggestion” design campaign launched by Pantone, intended to inspire new uses for the specific shade.  (This is also greatly aided with the advent of subjects/topics “going viral” and quickly uploading to an iPhone near you.)  They will also throw in a dash of familiarity by showcasing existing or traditional ways of implementing the color.

It is therefore almost a “chicken-or-the-egg” scenario where you are left wondering if they influenced you, or the other way around.  An interesting paradox that will leave you debating for the next 30 seconds or so, but we digress.  (How, about that power of suggestion, huh??)

It essentially takes a few years before the chosen colors fully circulate and reemerge “household popularity-wise”, but the influence sure enough spreads.  If visual repetition & recognition occur due to a color being deemed important, businesses and consumers both take notice.


[Above picture is intended to be funny… but true!]


So the answer is YES… we have already used this color before, whichever it may be (and we could be helping to set the trend in a Jungian ‘unconsciously-aware’ sort ‘o way) and yes, we will most likely be using these colors again.  We are diverse and open-minded, what can we say? 

To get back to basics, we can explain our own D&D mindsets and methods in a practical way.  We totally are believers in colors evoking certain feelings or emotions, similar to the seasons changing.  Oranges & reds are warm (and some who paint their kitchens or dining rooms believe they encourage “appetite”).  Yellow is cheerful and energizing.  Green is soothing, and sometimes refreshing, while symbolizing Nature.  White is clean and pure, etc.  However, one of Don & Fiona’s angles is that no one should necessarily “buy-in” to another person’s ideas just for popularity’s sake.  Similar to art, we always want to leave room for interpretation with our clients.  We encourage doing exactly that which inspires and feels good to you!  We all have our own stories & connections to colors… it is simply our job to help you paint that picture!


[Dwelling & Design Store Showroom – Easton, MD]


For the record, the 2016 Colors of the Year are Rose Quartz and Serenity (of course tying-in with their pursuit & wishes of tranquility).  Hey, when your entire world is literally a rainbow, who can blame Pantone for always working towards a pot of gold?



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