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Ideas & Inspiration: Outdoor Settings Pt. 1

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Since it's that sunshine-celebrating time of year, we thought we’d explore some of the most exciting and practical ways to transform your outdoor area into "party central", "relaxation station", or whatever vibe you might be going for.  Whether pool-front, waterfront, green-grassy acres or garden bonanza, there are plenty of options to enhance and optimize your exterior spread. [Photograph © Fiona Newell Weeks] We're talking about woven all-weather wicker, ethically-harvested teak frames, heirloom-worthy aluminum, versatile “grid” geometric seating, illuminating lanterns, Parasol canopies, palm planter boxes, hard-as-nails ceramic table tops, retro chaise-on-wheels, and peanut tables, just to name a few.   Any of those strike your fancy...or...

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