GITANA: 140 Years of Rothschild Yachting History
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GITANA: 140 Years of Rothschild Yachting History

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GITANA: 140 Years of Rothschild Yachting History. 

The exciting history of the Rothschild family’s fleet of racing yachts, all named Gitana, is recounted in this new book. Beginning on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, in 1876, when Baroness Julie-Caroline de Rothschild christened her schooner Gitana, through to today, when Baron Benjamin de Rothschild and his Gitana Team participate in major international races, this is a tale of technological innovation and a family’s passion for excellence, aesthetics, and performance. Each generation has left its imprint on the Rothschild racing tradition, with continued success. In this book, stunning new and archival photographs, along with drawings, plans, and thrilling first-person accounts of yacht races, bring the family’s quest for excellence to life.

240 pages.

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