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 LEE Frame Build

So what if we told you there’s this furniture company where each piece is 100% manufactured in the USA (North Carolina, to be precise), environmentally sustainable, can stand up to the rigors of family life, with trendsetting style to top it all off? Well, they do exist—and we’ve been fortunate to carry LEE Brand Upholstery since we first opened in 2008. Let us just say that they’ve exceeded expectations from day one as our store’s featured line of furniture.

LEE White Sofa

LEE Athena Chair


When it comes to style and versatility, the sky is the limit—especially if a quick glance at LEE’s seemingly endless samples for furniture creation is any indication! No matter what look you’re craving—beachy, boho, brass, buckskin, leather, lounge or even retro—these can be dialed up, complete with all of the details you desire. This makes it easy to adapt to even our most demanding (or “particular”, shall we say) projects, whether the client is aiming for timeless and traditional with a twist, or something more unusually colorful or contemporary.

LEE Design Team

LEE Ready To Ship


All over the interior design scene, including the covers and content of popular magazines like Elle Décor, Traditional Home, Coastal Living and more, LEE find themselves constantly in the spotlight. While they are perfectly comfortable (get it?) being the focal point, they are quick to acknowledge that it all begins behind the scenes. Ask a LEE representative, “what’s the company’s biggest source of inspiration?”, and they’ll surely answer “the people that work for us”. We dig this humble attitude and think it speaks volumes about why they’re so successful.

 LEE Factory Seamstress

LEE Factory Production


When purchasing furniture, one undoubtedly views the acquisition not just as a necessity, but also as an investment. Not the kind you would necessarily consult with your financial advisor about, but definitely one worth doing a little research over! We mentioned a few key selling points right off the bat (see first sentence-first paragraph) that immediately jumped out at us when we were shopping around for “the one” years ago, and there are a few more to consider.

LEE Fabric Cutting

LEE Factory Construction


Every piece is built to last for generations (under normal use and circumstance, of course). Wait…should we repeat that? LEE craftsmanship stems from workmen who are not only highly skilled and experienced, but also motivated and considerate. Their values include honesty, fairness, respectfulness and accountability of actions, contributing to a very “family-like” atmosphere. The company makes an effort to procure as many materials from local sources as possible, and are genuinely enthusiastic about doing their part to keep the local economy alive and thriving.

LEE Finish Samples

LEE Wood Finish Samples


On the front line of eco-friendly manufacturing (in fact, they are the award-winning Gold Standard as determined by the Sustainable Furnishings Council), and aligning with American Forests, the Sustainable Forestry Council, and the Forest Stewardship Council, the materials of the now standard naturaLEE(TM) components are made from both renewable and recycled resources. We don’t want to bore you with too much shop-talk, so feel free to check out all of the environmentally responsible details for yourself. Their sustainability initiatives are certainly impressive and hopefully provide inspiration for similar production within the rest of the industry.

LEE Striped Sofa

LEE Sofa Arm Detail


Providing peace of mind is fantastic, but it’s got to be comfortable too, right? With no shortage of options to choose from (we’ll guide you—don’t worry!), you’ll surely find the perfect comfort level, nestled somewhere amongst LEE’s engineered combinations of down, springs and foam core. Discover yours. Our favorite is Cloud NineTM. Needless to say, we’re over the moon at the end of the day when we plop our lazy bones down on such thoughtfully crafted furniture.


Thanks to LEE Industries for providing us with their industry-exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes photographs for this article.

LEE Shearling Ivory

LEE Retro Swivel

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