Announcement of Temporary Business Operations

**UPDATED Announcement: Our retail establishment is currently closed, until CDC recommendations and government regulations allow for the safe, healthy operation of Maryland business and public commerce.**

In light of the developments and declarations made across Maryland and the rest of the country, our retail store will be closed until further notice.

However, purchases can still be made thru our website, social media and via phone. We offer shipping, delivery and FREE, SAFE, non-interactive local pickup from the store. Simply contact us (by phone, email or DM) to make the arrangements that best suit you.

Per usual, we’ll continue posting content for inspiration (Spring is officially here, by the way!), including our new Project Focus: Relaxing Retreat in Tunis Mills.

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy (and sane!) until the situation improves and we’re all able to return to “normal” circumstances. Sending thoughtful, positive vibes out to our community and beyond!

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