Event Recap: Holiday Tablesettings Workshop

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We recently hosted a Holiday Tablesettings Workshop including table decorating, tips for entertaining and how-to demonstrations. We invited some of the most creative professionals we know to collaborate and share ideas for the upcoming holidays. 

Featuring David Wunderlich of Juliska, Carolyn Lasako of Kari Rider Events, Amy Wilkins of Monteray Farms, Eunice Kim-Port of Surcee Calligraphy and local spirits distributor, Hair 'O The Dog, who provided champagne for the evening.

Photography provided by Melissa Grimes-Guy.

Enjoy a few photos and recap of the event!

Fiona Weeks and Don Wooters, co-owners of Dwelling & Design and co-hosts of the evening, greeting all in attendance, and sharing the evening's itinerary.

Carolyn Lasako, Studio Manager of Kari Rider Events (@kaririderevents), made sure everyone had flutes of champagne comfortably in-hand. 'Bubbly Bar' signature drink recipes included Blood Orange and Cranberry Prosecco with blackberries, rosemary sprigs and pomegranate seeds for seasonal garnish. The rosemary was fragrantly delicious!

KRE's dining table personalization, in the form of name cards and menus, conveyed a perfectly intimate setting for any special occasion. Local, festive accessories included ‘found’ items such as oyster shells and magnolia leaves. Also featured--for those in the giving spirit—small gift boxes and miniature champagne bottles, each adorned with handwritten calligraphic tags.

Surcee Calligraphy (@surceecalligraphy) provided the golden ink for all of the table’s stunning stationary. Owner/artist Eunice Kim-Port was in attendance to share her stories of how she makes the lettering come alive.

Amy Wilkins of Monteray Farms (@monterayfarms) filled the store with an abundance of freshly cut flowers and stunning centerpieces—both large and small—for nearly every table within the store.


Amy Wilkins demonstrating how to fill decorative vessels with an exciting variety of floral elements. With Amy, diversity and texture are the name of the game. Introducing local and eclectic elements like sorghum and purple bean-pods, she pushes the envelope of style and composition with every arrangement. She grows much of what she uses in fields and greenhouses on her local Trappe, MD based farm.

Some of the items she brought along (that you might be able to find in your own backyard!) included: deer antlers, oyster shells, driftwood, and winter vegetables, such as radishes, carrots and gourds. Amy’s advice to forage nearby areas for interesting and different pieces brought a collective ‘aha!’ moment from those in attendance, who were delighted by the simple, charming idea.

David Wunderlich of popular diningware and glassware company Juliska (@juliskaofficial). Their fun and stylish collections of diningware and glassware truly set the tone for any occassion.  Spreading the message that we should “celebrate everyday”, he showcased many new and popular Juliska collections, including:

  • Berry & Thread; with its’ iconic berry stamp; available in multiple colors
  • Country Estate; red, blue and flint-colored toile countryside designs
  • Firenze; a fluid, marbling-inspired pattern with striking lines and coloration
  • Reindeer Games; whimsically-detailed, holiday themed artwork detailing
  • Santa’s reindeer playing games like polo, skiing, and the sorts

Every piece of Juliska is unique, as they strive to impart a handmade feeling by embracing a "perfectly-imperfect" methodology. Mixing and matching of the various collections is encouraged and highly recommended! 

The table is our gathering place, shared with family and friends during the holidays—so this year create a setting that will be truly unforgettable!


Dwelling & Design


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Holiday Tablesettings Workshop

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Holiday Tablesettings Workshop

The table is our gathering place, shared with family and friends during the holidays—so this year create a setting that will be truly unforgettable! Join us as we host a special workshop featuring the talents of a few of our favorite companies getting their festive on!

Look forward to tips and inspiration aplenty as they showcase their own, unique expertise when it comes to the art of planning, designing and decorating tables perfectly primped for the holidays. 

Also, be sure to take advantage of event-exclusive promotions. Plus, GWP for spending $250 or more on Juliska products (first 25 purchases only).

Juliska offers functional and beautiful artisanal glassware, tableware, lighting and home accessories. Representative David Wunderlich will be in-store telling Juliska’s compelling L’Amour et Savoir Vivre story and decorating with their extensive line of products, including the newest 2017 Fall/Winter releases. Come see and learn how to layer and build each place setting for a most elegant (and epic!) celebration this upcoming holiday season.

Meet Carolyn Lasako, Studio Manager for Kari Rider Events, as she shares their celebrated expertise for planning your next special event. She’ll reveal how a well-curated presentation combined with a few thoughtful details can make all the difference in crafting your next memorable experience. Point of emphasis includes dressing tables with artistic calligraphy on namecards and menus.

Monteray Farms and owner Amy Wilkens will demonstrate their hands-on approach for creating the perfect centerpieces, using wildly colorful and creative floral arrangements. Come see how their expansive, farm-grown varieties can be used to tie all of the elements together within any setting, and add the finishing touches that take your special occasion to the next level. 

We will be serving hors d'oeuvres, as well as signature cocktails by Kari Rider Events, from 4-6 pm.  

Please RSVP for this event here.  We look forward to seeing you!

Once registered, you’ll be entered to win a FREE floral arrangement from Monteray Farms, as well as one FREE item from Juliska (up to $100 value), both awarded that evening.

Special Juliska discounts & GWP promotions run all day Friday & Saturday. 

Juliska Event 2016 - Karena Dixon Photography

Juliska Tablesetting. Photography by Karena Dixon.



Founded in 2001, Juliska first began with an assortment of 40 historic, mouth-blown Bohemian glasses. Today, Juliska makes hundreds of items in over a dozen categories for the table and home, all inspired by the joy of bringing people together and helping create a happy home. They believe in savoring the moment, loving your life, being bold, making your own rules and always finding reasons to celebrate!

Kari Rider Events

Since 2009, Kari Rider Events has been offering a collaborative approach to event planning and design. Using strengths in management, organization and styling, their team transforms each client’s vision into a carefully designed custom event. Visit their downtown Easton, Maryland studio and showroom—a place where inspiration and hands-on collaboration unite to streamline and enhance the planning process for clients and vendors alike.

Kari Rider Events website.

Monteray Farms

Monteray Farms creates their floral bouquets and designs on the family’s farm, located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. They maintain a small, exclusive shop in order to provide a personal, hands-on experience. Their designs are known for their freshness in quality and design, using an abundance of varieties and texture. They prefer to think of their customers as friends, not jobs. Visit them by appointment only.

Monteray Farms website.


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Brand Focus: Juliska

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Karena Dixon | Dwelling & Design | Juliska Event

Featuring Q & A with Juliska Sales Representative David Wunderlich

 If you haven’t visited the store recently, the showrooms at Dwelling & Design are all decked-out with seasonal flourishes for the upcoming holidays. One of the brands that has provided incredible inspiration with these decorating endeavors is Juliska and their brand new releases, which include some of the most out-of-this-world tablesettings we’ve laid eyes on. On the contrary to our over-the-moon ecstasy however, you will find that their product line centers around an intuitive old-world understanding and has established itself on a very organic and artisanal down-to-earth level.


At the heart of the matter


Whilst making plans for unveiling the new vignettes, we contacted our friend and Juliska sales representative David Wunderlich. Aside from being one of the most fun, enthusiastic and life-loving professionals we have the special privilege of knowing, he’s a design-enthusiast and has a bevy of knowledge and insight to share with anyone interested in the subject.

During a special in-store visit by David (we took him up on his offer, since we’re kind-of obsessed with this sort of thing!), he guided us through a wonderful tutorial session, providing an in-depth perspective on this innovative, yet traditional company whose popularity continues to grow. We were quite engaged during the presentation, and couldn’t help but marvel at all of the interesting details regarding Juliska’s manufacturing principles, creative processes, European-influence, and general history of commerce and evolution within this industry!

We’d like to, in turn, share some of this amazing story with you! We asked David questions about the company, as well as his excitement with design and how he channels this energy around the holidays. We hope you enjoy!


Discussion with David

D&D: You explained that Juliska pieces are intentionally made to be “perfectly imperfect”. Can you give us some insight into the design & thought process that founders David & Capucine Gooding use to make these creations come to life? 

DW: Well, they are on a deliberate mission. Really to create a look that celebrates imperfect beauty… with special attention paid to the details, such as subtle glazing, textures and design that gives an appearance of soulfulness. They really strive for each piece to have its own identity of sorts, and to convey very “careful qualities” – after all, each piece is made by an actual, unique human being. These are devoted artists and artisans who take a lot of pride in what they do. The finished product is a reflection of those things – each with its own priceless personality.

 Karena Dixon | Dwelling & Design | Juliska Event

D&D: Juliska dinnerware pieces are certainly gorgeous for serving… but they are also intended for baking as well! What makes them so durable and able to withstand hot oven temperatures?

DW: The attractive qualities of these pieces are beyond skin-deep. Juliska is known for seamlessly blending beautiful designs with quality functionality.  Actually, while giving the impression of being fragile or delicate, there is a very tough and resilient foundation below the surface. Allow me to try and explain…

All “fired” Juliska pieces are considered “stoneware”; and yes, this is a very specific term and it must undergo a specific process to be labeled as such. Unlike “earthenware”, whose ranks include terracotta and most pottery, the aforementioned stoneware endures higher temperatures while being fired (1100-1300 degrees Celsius), and undergoes something called ‘vitrification’ while cooling, where all of the materials combine into one. The piece is now transformed and composed of a much more durable material (i.e. harder and less “chip-able”).  

So, basically, you have the advantage of preparing, baking and serving in the same vessel (and then that same vessel can be popped into the dish washer!)  Their products inspire incredible thoughtfulness—such as—to make a batch of your favorite muffins using their muffin pan and deliver the entire “package” to a friend or family member… best when still warm from the oven!

D&D: What makes you so passionate about Juliska?

DW: First of all, because it is so relevant to everyday life. Their vast assortment of dinnerware, glassware and table accessories allow you to make everyday life more special. It stands the test of modern families, their busy schedules and is there as a reliable and comforting assurance that the moments we too-often take for granted are preserved and waiting for us at the end of the day. And when we open our homes to share with company, it adds warmth to each occasion and facilitates experiences that are memorable.

Karena Dixon | Dwelling & Design | Juliska Event

D&D: What is most rewarding about what you do?

DW: I love introducing someone new who isn’t familiar with these products, completely unaware… and brightening their day unexpectedly!  I love the success stories, like your store for instance.  It wasn’t too long ago that you were carrying just a few pieces, and now you’re displaying and selling a large part of the entire collection. And it’s events like these that allow people the opportunity to really see what Juliska offers and to partake in the experience themselves.  

Dwelling & Design | Juliska Event | Karena Dixon Photography

D&D: What is your favorite part when it comes to decorating for the holiday season?

DW: Innovation. Creativity. Presentation. I recently went to the local fabric store to find materials for decorating my house this season. I wanted to create beautiful curtains that acted as backdrops for the holiday festivities. And I suddenly saw things from the perspective of being a “stage”… so I was “setting the stage”, so-to-speak, for all of these wonderful things to transpire.  And I view entertaining almost as a performance. It is definitely an artform in its own right.

Dwelling & Design | Juliska Event | Karena Dixon Photography 

Holiday Cheers,

Dwelling & Design


Photography | Karena Dixon Photography


To continue the conversation and learn more about Juliska, please visit us at Dwelling & Design. We’ll give you that hands-on experience and show you a great selection of products they offer, including tablesettings essentials (stoneware, glassware, flatware and textiles) as well as functional décor and fine lighting options.

Juliska is guided by the phrase “L’Amour et Savoir Vivre”; meaning “Love the art of living well”.  We look forward to collectively helping you enjoy the holiday season and beyond!




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ONE DAY ONLY. Special Sale Pricing & Gift Incentives during our Juliska Event w/ David Wunderlich.

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Join us for our Juliska Tablesettings Event w/ David Wunderlich on Friday, Nov. 4th from 2-6pm and take advantage of the following sale pricing and promotions:  

25% OFF All Juliska purchases 
20% OFF All Le Jacquard Français purchases

In-stock and Special orders. ONE DAY ONLY Sale.

Including FREE Gift Incentives*:

Juliska Santa's Crest Plate

Santa's Crest Plate by Juliska.

Spend $150 or more and receive the "Santa's Crest" plate (exclusive event-only item; not for sale).

Juliska Chip & Dip Bowl
Chip & Dip Bowl by Juliska.

Spend $500 or more and receive the Juliska "Chip & Dip" serving platter (retail price $95.00)

(*FREE Gift incentives for Juliska purchases only.)

Plus, register to win an exclusive Juliska door prize!  
Juliska Forest Walk Tablesetting
Forest Walk Tablesetting by Juliska.
For a further description of this event, click here.  
Refreshments will be served.  
Please bring a friend... we hope to see you!

For more information or to request a Juliska Catalog, please feel free to contact us.

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An Ode To The Setting Summer Sun

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Dwelling & Design’s recent showroom tablesetting utilizes coastal elements, as well as warm & vibrant orange, to celebrate end of Summer and set the stage for the upcoming Fall season.

For this feature, we highlight a dining table decorated in a summer coastal theme. Along with classic blue and white, another color is brought into the fold, adding a warm and lively new dynamic. This usage of orange is in-part dedicated to “the setting summer sun” and those precious remaining days at the beach, or wherever your favorite vacation spot may be.

Summer Coastal Settings 1

The fluid, paisley pattern of the tablecloth almost resembles the water’s surface reflecting the setting summer sun.

The injection of orange adds that “juicy punch of color” for which Fiona Newell Weeks is known to feature in her interior design work. This pairing with blue and white also showcases Don Wooters’ flair for adding sleek twists to traditional styling.

“Orange is both a summer and autumnal color, so this setting dovetails nicely from one season into the next, and has the advantage of longevity moving towards the end of year.”

Summer Coastal Setting 2

The positive glow and warmth brought to the table with the addition of this color speaks volumes.

Concurring with Fiona’s insight on the choice of pairings, Don adds, “the addition of orange updates the classic coastal theme and lends a bit of sophistication… it then opens things up for pairings with different home décor elements”.

Summer Coastal Setting 4

The coastal diningware featured in this tablesetting has both form and function, including this beautiful serving platter by Juliska and deep blue pearlescent salad tongs by Sabré Paris.

Featuring simple & clean textile prints on the linens; plates with subtle, yet interesting details; colorful, contemporary flatware; festive glassware; fun fish accessories; tall, elegant candlesticks with a warm, rustic/natural element; primitive yet artsy salad bowl & tongs. Let’s not forget the long farm-style table with wicker seating that yet again brings a charming outdoor element to your inner sanctuary.

Fiona and Don add, “this setting was very fun to create, with the different animal elements adding personality. We wanted to make it lively, and encourage conversation around the table by adding interesting conversation pieces.”

Summer Coastal Setting 5

For those looking to transition their home décor for the upcoming fall season, stop in-store and we will gladly introduce you to a variety of settings options amongst our available lines, coupled with useful tips and suggestions, based on your style and preferences.

 Summer Coastal Setting 5


Fiona & Don

Dwelling & Design


 Upcoming Event featuring Juliska

Mark your calendar for Friday, November 4th, as we will be hosting a very special event featuring David Wunderlich of Juliska. He will guide attendees through the creation of elegant & epic dining-table displays and provide colorful inspiration for hosting during the upcoming holiday season.

We will have special offers available on Juliska products during this event.

Please visit our website www.dwellinganddesign.com for more details and upcoming registration for this event.




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