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What's Up Magazine's "Best Of 2016" Party

Posted on June 28, 2016 | 0 comments

Don and Fiona had a blast, getting the VIP treatment at What's Up Mag's "Best Of 2016" Party in Annapolis, as they took home the award for 'Best Home Decorating Store' on the Eastern Shore.

They look forward to many more years of success as owners/designers of Dwelling & Design in Easton, MD.  

From Don & Fiona:  "Thank you to everyone who voted... this was based on your overwhelming positive feedback and we couldn't do what we do without you!"

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What's Up Eastern Shore - 'Best of 2016'

Posted on June 07, 2016 | 0 comments

Dwelling & Design is pleased to be the recipient of What's Up Eastern Shore Magazine's 'Best of 2016' award for "Best Home Decorating Store".  

This is determined by YOUR votes and positive feedback, so we want to say THANK YOU!!!

We have accomplished a lot in the past year -- expanding the store and design center, and constructing a brand-new showroom.  Our loyal customers and incredible staff have gotten us thru all of the growing pains, helped our "new" store thrive, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Thank you!

Don Wooters & Fiona Newell Weeks

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Spring 2016 Highpoint Market Trends & Highlights - Part #2

Posted on May 16, 2016 | 0 comments

Spring 2016 Highpoint Market Trends & Highlights - Part #2

(Annnd we're back!  In continuation of the blog detailing our recent trip to Spring 2016 Highpoint Market, we present you with the second half, including more highlights, insights and pretty pictures... hope you enjoy!)

We see a continuance of oriental inspiration from The Far East and Middle East (think India and Persia); characteristic combinations of angles and curves that convey a spirituality and mindfulness of the different earthly elements (land, water, wind & fire) and how – rather than clashing -- they instead work together, in harmonious dance and balance. We even caught glimpses of freshly refined Eastern-Industrial fusions that engaged our curiosity. After bearing witness to these new trends we must say that we’re revved-up and ready to create some of our own pairings and vignettes utilizing similar themes.


 And then there are always occasions where it’s good & wise to KISS. Keep it simple stupid, right?? An array of “primitive” goods & décor were available and on display, reminding us that one shouldn’t always strive to reinvent the wheel. Simple, large and useful glass bottles, great for filling a specific space or need (garlic and chili pepper-infused EVOO, anyone?) though visually not imposing due to actual clarity of the object. So the glass is full and empty, get it?? (Sorry, but we enjoy pointing out the irony in things sometimes.)

So, on second-thought, how ‘bout we spare all of the over-elaboration (K.I.S.S., remember!), while we take a couple deep breaths, and give you a list of the cool “primitive” items we noticed at market (…breathe…):

  • Alternative-colored natural woods resembling lumber from ancient, reclaimed bog oaks
  • Thick wood-slab cutting boards and butcher blocks
  • Solid, simply-shaped stone seating (think Flintstones) for both indoor & outdoor applications
  • Heavy, imperfect metal hardware

We think these items pair VERY well with gray paint-palettes, other metals (such as appliances), and industrial-themed environments. That is all. Moving on…




We enjoy abstract art quite a bit and found a nice showing of lively large-scale pieces at market this year. Triptychs are still in the fold, adding interest and versatility in choosing how the works can be displayed. Additionally, they produce a shadow-box type of effect that gives a much more contemporary look and presence, as opposed to your standard gold-framed artwork.

Art-deco made its’ requisite appearance with forever-classy themes of black & white, geometric patterns and architectural details. Oh, and we can’t forget something else we found most humorous (and we might as well end on this note) – ANIMAL PORTRAITS!!!


We hope you enjoyed reading some of the observations from our trip. We truly had a blast exploring the market and getting new ideas & inspiration. If you find yourself irresistibly excited about any of these things, or daydreaming about new ways to update or transform the style of your home, we would love to help make your visions come true!

For more pictures from our trip, check out our Pinterest page, here.





P.S. Please enjoy more random photos below:


Mindie, Rick Brownlee and Fiona.

Rainbow scooters.

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Spring 2016 Highpoint Market Trends & Highlights - Part #1

Posted on May 04, 2016 | 0 comments

Spring 2016 Highpoint Market Trends & Highlights - Part #1

So Don, Fiona & Mindie made it back safe & sound from their trip to North Carolina and the Spring 2016 High Point Market. They gleaned quite a bit of inspiration from this year’s offerings and selected an abundance of new items to feature in-store as well as incorporate in upcoming design projects.  We have so much we want to show & tell you about, that we're breaking the blog into two parts!  One this week, and the next in a couple days.  Without further ado, here are our observations and what got us most excited at market.



Much spontaneity and fluidity in the new patterns & motifs, including themes of “watercolor” (as-in the painting method)-- whether it be expressed if the form of abstractions, or as specific earthly elements like coral and garden greenery. As usual, nature continues to be a strong, if not the strongest, influence when it comes to new designs. In addition, we picked-up on a complimentary “bleeding ink” expressive style that translated very well to home décor items such as draperies, pillows and place settings.

We insist on having a great variety of flavors to choose from in the realm of fabrics, so we also fell in love with simple, colorful symmetrical designs and anything with "pop-art" influence, because fun is a critical ingredient in our endeavors, and life in general!



Attention! Florals have made their way to the lighting department in a big way this year. Instead of your typical bulbs above the bathroom sink, how about plugging-in something a little out-of-the-ordinary with these beautifully-designed elements, providing some artistic whimsy to an otherwise predictable situation? You are sure to receive plenty of “I want those!” compliments from your guests when they step aside to freshen themselves up and take a gander at these fantastic bathroom components.

Also, think outside-of-the-box, or perhaps hasten back to Old World times with very attractive passageway lighting for either indoor or outdoor scenarios. See picture below.



Skirts… sexy patterns and contrasting-colored skirts! What a fun way to dress-up your upholstered furniture. This can actually be bold or subtle, providing a delicate compliment of color or a unique pop of personality to the pieces themselves, which then carries over and assists with the color scheme for the rest of the room. We like denim blue paired with navy patterns and also think it’s pretty smart to take neutral in a different direction, like khaki w/ hot pink or lime green!


Some interesting Rustic-contemporary designs were unveiled, often coalescing in an “industrial middle ground”, and other times bypassing it completely. With these latter pieces, it appears the designers are consciously utilizing older, rough-hewn materials in applications that have typically been regarded as clashing or faux-pas in more modern or contemporary installations. Perhaps it’s this generation’s way of recognizing and paying respects to artisans of the pre-electric past and reimagining or repurposing these elements as they see fit. Depending on the success of this brave and unusual collaboration, they could certainly prove that old dogs can learn new tricks.

Check out more pictures of the Spring Show on our Pinterest page:


And look for Part #2 of our blog in the coming days!  Thanks for "following us around"... we hope you are enjoying our designers' inside glimpse thus far!



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DIFFA / Architectural Digest Show @ NY Pier

Posted on April 12, 2016 | 0 comments

Owner/Designer Don Wooters is an insightful, design-intuitive guy who will make you think and laugh at the same time, with his intellectually-stimulating comments. No question, he immensely enjoys working with his clientele, and has that requisite combination of professionalism, talent and experience to pull-off any job he decides to tackle. Part of the arsenal he brings to the table is being well-versed and traveled in the design and art world. In addition to completing projects up and down the East Coast, he makes a point of attending an array of interesting events, including art shows, opera performances, and trending designer showcases.

He recently was in New York to take in Dining By Design, an annual spring show sponsored by Architectural Digest and hosted by DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS). “I always do my best not to miss this event each year,” says Don, adding emphasis to the fact that “some of the leaders in the design industry are on display here”. Since being founded in 1984, DIFFA has become one of the country’s largest supporters of direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS and preventive education for those at risk. This year’s event raised nearly $800,000 to go towards DIFFA’s grant making efforts.

In addition to this being a great cause, it is a spectacular presentation of dining room design, from the minds and wildest imaginations of current interior designers, design schools, as well as popular decorator brands.   These settings -- each completely unique -- capture and transport you somewhere else fantastic for an out-of-the-box (and in some cases, out of this world!) dining experience.

Below, peruse a few glimpses from the show, along with inspiration statements by the creative folks behind the luxuriously-decorated interior spaces.

(All photos taken by Don Wooters.)

Benjamin Moore & Consentino, designed by Julia Buckingham

“The great Paris fashion houses have been Julia Buckingham’s muse. Our space is reminiscent of a long, flowing silk-charmeuse white gown with sparkling chandelier earrings; chunky lacquered bracelets; and a strikingly modern sculptural necklace hidden under a snow-white fur wrap.”



Luxe Interiors + Design with LIAGRE, designed by Sasha Bikoff

“Christian Liagre is known for amazingly chic and sleek woodwork, so this space translates that into something more vibrant that displays the furniture in a new light with de Gournay’s ‘Le Eden’ wallpaper transforming the room into a rainforest.


Don’s description: “A floating banquet topped with greenery and umbrellas creates a nice centerpiece and division between either side and the intimate, yet friendly tables for two. The multi-colored flower arrangements, along with variety of different chair fabrics add elements of fun to this setting that would work nicely outdoors as well. I see lots of lively conversations going on at these tables.”




“Descend into an underwater wonderland inspired by the lost city of Atlantis. Organic shapes, gilded finishes and seeded glass are a few design elements that will pay tribute to this revered utopia that has captivated dreamers for centuries.”



Parsons The New School For Design

“string. a singular element. an individual. vulnerable in isolated form. woven together a network evolves. density in strength. support. a community.”

For more information about DIFFA and their mission in fighting HIV/AIDS, visit: www.diffa.org.

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Brand Focus: Designers Guild

Posted on March 29, 2016 | 0 comments

Designers Guild | Fall 2016

Image courtesy of Designers Guild

For this latest blog entry, we decided to focus on one company in particular, whose amazing fashion-forward goods we carry in-store, as well as utilize in our various creative projects -- Designers Guild.

For years, having the taste and good fortune of being an exclusive regional "stockist" (as they call retailers in the UK), we have been enamored with not only their wonderfully-imaginative and extensive line of textiles and accessories, but also the way they go about crafting their products.  What is their inspiration and process?  To find these answers, it might be a good idea to start with creative genius/founder of the company, Tricia Guild.  
Designers Guild | Tricia Guild
Image courtesy of Designers Guild

Ever since Designers Guild began in 1970, Tricia Guild has intuitively put her own spin on things, often acquiring commodities from other cultures & countries, and then changing them or embellishing to get "just the right look".  She is an open collaborator, working with artists (including famous textile artist Kaffe Fassett in the 1970's) to produce fabrics, and complimenting their styles with her own.  It is often this "best of both worlds" approach and product achievement that interior designers and their clients gravitate towards.

For 2016, Designers Guild has unveiled 'Couture Rose', a spring & summer collection.  Many of the ideas generated for this line came from trips Tricia would take to The Victoria and Albert Museum, which is known as "the world's leading museum of art and design".  In the preview video (which you can watch here), she can be seen carrying a sketchbook, presumably for capturing those "lightbulb" moments or doodling a new design.  She mentions "Post-War" fashion -- also called "the golden age of couture" -- which began in 1947 with design legend Christian Dior, as an historic source of inspiration.  (And, if you are seeking that New-Vintage look, you are in luck, as many of the 2016 designs are printed on classic, natural linen.)
Image courtesy of Designers Guild

We love the materials Designers Guild has to offer because they really speak to us.  Tricia Guild has a fearlessness of color (much like our own designers Fiona & Don) and affirms that they're "good for the soul".  She is not solely committed to them, however, and rather tries to please everyone by dedicating 1/3 of the DG product line to neutrals.  This, she explains, maintains a sense of balance and prevents an over-use of color and combinations that can be "garrish".
Designers Guild | Fall 2016
Image courtesy of Designers Guild

Well, "to each their own", we like to say, but certainly we don't mind taking a page out of Tricia Guild's book (sketchbook?) from time to time.  We showcase Designers Guild in a unique bedroom-setting of our newly-expanded showroom so you can see just how gorgeous they are and would look in your own home-setting.  Come experience these fabulous fabrics and textiles yourselves!

P.S. Designers Guild has just released their Spring/Summer 2017 collection, entitled "Majolica".  We will be pinning the best offerings from this new line--so be sure to follow us on Pinterest.
Shop Designers Guild in our online store, and receive FREE SHIPPING on these items.

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Trending... Trending... 1, 2, 3

Posted on March 14, 2016 | 0 comments

Trending… Trending… 1, 2, 3…

The year of 2016 is well on it’s way at this point (daylight savings just kicked in, thank you very much!), but there are those who are just beginning to scrape off the rust and turn the wheels on their upcoming projects. We are always curious (and presume that you are as well, if you’re reading this right now) to know the latest trends including styles, colors, and whatever else has started to catch fire or is already ablaze.  For those of you looking for inspiration, here are some insights, suggestions & palettes we are currently working with and noticing within the design-world realm.


Copper and Pastel Pink, anyone… to go with a nice, refreshing flute of champagne rosé, perhaps?  This trend has us buzzing already! 

Come home to this soothing, delightful combination of colors, pour yourself one, and revel in your impeccably well-chosen lifestyle surroundings. 

When coupled with softer shades, we find metallics to exude confidence in a positive yet subtle way.  To go a little bolder and add some pop to the party, go with hot pink and glimmering gold.  Pick any of a number of applications... we love wallpaper, flashy fabrics, lustrous, industrial-strength lighting or pearlescent paint finishes (also, antimonial appliances). And mixing various alchemical elements (brass, stainless steel, etc.) is no longer a faux pas, as long as they are relatable & complimentary. Key words to describe this scene are “reflect” and “recharge”.

Black & White with a Non-Traditional spin. Soon to be, if not already, one of our faves!  Soften those hard edges by injecting some organic elements. Less checkerboard rigidity and more yin & yang varied harmony! Contrast that white marble or black granite fireplace with a furry, cream rug. Couple an interesting bone sculpture with indigenous art. Coordinate lava rock coasters on your reclaimed kauri wood table while lounging on tampa cigar black leather… all whilst listening to a friend playing Tchaikovsky on a wonderful ivory-key Grand Piano!

Indigo & Navy blue… timelessly regal and romantic!

We are utilizing quite a bit of this classic color already this year. A perfect example would include the Bow Ties & Bubbly event (Chesapeake Bay Beach Club) we participated in during January – where, in our Navy Wedding-themed space, dress attire, tablesettings, flowers & other décor were all coordinated around classic blue & white.

[Above Photograph taken by Melissa Grimes-Guy Photography)

(BT&B Garden Room Design Team: Designer: @popthecorkdesigns / Florist: Little House of Flowers / Stationary: @weddings_by_cink.art / Photographer: @annareynal)

This can be attributed to where we reside geographically (trust us, we have lived in Maryland and been surrounded by water long enough to know that blue will never be out of style!) but also international influences such as Asia & Scandinavia. This dovetails nicely with the next point of interest…

Scandinavian design, it seems, has a lot in common with Apple -- clean, contemporary, user-friendly and always outsmarting the competition. It is generally hard to get away from “practical”. Mostly because the rooms we decorate have the minor complication of needing to be lived-in! Interior design is our talent and skill-set which we use to help create the vision for your personal space. This space is 3-dimensional, including heighth, width, and depth; perhaps including, but definitely not existing within some 2 ½” deep canvas that can be hung up on the wall. Point is, it cannot be set aside; we must navigate thru it. Once you realize this fact, you can… ummmmm… damn! We just completely lost our spatial/metaphysical train of thought.

I think what we were trying to say is, those ingenious people up north are really good at coming up with stylish and practical stuff for your home, and we like it!

[Natural stone tiles courtesy of AKDO; Dwelling & Design exclusive local dealer.]

Some other interesting items to consider: colorful & textually-varied poufs, woven wall hangings, tile (geometric patterns are always a good call; we also have some very cool alternative faux-wood grain flooring to consider), contemporary abstract art, brightly-colored pillows and books… lots of books! Use them to intellectually catapult a dull conversation or obtain a new drink recipe. (We have some excellent ‘mixology’ reads right now!)


Dwelling & Design

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Pantone - Color(s) of the Year?

Posted on February 17, 2016 | 0 comments

Here in the D&D store and design studio, we recently got into the discussion about “colors of the year”, and specifically the company known for debuting them right before the calendar flips over each year — Pantone.  So we asked ourselves — How do they choose them?  Are we and/or our clients, utilizing them in any projects at all?  I mean, is there any relevancy when it comes to the real design world?

[Pantone is the authority. Let’s put it this way — Actual COUNTRIES refer to them when choosing colors for their flags.]


As you can imagine, a fun & lively discussion ensues whenever someone pops loaded questions like these around here.  The answers are a mixed bag, and our designers expressed their own opinions, along all points of the spectrum.  Let’s talk about it.


The last question, ‘Why?’ is easy — to generate conversation (which definitely worked!) and recognition for Pantone, who have put themselves at the forefront of the color world and assumed the lead in broaching the subject.  Pantone, which surprisingly just started the annual tradition at the turn of this century (2000 was the first year… and of course you’re going to ask, so it was Cerulean Blue;), has no doubt put in the time and research of knowing all about Color.  They pretty much boast the largest color wheel ever (fact!).  


For example, if you have ever flipped thru one of their paint-chip fan decks, it is rather remarkable — ‘is this color blue or purple?’… ‘is that a pale yellow or khaki?’… ‘how many fire-engine reds do you really need to choose from??’  Questions like these pop into the minds of color enthusiasts & professionals everywhere.  


[Fun fact:  When the company first began, it primarily printed samples for cosmetics companies.]


So HOW are they chosen?  Well, funny you should ask.  There is indeed a thesis behind each company/executive decision.  Let’s go back to the year 1999, when Pantone was introducing the whole COTY idea for the new millennium.  Their reasoning was that 2000 would usher in a new era of…… wait for it…… World Peace.


"Psychologically, gazing at a blue sky brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "Sky blue is imprinted in our psyches as a retiring, quiescent color. Surrounding yourself with Cerulean blue could bring on a certain peace because it reminds you of time spent outdoors, on a beach, near the water - associations with restful, peaceful, relaxing times. In addition, it makes the unknown a little less frightening because the sky, which is a presence in our lives every day, is a constant and is always there. That's the dependability factor of blue."

Man!  We genuinely applaud the vision & idealism.  To give them due credit, they also tempered this with a mindfulness of the water issues we could well be facing as a result of human pollution and consumption in the 21st century.  Hey, we can all dream and still be realists too, right?

Judging from the research we did on this subject, there is a digestive process involved upon introduction of each annual color.  It is first collectively viewed and accepted by the masses through a “power of suggestion” design campaign launched by Pantone, intended to inspire new uses for the specific shade.  (This is also greatly aided with the advent of subjects/topics “going viral” and quickly uploading to an iPhone near you.)  They will also throw in a dash of familiarity by showcasing existing or traditional ways of implementing the color.

It is therefore almost a “chicken-or-the-egg” scenario where you are left wondering if they influenced you, or the other way around.  An interesting paradox that will leave you debating for the next 30 seconds or so, but we digress.  (How, about that power of suggestion, huh??)

It essentially takes a few years before the chosen colors fully circulate and reemerge “household popularity-wise”, but the influence sure enough spreads.  If visual repetition & recognition occur due to a color being deemed important, businesses and consumers both take notice.


[Above picture is intended to be funny… but true!]


So the answer is YES… we have already used this color before, whichever it may be (and we could be helping to set the trend in a Jungian ‘unconsciously-aware’ sort ‘o way) and yes, we will most likely be using these colors again.  We are diverse and open-minded, what can we say? 

To get back to basics, we can explain our own D&D mindsets and methods in a practical way.  We totally are believers in colors evoking certain feelings or emotions, similar to the seasons changing.  Oranges & reds are warm (and some who paint their kitchens or dining rooms believe they encourage “appetite”).  Yellow is cheerful and energizing.  Green is soothing, and sometimes refreshing, while symbolizing Nature.  White is clean and pure, etc.  However, one of Don & Fiona’s angles is that no one should necessarily “buy-in” to another person’s ideas just for popularity’s sake.  Similar to art, we always want to leave room for interpretation with our clients.  We encourage doing exactly that which inspires and feels good to you!  We all have our own stories & connections to colors… it is simply our job to help you paint that picture!


[Dwelling & Design Store Showroom – Easton, MD]


For the record, the 2016 Colors of the Year are Rose Quartz and Serenity (of course tying-in with their pursuit & wishes of tranquility).  Hey, when your entire world is literally a rainbow, who can blame Pantone for always working towards a pot of gold?



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Do you Pinterest? Huh?? Well, do you, Pinhead??

Posted on February 01, 2016 | 0 comments

We recently started our own full-fledged Pinterest page, and are enjoying it so much we had to blog about it! (Is that the new word for ‘brag’?) Yes, Pinterest first launched in 2011, but it is still at the forefront of relevancy in 2016 and will be for the forseeable future too, for that matter. They have lots of cool features in the pipeline, such as ‘promoted’ pins and a ‘buy it now’ button that we hope to be able to utilize, once they become available for small businesses. Anyways, we wanted to tell you about our favorite things so far, along with a handful of insights and observations, and our plans for making an irresistible Pinterest page!

First off, being in the interior design biz means that we are very visual people. We get excited by color, are highly interested in shape & form, and often think in terms of pictures, rather than words. Inside our creative egos, we grin ear-to-ear when comparing before-and-after shots from projects we’ve completed, because we can SEE the results of our efforts. HENCE, Pinterest is like the perfect high-test gasoline to get our Pink Cadillac (or in Don & Fiona’s case, a mint-turquoise 1974 Fiat La Spiaggina w/ wicker seats and cloth-top!) motors revving!

We delight in being able to pin & post pictures of our own interior design work. This way, you can see for yourselves exactly what we devote our time and energy to. (We love our jobs, but we have to give credit to our amazing clientele as well… after all we are just helping them achieve their interior design dreams & wishes!) The ability to upload your own content, as well as pass and shuffle ideas of other users so widely and quickly still never ceases to amaze us! Another plus is showing-off all of the cool stuff we currently have available in our actual store, located in downtown Easton, Maryland of course. With Pinterest, we pretty much can have our cake and eat it too.  (Did we mention how we actively scour boards for new recipes??)

We know what it does for us, in helping to show the World what we do… Now here are some of the benefits we hope it provides YOU, as our future loyal Pinterest Followers ;)

Inspiration.  A fun, colorful & stylish page to go online window-shopping and glean ideas for your own abode.  

Inventory.  See what’s out there, both on the market and in our physical store (on Goldsborough St).  And after our recent expansion, we of course have more to show you!  Fun fun!!  Find out what’s trending and also get specs (dimensions, price, etc.) of the decor we have on-hand or available to order.  If you see something you like, don’t be afraid to pull out that credit card and give us a call!

Information.  Helpful stuff! Some style, some common sense, and some technical pins for navigating the realm of home decor & interior design.   Also, preferences and recommendations, if we have them.

If you haven’t already created a Pinterest page for yourself, go ahead… it has a very mild learning curve and you can literally fill your board with über-interesting content in a matter of minutes!  It might just become your “Go-To-Google” for tackling pretty much anything and everything. Aquaponic Gardening?  Gluten-free recipes for decadent double-chocolate brownies?  Boho Bedroom ideas?  Just name it.  We’ll try to keep our page just as interesting.

Visit and Follow Our Pinterest Page here: https://www.pinterest.com/dwellingeaston


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Downtown Easton Store Expands

Posted on November 13, 2015 | 0 comments

Dwelling & Design, located in the heart of historic downtown Easton, Maryland is proud to announce the opening of their brand-new showroom on Goldsborough Street. In addition to their celebrated design services and unique home furnishings, they are now offering a larger variety of furniture, bedding and flooring choices for clients to choose from. The expansion will allow a greater selection of merchandise, as well as afford customers the opportunity to see more examples of the inspired vignettes and collections put together by owners and designers Fiona Newell Weeks and Don Wooters.

See more at: http://attractionmag.com/index.php/event/downtown-easton-store-expands/#sthash.5Gqdsjdm.dpuf

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