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Mother's Day Gift Picks

Posted on May 07, 2018 | 0 comments

A few items available in the shop that will make perfect gifts for that special lady who brought you into the world!


The 2-in-1 hoop earrings in this year’s Catalina Collection by Julie Vos are particular faves of ours. Remove the second hoop for a different look. She’ll appreciate the beauty, simplicity and versatility.

Cost: $110


Choose among the colorful designs Designers Guild is known for, plus these makeup bags are also pretty handy. You might end up grabbing one for yourself as well. 

Cost: $30-45


Pamper Mom with some of the highest quality soaps, creams and fragrances. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that mean the most.

Cost: $8-55


Get her something incredibly useful, such as these portable Swig beverage containers. Not just for wine, silly, but other everyday beverages like water, coffee, etc. She’ll take it everywhere with her.

Cost: $19-45

Happy Mother’s Day!

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High Point 2018 Spring Market Recap

Posted on April 26, 2018 | 4 comments

We’re officially back from High Point Market! After days spent scouring the newest product lines, conferring with company reps, placing orders, and savoring the freshest infused-with-everything cocktails, we’re back home. Take a look at our favorite highlights of the show.

Lillian August | High Point Market


If we could pick a theme of the show, it would have to be “evolution”. We witnessed many of our favorite vendors doing exactly what they do best—sticking with familiar design recipes, but pushing the envelope a little—and with much success!

Showroom: Lillian August

Anna French | Thibaut | High Point Market


Making waves with new, colorful products was the legendary Thibaut. Featuring their new ‘Dynasty Collection’, this attraction was one of the most popular at market, and is currently being raved about by design editors and bloggers everywhere (including us…but we were on it WEEKS AGO...see 10 Spring Product Picks). Contrasting colors, especially with fabrics and textiles were prevalent throughout the show, including yellows and blacks as well.

Showroom: Anna French for Thibaut

Visual Comfort | High Point Market


One of the categories that made the biggest and most impressive visual impact was lighting. Some wacky and wild combinations, including oversized mobile-type models, left us starstruck. Keep your eyes on our storefront—there will be some great new lighting styles debuting this year!

Showroom: Visual Comfort

Thibaut | High Point Market


To everyone’s pleasure—including ours and our clients—there were plenty of classic combinations. Sometimes you just can’t get enough of a good thing. These were always done with a refreshing twist, adding new elements of interest and inspiration.

Showroom: Thibaut

Oomph | High Point Market


Keeping the bathroom light and bright is always a priority, but it’s also fun to add a bold splash of color. We like how some of the new fixtures available, including mirrors, light fixtures, vanities, etc. have taken on this role. Tile continues to be a popular trend, and we must say there is no scarcity to choose from. Check out this dramatic bathroom by @Oomph.

Showroom: Oomph (featuring Wallpaper by Thibaut)

Eloquence | High Point Market


Taking neutrals to dramatic new heights were the moody boudoirs and bedrooms that completely pulled us in and took our breath away. These had such an ambiance that it was hard to describe, but suffice it to say we felt transported to another world (maybe not even the present, but perhaps the past). Eloquence’s dreamy showrooms looked like scenes painted straight from a watercolorists’ palette.

Showroom: Eloquence

Artesia | High Point Market


Plenty of natural elements, such as repurposed natural wood, cotton, rope, and woven baskets and furniture adding warmth to the setting. Driftwood was the focal point of many furniture pieces, including dramatic table bases. These natural elements shine when paired with contrasting whites, producing a very clean and healthy vibe.

Showroom: Artesia

GuildMaster | High Point Market


One of our personal favorites that has strong representation of the shore is Coastal. Combinations of blue and white, and water-derived pieces are always in style. We always love to see another color or two injected into this popular theme as well.

Showroom: GuildMaster

Windy O'Conner | High Point Market


Lots of colorful artwork that was impossible to miss. Styles included abstract works, as well as contemporary and anything else you might imagine. We always enjoy viewing the artwork on display as this is such a source of inspiration for us and what we do as designers.

SHOW HIGHLIGHT: Artist Windy O'Connor wore different dresses daily, each taken from one of her paintings or designs. Brilliant!

Showroom: Windy O’Connor

Good Vibes Only | High Point Market


We encountered loads of outdoor performance fabrics that are both great looking and feel good. Lots of gold elements, which is saying something considering its rising popularity over the past several years. Always glamorous! There was a serious “game” theme going around as well, including cards and shuffleboard (as seen above).

Showroom: Rick Brownlee

The Katharine | High Point Market


The market is always busy, so it’s great to be able to take a timeout here and there. Thankfully, there are lots of outstanding restaurants, bistros and bars to refuel, including one of our faves, The Katherine. Their menu of infused cocktails provided quite the thirst-quenching respite we were looking for.

Restaurant: The Katharine

Mint Moped | High Point Market


Surrounded by such creative people and companies, there are surprises seemingly around every corner (including this mint-colored moped with baskets of flowers @ Mr. Brown). In addition to the fabulous vendor displays, that’s one of the things we look forward to each year at High Point Market | The World’s Home for Home Furnishings. We’ll see you again this Fall!

Restaurant: Mr. Brown


Bonus Market Photos:

Artesia | High Point Market

Showroom: Artesia

Bunakara | High Point Market

Showroom: Bunakara

Showroom: Eloquence

Showroom: Eloquence

Showroom: Anna French for Thibaut

Showroom | High Point Market

Showroom: Replacements

Showroom: Matouk

Showroom: Hudson Valley Lighting

Showroom | High Point Market


And the best (or BS) for last. 

Showroom: BS Trading Co.

New merchandise (minus the raccoons) is arriving daily!


Dwelling & Design

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High Point: Spring Market

Posted on April 10, 2018 | 0 comments

High Point Market | Dwelling & Design


This week we're off to High Point Market!  We're excited and anticipating lots of amazing new products in the realm of interior design.

Now is when we place orders and bring back items that will influence the look of our retail store stylistically in the coming year, as well as offering a wider variety of options for our design project clientele.

What are we looking for? We're not always sure ourselves, until we see it, sit on it, pick it up, etc. in real life! Want an inside scoop?

Check our Instagram Story (@dwellinganddesign) for the hottest product line debuts, home decor celebrity sightings, cocktail hour (maybe?) and our always fun, wild adventures!

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10 Spring Product Picks

Posted on April 02, 2018 | 0 comments

10 Spring Product Picks

Ahead of the anticipated High Point Market coming in less than two weeks (April 14-18), we couldn’t help but put together our favorite new Spring releases that are sure to make a few waves this year.

Juliska has us craving a cocktail. Le Jacquard Français is giving us an equal appetite for sitting down to the dinner table. We can’t take our eyes away from the mesmerizing new geometrical patterns of Designers Guild. And all day long we’re dreaming of Julie Vos’ pastel precious stones.

Suffice it to say we’re absolutely humming about the new collections this year. Also, be sure to follow our Story on Instagram (@dwellinganddesign) for additional items in these collections, more photos and product insights.

Juliska Bohemian Barware

Photo credit: Juliska

1. Juliska | Cultivated Barware

Juliska’s new glass barware collection has grabbed our attention in a serious way. Perhaps it’s the craftsmanship of their bohemian glass artisans. Or months of dreary winter weather making us crave the warmth of a cocktail. Either way, we’re perking up with excitement over these tasteful new additions.

Thibaut Dynasty

Photo credit: Thibaut

2. Thibaut | Dynasty Collection

We love how the injection of a third color—in this case, a dramatic yet playful shade of salmon—into the traditional blue and white color scheme takes the entire setting to new heights. Thibaut’s 2018 releases, in the form of the ‘Dynasty Collection’, combine bold, contrasting shades with invigorating patterns.. These textiles are sure to become instant classics.

Furniture Classics | Aslar Chest

Photo credit: Furniture Classics

3. Furniture Classics­ | Aslar Chest of Drawers 

“The popular architectural detail of stacked stone is cleverly replicated on the face of this visually arresting chest with three side hung drawers Soft white-washed tones of recycled pine contrast stylishly with the iron base and elongated handles, creating a piece even better in pairs.” – FC


Ryan Studio | River Flow

4. Ryan Studio | New Pillows Collection

With a healthy dose of sophistication and detailed scenery that pulls you right in, these pillows might just become the focal point of the living space. Solid colored back for versatility. The cool comfort of feather-down fill ensures they feel as good as they look.

AKDO | Impressions Silver Linen

Photo credit: AKDO

5. AKDO | Impressions Linen Silver

This textured, metallic finish will look alive in any setting. A few of our ideas include bar backsplash, bathroom contrast wall or sit-in kitchen island kick plate (hey—it’s pretty durable, too). Will surely shine a light on any dark space. Pair with other tiling options to unleash some very interesting (and sexy) combinations.

Designers Guild | Geometry Collection

Photo credit: Designers Guild

6. Designers Guild | New Geometry Collection

The spatial influence of geometry on the interior design realm is REAL. Designers Guild has woven delicate colors and trellis-like patterns together, resulting in a very harmonious new Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Dana Gibson | White Candelabra

Photo credit: Dana Gibson

7. Dana Gibson Designs | Bamboo Candelabra in White

It’s hard not to be drawn into Dana Gibson’s iconic designs. Playfully intertwining classic patterns and objects with fairly simple palettes of primary and secondary colors, she works her own brand of magic, manifesting newfound freshness that is unmistakably recognizable. The Bamboo Candelabra shown here is an instant conversation piece, yet another clever design that successfully combines art and functionality.

Julie Vos | Catalina Collection

Photo Credit: Julie Vos

8. Julie Vos | The Catalina Collection

New for 2018, Julie Vos has released The Catalina Collection. These dazzling pieces make a statement, featuring a selection of glowing colored stones and hammered gold finishes.  Fancy or casual, Julie Vos is perfect for any occassion.

Le Jacquard Francais | Wax Mania

Photo credit: Le Jacquard Français

9. Le Jacquard Français | Wax Mania Linen Collection

Elegance meets versatility with the new Wax Mania collection from Le Jacquard Français. Named for its subtle wax coating which protects from everyday use and perhaps a picnic on the patio. The bourdon stitch-detailing highlights the delicate patterns, woven from 100% cotton. With the variety of colors found across LJF’s Spring/Summer offerings, you can dial up just the right amount of excitement or subtlety to your gathering space.

Bungalow 5 | Mila Table

Photo credit: Bungalow 5

10. Bungalow 5 | Mila Coffee Table

This modern yet functional piece is not just one, but two tables! Join forces for a large, rectangular coffee table and separate for another multi-purpose surface in the form of an end table. Beautifully wrapped in linen and lacquered in a protective finish, these will certainly get your living room organized and squared away.

More To Come

This is only what we've seen so far this year. There are still more 2018 collections debuting at High Point Market from some of our favorite vendors. We’ll be sure to fill you in once we get back!

For more from these Spring collections, follow our story on Instagram (@dwellinganddesign) this week and next, leading up to High Point Market on April 14.

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Spring Is Upon Us: Tips For Spring Cleaning

Posted on March 19, 2018 | 0 comments

We may soon be ready to roll out the grill and good times with friends, but...have we checked the "cleanliness situation" in our house lately? Winter generally wreaks havoc on the home with kids, pets, in-laws, etc. (everyone but us!) tracking everything imaginable indoors. Before we mass-text everyone to come over, it's time to get the crib looking good again!  (View Spring Cleaning Checklist)


No matter what strategy you employ when tackling spring cleaning, it's hard to argue that the windows shouldn't come first. "They embody the soul of the home", as store co-owner/designer Don eloquently explains, and quite literally shed light on the entire situation.

"(Windows) embody the soul of the home."

Hopefully you have the swivel variety and can hit both sides from within, but if necessary, throw up a ladder outside and make it happen! You'll be glad you tackled this chore first, as everything done afterwards will look that much better, and you'll actually be able to see what you're doing.

In correlation with the "work from the outside-in" approach, it's always smart to start at the top and work down i.e. cleaning celing fan paddles, dusting chandeliers, and replacing lightbulbs. Wash woodwork, starting with crown mouldings, and walls if necessary. Use mild, biodegradeable detergent and warm water. Take up all the rugs and shake or clean accordingly.

"(Brighten) up the linens (by) soaking them in cool, clean water with fresh-squeezed lemon."

For brightening up the linens, Fiona suggests soaking them in cool, clean water with fresh-squeezed lemon (rather than bleach, which can be too abrasive and actually dull your colors). Another alternative method for cleaning your stainless steel appliances is olive oil -- it will easily remove grime and bring back the metal's luster.

PURGE: Out with the old, in the with new (maybe)

Purge--brings to mind a scary movie, right? Cue the loud music (or whatever gets you pumped), put your hardcore villain face on, and let's wage war against those poor, useless chotchkies--we're taking no prisoners (well, OK...maybe a few). Clear the clutter, rediscover your counter space, and try to adopt a minimalist approach. Once the tables, cabinets and shelves have been cleaned, put back or replace items sparingly. You and the family will feel liberated (hint: now you're the HERO!)

"Wage war against those poor, useless chotchkies!"

Another tip: Clean out the freezer or refrigerator of old or unwanted items. Be sure to leave drawer space for upcoming fresh farmer's market produce.


Rather than bore you with too many details, we've compiled the most important tasks into one easily printable Spring Cleaning Checklist--including suggestions for refreshing your interior decor.


Distribute planters around the most visible sides of your home, and pot organic plants to protect the health of bees when pollination begins. When in full splendor, decorate the house with plenty of happy blooms. Plant a variety of herbs for color, aromatics and practical culinary usage.

"Pot organic plants to protect the health of bees when pollination begins."

If you've decide to fire up the grill, afterwards protect your charcoal from possible moisture (and April showers!) by keeping it in a cool, dry place such as the garage, tightly-sealed plastic bin or empty trash can.


Now, kick back and relax before it's time to do everything all over again! 

Dwelling & Design

View our Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Brand Focus: LEE Industries Furniture

Posted on March 09, 2018 | 0 comments

 LEE Frame Build

So what if we told you there’s this furniture company where each piece is 100% manufactured in the USA (North Carolina, to be precise), environmentally sustainable, can stand up to the rigors of family life, with trendsetting style to top it all off? Well, they do exist—and we’ve been fortunate to carry LEE Brand Upholstery since we first opened in 2008. Let us just say that they’ve exceeded expectations from day one as our store's featured line of furniture.

LEE White Sofa

LEE Athena Chair


When it comes to style and versatility, the sky is the limit—especially if a quick glance at LEE's seemingly endless samples for furniture creation is any indication! No matter what look you’re craving—beachy, boho, brass, buckskin, leather, lounge or even retro—these can be dialed up, complete with all of the details you desire. This makes it easy to adapt to even our most demanding (or “particular”, shall we say) projects, whether the client is aiming for timeless and traditional with a twist, or something more unusually colorful or contemporary.

LEE Design Team

LEE Ready To Ship


All over the interior design scene, including the covers and content of popular magazines like Elle Décor, Traditional Home, Coastal Living and more, LEE find themselves constantly in the spotlight. While they are perfectly comfortable (get it?) being the focal point, they are quick to acknowledge that it all begins behind the scenes. Ask a LEE representative, “what’s the company’s biggest source of inspiration?”, and they’ll surely answer “the people that work for us”. We dig this humble attitude and think it speaks volumes about why they’re so successful.

 LEE Factory Seamstress

LEE Factory Production


When purchasing furniture, one undoubtedly views the acquisition not just as a necessity, but also as an investment. Not the kind you would necessarily consult with your financial advisor about, but definitely one worth doing a little research over! We mentioned a few key selling points right off the bat (see first sentence-first paragraph) that immediately jumped out at us when we were shopping around for “the one” years ago, and there are a few more to consider.

LEE Fabric Cutting

LEE Factory Construction


Every piece is built to last for generations (under normal use and circumstance, of course). Wait...should we repeat that? LEE craftsmanship stems from workmen who are not only highly skilled and experienced, but also motivated and considerate. Their values include honesty, fairness, respectfulness and accountability of actions, contributing to a very “family-like” atmosphere. The company makes an effort to procure as many materials from local sources as possible, and are genuinely enthusiastic about doing their part to keep the local economy alive and thriving.

LEE Finish Samples

LEE Wood Finish Samples


On the front line of eco-friendly manufacturing (in fact, they are the award-winning Gold Standard as determined by the Sustainable Furnishings Council), and aligning with American Forests, the Sustainable Forestry Council, and the Forest Stewardship Council, the materials of the now standard naturaLEE(TM) components are made from both renewable and recycled resources. We don’t want to bore you with too much shop-talk, so feel free to check out all of the environmentally responsible details for yourself. Their sustainability initiatives are certainly impressive and hopefully provide inspiration for similar production within the rest of the industry.

LEE Striped Sofa

LEE Sofa Arm Detail


Providing peace of mind is fantastic, but it's got to be comfortable too, right? With no shortage of options to choose from (we’ll guide you—don’t worry!), you’ll surely find the perfect comfort level, nestled somewhere amongst LEE’s engineered combinations of down, springs and foam core. Discover yours. Our favorite is Cloud NineTM. Needless to say, we’re over the moon at the end of the day when we plop our lazy bones down on such thoughtfully crafted furniture.


Thanks to LEE Industries for providing us with their industry-exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes photographs for this article.

LEE Shearling Ivory

LEE Retro Swivel

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What's Up Magazine's Best of 2018

Posted on March 01, 2018 | 0 comments

What's Up Best of 2018

It's that time of year again--What's Up Magazine's "Best Of" contest!  During the month of March, voting is underway for the Eastern Shore's Best of 2018 - in the Real Estate, Home, and Garden industries.

Vote for us this year in the following categories:

#45 Furniture Store

#49 Interior Design Service


Thank you everyone for your support!  Voting ends March 31st.  Results to be revealed in September.

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Annual LEE Upholstery Sale

Posted on March 01, 2018 | 0 comments

Annual LEE Upholstery Sale

If you've been thinking about purchasing new furniture, now is the time! 

Take 50% OFF (MSRP) all in-store Lee Brand Furniture.

Visit our Showroom for an exciting selection of pieces featuring rich, colorful fabrics and stunning designer details...ready to take home now!

Or design your very own! 

Take an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF our ALREADY discounted (20%OFF MSRP) Special Order pricing.

Browse our Design Center and choose from a plethora of styles, fabrics, stitchings, pillows, cushions and sleeper-options.

The possibilities are endless!

For over 45 years, Lee Industries has made it their mission to create innovative, stylish, high-quality home furnishings. Always 100% made in the USA. Experience the difference!

Our Annual Lee Upholstered Furniture Sale runs Thursday, March 1st thru Saturday, March 31st. For store directions, click here. 

To learn more about LEE, read our Brand Focus: LEE Industries Furniture.

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