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Labor Day Essentials

Posted on August 28, 2018 | 0 comments


Sometimes it only takes one or two items to create a theme, complete a spread, and elevate the entire party. Combining casual and classy—perfect for your Summer send-off celebrations!

Julie Vos Jewelry


Shop new collections including Catalina, Florentine and Valencia by Julie Vos. Whether fancy or casual, perfect for any occasion!

Photo courtesy of Julie Vos.

Juliska Al Fresco


Enjoy carefree outdoor entertaining with the Al Fresco collections by Juliska. Made of melamine and acrylic, this is where durability meets design!

Photo courtesy of Juliska.

Designers Guild Towels


Whether hitting the beach, lounging by the pool, or stocking extra towels for house guests, these colorful towels are exactly what you want.

Photo courtesy of Designers Guild.

Paper Lanterns TC Company


A fun and easy way to add ambiance to any gathering, inside or out! Package contains 3 different lanterns with assorted patterns and sizes.

Photo courtesy of TC Company.

August Cocktail Napkins


A splash of humor (and sophistication) to go with your cocktail. Plus, extra points for conscientiousness in using cotton napkins that are reusable!

Photo courtesy of August Organ.

Jaye's Studio Placemats


Your guests will be drawn to these handpainted metal placemats like a magnet! Articulate your table settings with different colors and designs. As seen in the latest issue of Traditional Home magazine.

Photo courtesy of Jaye's Studio.


Jute Bags TC Company


Coastal-themed jute bags perfect for carrying all of the Labor Day essentials!

Photo courtesy of TC Company.

Have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!  Be safe!


Dwelling & Design

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September Annual LEE Upholstery Sale

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If you've been thinking about purchasing new furniture, now is the time during our biggest upholstered furniture sale of the year! 

In-Stock. Take 50% OFF (MSRP) all LEE brand furniture in the showroom. 

Special Orders. Design it yourself and take an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF on our already discounted (20%OFF MSRP) Special Order pricing. 

Why LEE Brand Furniture?

LEE is committed to manufacturing Earth-friendly products using sustainable processes by people who care about the environment.

LEE stands behind all of their products--handcrafted and built to last for generations, under normal use.

100% made in the USA.

Watch 'Behind the Design', filmed at the LEE Industries manufacturing facility, detailing the process, passion and craftsmanship behind every piece of furniture they create.

The Annual LEE Upholstered Furniture Sale begins Saturday, September 1st and continues thru Saturday, September 29th.

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Project Focus: The Dixon House

Posted on August 01, 2018 | 1 comment

Quietly nestled in downtown Easton is an establishment with a reputation for outstanding elderly care. Ascending the steps of the spacious front porch and entering through the front door, you’ll be greeted with welcoming smiles on the faces of everyone you encounter at The Dixon House, both residents and staff alike.

There is a sense of pride and optimism at The Dixon House—attributes which have long endured since the doors first opened in 1910. “It’s always been group housing, and it’s continuing to serve that purpose,” says Linda Elben, executive director of The Dixon House. “We feel it is our duty to carry on the tradition of hospitality within this building. That includes providing a family-like atmosphere, and comfortable facilities and surroundings.”

To that end, as of late last year, the establishment underwent an entire first-floor interior design renovation. Don Wooters of Dwelling & Design was hired to help guide the project in the right direction. ‘Rejuvenation’ might be a better description, with all-new wallpapering, carpeting, light fixtures and furniture adorning the facility.

Dixon House Lobby

Lobby Seating Area

Entry Chandelier

“We designed and decorated in a colorful, transitional style, that was both mindful of the residents and in keeping with the nature of the building. We were able to accomplish a look that is manor-like rather than commercial or institutional, ” commented Don Wooters, interior designer and co-owner of Dwelling & Design.

Dining Room


Moving forward, “significant effort was made in updating it to compete and keep up with newer facilities on the Shore,” adds Wooters. Areas of the facility receiving the new interior design treatment include: lobby/seating area, dining room, "Day" room, central hallways, business offices, wellness center and salon. 


Dixon House Salon

"Dwelling & Design did a wonderful job maintaining the old Victorian feel of the house with the designs and colors that were chosen," comments Linda Elben. “We feel that this is really the closest to home that someone can be in the later stages of life.”

"There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction working on a project like this," says Wooters. "We are grateful to have worked with this exemplary local establishment and hope that its residents and employees enjoy the benefits of their surroundings for many years to come."


Dwelling & Design


Before & After Photos:

Dining Room 

Business Office


Wellness Center


Project Design Renderings:

"Dining Room"

"Day Room"


Additional ‘Dixon House’ Article links:

The Talbot Spy (November 28, 2017)

Senior Nation: Updating Dixon House with Residents in Mind

The Talbot Spy (August 8, 2017)

Senior Life: Dixon House on the Trail

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8 Attractive Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics for the Active Household

Posted on June 26, 2018 | 0 comments

We want it all. The style and luxury of the finest woven fabrics. But that's not nearly enough. We want spill-resistance, like in those “glass of red wine” commercials. And we need to be able to leave our furniture outside in the elements for a week and have it still look as good as when it first left the factory.  

Ok, what else? How about able to endure 50,000 double-rubs with 1,500 hours of lightfastness. Is that asking too much?

Good news—these demanding requirements are practically becoming the norm nowadays. Technology is rapidly advancing in the textiles industry too. Companies realize the investment made in furniture by consumers with children and pets (adults can be hard on furniture too, admit it!) and that they need it to hold up under all sorts of precarious situations. In other words, hope for the best but definitely be prepared for the worst!

So yes, we can have our cupcake and eat it too, and easily clean the icing off the cushions. No biggie.

Here’s a collection of 8 different indoor/outdoor options that we think are pretty attractive—not only for their patterns—but for the priceless peace of mind they offer in addition.

(Disclaimer: All of the following fabric samples are rated for indoor/outdoor use. However, please consult individual fabric specifications for durability ratings and recommended usage. All photos courtesy of respective designers.)

Holly Hunt | Vinyasa, Golden Sun

Holly Hunt | Vinyasa, Golden Sun

With a sterling reputation and impeccable taste, Holly Hunt continues to shine across the interior design realm, and Golden Sun is the perfect example of that.

Content: 100% solution-dyed acrylic

Specs: Stocked with stain repellant finish; kid-proof; easy to clean; non-fade.

Pindler | Pescador, Haze

Pindler | Pescador, Haze

From Pindler’s Sunbelievable Collection (love that name!). We also love their subdued sense of style that hits all the right notes.

Content: 61% solution dyed all-weather acrylic; 39% solution dyed poly exclusive design

Specs: Mildew & fade resistant; soil & stain resistant; 50,000 double rubs; 1500 hours lightfastness.

Fabricut | Bella Dura

FABRICUT | Bella Dura, Maggie, Azalea 

This whimsical, geometrical pattern is begging to be paired with other design elements and decor accessories (mountains, wind chimes, etc.). 

Content: 100% Bella Dura 

Specs: Indoor/outdoor; water, soil & stain repellant finish; mildew resistant; 1,500 hours light fastness; exceeds 65,000 Double Rubs (Wyzenbeek Method); 5 year warranty; exclusive pattern. (#fabricutfind)

Thibaut | Oasis, Spa Blue

Thibaut | Oasis, Spa Blue

This woven graphic adds just enough interest and texture while retaining all of the soothing and calm qualities desired.

Content: 100% Sunbrella acrylic

Specs: Proprietary water and stain repellent finish.

Perennials | French Lilac Fabric

PERENNIALS – Go To Stripe, French Lilac Fabric

Absolutely in love with this dreamy, classic French stripe. The definition of timeless.

Content: 100% solution-dyed acrylic

Specs: Indoor/outdoor; Perennials NanoSeal Finish.

Schumacher | Sarong Weave

Schumacher | Sarong Weave, Grey

This block-print inspired, tiny quatrefoile pattern has style and comfort written all over it.

Content: 100% solution-dyed acrylic

Specs: Indoor/outdoor; 6 year lightfastness.

Kravet | Ritme Marine

Kravet | Ritme, Marine

This fun, bohemian-inspired design will work beautifully in any outdoor (or indoor) setting.

Content: 100% Polyolefin

Specs: Indoor/outdoor; water repellent & stain release finish; 50,000 double rubs.


Lee | Novo Natural


Soft neutrals and subtle navy stripes given a distressed treatment. What’s not to love?

Content: 95% Polyester, 5% Olefin

Specs: Outdoor/indoor; stain & fade resistant; 33,000 double rubs; eco-friendly. 

Btw, this is an extremely small sample size! It was incredibly difficult to choose from everything that is out there, but so much fun too. For more, check out our Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics Pinterest page, and of course stop by the store and design center. We can help navigate, if you need it :)



P. S. Need more Summer inspiration? Check out our Styles Inspired by the Outdoors.

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Top 5 Favorite Pieces by Stray Dog Designs

Posted on June 20, 2018 | 0 comments

Stray Dog Designs are immediately recognizable for their fun, eclectic creations in bold, juicy colors. If you've been to our store, seen them in magazines, or own a few pieces already, you know exactly what we're talking about! Here are our 5 favorite pieces by Stray Dog Designs:

Paulina Otomi Pendant

Paulina Otomi Pendant

We love everything about this. The handwoven shade. The thought put into each detail . And the colors, of course. It’s pure handmade beauty.

Billy Goat Side Table

Billy Goat Side Table

What's not to love about this table? The definition of a conversation piece. Gold leaf top to boot!

Joe Weeks Table

Joe Weeks Table

It’s named after our own Fiona's husband Joe! He’s cool like that. And so are Billy and Jane and the crew.

Aly Floor Lamp

Aly Floor Lamp

What do you see everywhere on the Eastern Shore, aside from water? Fields. With corn stalks (or soybeans). It’s part of who we are.

Crab by Stray Dog Designs


Got crabs? Perhaps the single most iconic element on the Shore. And a Dwelling & Design retail exclusive (not available online)!

For more information about this amazing company, read our Brand Focus: Stray Dog Designs, including interview with co-founder and lead designer Jane Gray.

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Brand Focus: Stray Dog Designs

Posted on June 18, 2018 | 3 comments

Glance around the shop and one of the first things you’ll instantly recognize are the colorful creations of Stray Dog Designs. Papier-mâché animal sculptures and nature-inspired home decor dot the periphery with their exuberant presence. You may even spot a large blue crab (although it may not necessarily be blue—perhaps lime green or hot pink!) crawling across a chair or sofa, made exclusively by them for our store here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Beginning as “a collision of free spirits”—including man, woman and dog—Stray Dog Designs have dedicated their time and space in the universe to creating and bringing joy to those around them. Back in the 1990’s, Bill & Jane fell fast in love, eagerly got hitched, and soon met someone who would forever change their lives—La Princessa. This homeless, loveable canine became their adopted first child and also the inspiration for the company to-be.

Family Photo | Stray Dog Designs

Jane, Billy, and the Pritchard family.

While this may be a hasty and inadequate summation of their backstory, they are modest by nature and quick to heap praise upon those around them. These include family and employees in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as well as their "family" of artisans residing in Mexico whom bring a deep sense of culture and craftsmanship to the endeavor. Since day one, they have always expressed their gratitude in having us as a retail partner (we're just as grateful!) and personally handle every inquiry we've ever had.

Stray Dog Postcard

Heck, they even sell a piece of furniture named after Fiona's husband--"The Joe Weeks Table". True story!

We were excited to have the opportunity of asking co-founder and lead designer Jane Gray a few questions about their company, philosophy and general outlook in the design industry. We hope you enjoy this insightful interview, including a few sketches of new product designs by Jane.

Hi Jane! So what are some of your main sources for inspiration?

Inspiration can come from anything, anywhere at anytime. I could be struck by the graphic on a box of cereal or really any type of random nonsense..... but my main source of inspiration is, and has always been, nature. I love a walk in the woods. I love a weed, a weirdly shaped seed pod, a delicate and perfect spring bloom like a snow drop or hyacinth. Trees almost kill me with their beauty (not to mention their pollen ). Creeping caterpillars, twittering birds and hens with their bob-headed trot, cabbages and corn stalks appearing in the garden, etc, etc....I am captivated and inspired by almost everything in the day to day world immediately outside my door.  And travel is also hugely inspirational. Museums, magazines and social media, as well. I'm not a Pinterest stalker or much of a Facebook person but I regularly look at instagram. When my kids' were small, children's books influenced a lot of my designs. 

(Follow Stray Dog Designs on Instagram: @straydogdesigns)

Design sketch, Goose-neck desk lamp by Jane Gray

How do you choose your vibrant and iconic, colorful shades?

I just like a bright, happy punch of color. There is so much gray and beige and tasteful tan out there in the interiors world I think a good pop of cheer here and there is necessary (or, at least, it is for me;)

In an industry that can take itself so seriously, how do you maintain your sense of humor?

Take myself seriously? How could I? Look at my work. I'm never sure why anyone in our industry takes themselves too seriously, for that matter.....we are all in the DESIGN business for heaven's sake. We are not going to cure cancer or end world hunger or provide relief to the suffering in war torn countries with our clever seating arrangements, adorable throw pillows and fabulous light fixtures. And besides... a sense of humor is key. What would we do in this world if we couldn't laugh at ourselves every now and again?

Design sketch, Metal wire sculpture Acorn pendant by Jane Gray

Can you briefly tell us about the skilled artisans who hand craft your items?

Yes, that I can. We work with a lovely group of people in San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico, (a delightfully beautiful colonial town that you should make a point of visiting if you have never been.) The majority of our workshop crew have been with us for twenty years or more. They are hardworking, fun loving, creative problem solvers and naturally artistic. We also use independent artisans around town for some of our work, which allows mothers the flexibility of working out of their own houses at their own pace without sacrificing time with their families.

Can you tell us about any new items we might see in 2018 or down the road?

Yes! We have loads of introductions to roll out this year. We previewed a couple of faves on Insta and got lots of great feedback. We have several new lamp bases in tole, iron and papier mache, we are going to have some new hand painted paper shades and are working hard on rolling out screen printed paper shades, as well. There are several new hanging lights that we are excited about and at least, 5 or 6 new wall sconces. Our lighting category has been far and away our best selling division for the last few years so we really focused there. 

Design sketch, Cone Flower ceiling light by Jane Gray

What do you hope to instill in your children (or anyone else, for that matter!), as a very family-based and conscientious companies?

Work hard...but not so hard that you neglect your family and friends. treat your co-workers, employees and clients with respect and kindness. Have fun...if you don't enjoy your work that is bound to negatively affect other areas of your life. Don't be greedy...the majority of our society's most pressing and acute ills are greed driven, in my opinion. Clearly, I don't have any earth shattering wisdom to impart....it all circles back to what we learned in pre-school. Follow the golden rule, share well with others, and let your light shine!

A couple other cool things to note about Stray Dog Designs: 

    • They use a palette of nine colors--all eco-friendly, low VOC paints by Benjamin Moore.
    • Use recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible.
    • They donate a portion of every sale to organizations that improve lives--both human and animal--through their Stray Giving Program.
    • Check out their other Core Company Principles.

Now can you see why we love this company so much?  Not only are they charming and fun, they're positively setting a conscientious example for operating a business in the 21st century.  



Check out our Top 5 Favorite pieces by Stray Dog Designs.

Crab - Dwelling & Design

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Posted on June 16, 2018 | 1 comment

Dwelling & Design is the winner of What’s Up? Eastern Shore Magazine’s Best Of Eastern Shore 2018 Reader’s Poll for both Furniture Store and Interior Design Service. 

Dwelling & Design co-owners Don Wooters and Fiona Newell Weeks attended the Best Of Party on Thursday, June 14 and received acknowledgment for their awards.

They would like to thank all of their clients and fellow business owners who voted for them this year!

Dwelling & Design previously won Best Home Furnishings Store in 2016, as voted upon by What’s Up Magazine readers.

What's Up Best Of Awards

What's Up Best Of Awards

What's Up - Steve Buchanan

What's Up? - Photography by Steve Buchanan

What's Up? - Steve Buchanan

What's Up? - Photography by Steve Buchanan

What's Up? - Steve Buchanan

What's Up? - Photography by Steve Buchanan

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Interview with PetConnect Member Wendy Grubbs

Posted on June 04, 2018 | 0 comments

Wendy PetConnect

Ahead of our Rescue Pet Event on June 15 & 16, we spoke with PetConnect board member and local “foster parent”, Wendy Grubbs. She currently is parenting four lovable senior dogs in her home near Oxford, MD. She has been with PetConnect since 2016, and has been affectionately caring for animals since she was in kindergarten!

We asked Wendy a few questions to learn more about the organization, the national stray-animal and euthanization epidemic, the solutions, and what they’re focusing on currently in their day-to-day efforts.

What animals do you rescue and help people adopt?

Both animals we currently serve are dogs and cats. For this event, we’re focusing on adoptions for senior canines. 

When did you begin and how many lives have been saved along the way?

Since 2012, PetConnet Rescue (PCR) has been fortunate enough to save between 700-800 dogs and cats annually.  In 2017, we processed approximately 694 adoptions.

How and where do you find the animals you rescue?

Predominately in “kill shelters” located in the South. They have the highest rate of euthanization. It’s over 4,000 animals per day. It really breaks my heart.

Our main goal and priority at the moment is to “swoop-in” at hospice locations and rescue animals where their owners are deceased or no longer able to give care. We want to step-in and completely avoid these animals going to shelters.

What are some of the benefits of adopting an animal who is older?

Well, we personally try to encourage the adoption of seniors over puppies.

Seniors are easier, calmer and the older the person, the better it is for them to own a senior, typically. Also, for people who have kids, in this hectic world, seniors are easier to care for. 

It’s a completely different commitment level, and experience. You’re caregiving. You can spoil them rotten. You’re having fun with them.

What do you say to people afraid to commit to an older pet?

People say “they’re not going to last long” and that’s probably true, but…you’re giving them a happy end of their life. It’s a wonderful “feel-good opportunity” to make sure that these dogs get what they deserve near the end of their lives…which is not dying in a shelter. It’s living with a family, in a loving environment. 

Is it hard every time? Yes. Do you cry every time? Yes. But is it worth it? Absolutely.

When the first senior I adopted had to be put down, it was hard. But later that same day I found myself thinking, “if I get a call to adopt another, I’m going to stop whatever I’m doing and drive to rescue that animal!”…because it is just so worth it. 

Dubya | PetConnect Rescue

Dubya | Former Rescue | PetConnect

What are some of the ways people can support your organization, even if they already have pets?

Order food at Chewy.com (and they’ll donate $20 to PCR). Also, shop Amazon Smile (smile.amazon.com) and you can make purchases as you normally do, but a percentage of each purchase goes to the organization of your choice (please choose us!).

Do you offer any volunteer opportunities for those who are passionate about helping animals?

The absolute best way to help is by becoming a “foster”. You can fill out a foster form on our website (www.petconnectrescue.com). You’ll take one of the animals until a new home is found. We’re completely foster-based, so it’s great when one more person steps-up. Let us know and we’ll send a dog your way.

Hats off to the shelters because without them we’d be nowhere, but the foster-based system has tremendous benefits. It’s usually a brief commitment and you can volunteer one time and be done or continue as you like, it’s totally up to you. But this helps out so much you have no idea.

If potential adopters have specific questions about the adoption process, allowances, etc. where can they find more information?

They can visit www.petconnectrescue.org, where we have tons of information available, including frequenctly asked questions. And feel free to subscribe to our monthly newsletter which contains great rescue stories as well as pictures and names of animals currently looking for homes!

What also sets us apart is the specific information we can provide about each animal. Because our “fosters” spend time with every animal, they can give honest, first-person analysis about animal personality, behavior, etc. This allows us to find close to a perfect fit for potential adopters, because we can match an animal with that person’s lifestyle or preferences. 

For the upcoming event with Dwelling & Design, is there a specific focus? Adoption opportunities?

Yes, for this event we are focusing on the adoption of seniors! Often, these animals are the hardest to find suitors for, but they have so much more life to live!

We’ll bring one or two adoptables on Friday; just so people are around and we can help spread the word. On Saturday I’ll bring my dog, Dubya, and he’ll be a great example to show everyone of the turnaround these animals can experience.

I’m delighted you’re doing this, I really am, and we look forward to seeing everyone this month!


For more information about the Rescue Pet Event hosted by Dwelling & Design, read the Event Announcement and Press Release. For more information about PetConnect, visit www.petconnectrescue.org.

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Rescue Dog Event w/ PetConnect

Posted on May 29, 2018 | 0 comments


Friday June 15 & Saturday June 16

Save on every purchase, while also helping to save a stray!

Take 10% OFF storewide at Dwelling & Design during this event, and in addition, we’ll donate 10% of each purchase to PetConnect Animal Rescue.

Meet the animals! PetConnect Rescue (PCR) will have adoptable senior canines in-store for those who would like to meet the animals firsthand. PCR “foster parents” will be present providing specific information about the animals, adoption process, success stories, volunteer opportunities and more.

For this event, Dwelling & Design will feature animal-friendly fabrics and furnishings (i.e. washable, durable, smart color choices) in our showrooms and design center, providing practical solutions for homeowners and animal lovers.

Dubya | PetConnect

Dubya | Former Rescue | PetConnect

PetConnect Rescue was founded in 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and has evolved into a vibrant animal rescue organization. Their mission is to save the lives of abandoned dogs and cats and place them in loving and permanent homes. All of their rescue animals are spayed and neutered. For more information, visit their website, www.petconnectrescue.org.

Zena | PetConnect

Zena | Former Rescue | PetConnect

Post your “rescue” dog pics on Instagram! Use #SaveAStray #DwellingDogs (and tag us @dwellinganddesign) for a chance to be reposted and also entered to win several prizes from Stray Dog Designs! (Winners will be randomly selected at the end of June.)

Join us for this fun, interactive event to create awareness and support a great cause—because even old dogs deserve new digs!

We hope to see you,

Dwelling & Design

Dwelling & Design | PetConnect Rescue

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Styles Inspired by the Outdoors

Posted on May 21, 2018 | 0 comments

Outdoor Style

A collection of fresh styles perfect for celebrating summertime. You can look forward to enjoying family and entertaining friends both indoors and out with these fab-plus-practical designer offerings. Not just for special occasions, these are ready to be employed all season long.

(Disclaimer: Not all of these products are intended for outdoor usage. Please see Manufacturer’s recommendations and use with own discretion.)

Juliska | Lalana Melamine

Juliska | Lalana Melamine

Photo: Juliska

Refreshing style combined with the durability of melamine equals all the reason in the world to spend time entertaining outdoors. When the weather is beautiful, you now have zero excuses!

Bunakara | Stripes Loveseat

Bunakara | Stripes Loveseat

Photo: Bunakara

 We love the chic, casual style of Bunakara, and this new loveseat just begs to be used on the daily. Having company over? Take these pieces out on the patio for the evening and relax without losing any of the creature comforts outdoors.

John Robshaw

John Robshaw | Ura & Dari Duvet

Photo: John Robshaw

John Robshaw has the magical touch when it comes to textiles. Drawing upon his travelling adventures, he orchestrates perfect combinations of cultural, classical and whimsical. The upscale, casual vibe begs to be used all the time. Discover the world of John Robshaw.

Designers Guild

Designers Guild | Indoor/Outdoor Pillows

Photo: Designers Guild

Casual, carefree pillows with amazing designs to boot. Reversible designs available. These will stay colorful (i.e. fade resistant), crisp (i.e. durable) and looking brand new all the time.

Etu Home | Hurricane Vases

Hurricane Vases

Photo: Etú Home

These sustainably-made hurricane vases are the perfect vessels for sharing the beauty of your gardens or a little light via candle on the porch or patio. Available with gray or navy dipped stripes for those coastal or contemporary spaces.

Le Jacquard Français | Origami

Le Jacquard Français | Wax Mania Linens

Photo: LJF

Reversible, stain-resistant and featuring a wax-coating for true outdoor durability. Your kids will love these fun patterns, your friends will be full of compliments, and best of all, you’ll be in “no worries” mode right out of the gate!

Oyster Shuckers

Oyster Shuckers & Baking Dishes

Because you know you want one, even if you’re not going to use it. They are nostalgic on the Eastern Shore, and really…are you NOT going to use it?? Oyster shooters, anyone?

Textillery Weavers | Sunbrella

Textillery Weavers | Sunbrella | Throws

Photo: Sunbrella

For those cool nights where you just need to take the edge off, these throw blankets are an absolute go-to. Forget to bring it inside? No worries, this Sunbrella fabric has no preference either way.

Company C. | Crab Rug

Company C. | Outdoor Rugs

Photo: Company C

The look and feel of these rugs will have you questioning whether they indeed should be so carelessly left outside. Fear not—they are literally meant to be hosed off (yes!) when so desired. How much easier (and tougher) can you get than that?

Acrylic Tray & Coasters

Acrylic Tray & Coasters

A fun, inexpensive addition to the cocktail bar. Nothing wrong with a little whimsy with friends, and you know a little water (or whatever!) isn’t going to hurt these acrylic accessories. A great hostess gift for those summer party invites!

Here's to spending all the time possible kicking back outdoors and getting the most out of these warmer temps!


Dwelling & Design 

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