Color Preview 2017: Pantone’s ‘Greenery’

Pantone recently announced their “Color of the Year” for 2017, entitled Greenery, and by their own admission it was a total no-brainer.  Although it may have flown slightly under the radar up until this point, once you’ve seen it for yourselves, its pervasiveness should quickly become evident.  Just take a moment to look around.  Serious.  We’ll do it together…!

From the vantage point on this end, I immediately see a mousepad, polka-dotted seat cushion, colored paperclip and striped stationary; all shades of yellow-green and very close relatives to the appointed Greenery.  What do you see?  (Feel free to comment below.)  Perhaps a Granny Smith apple, tablet cover or tupperware lid?  Maybe you’re that guy or girl with their very own in-office putting green.  Lucky you!  (Clovers are green too, btw.)

Pantone Greenery

 Pantone | Greenery (15-0343)

Undoubtedly, this was a major part in Pantone’s decision-making, as this “tone” has become such a wildly popular choice for companies and manufacturers in the past 10 years. International brands like Starbucks, BP and Holiday Inn all use some form of green in their logos. And even local companies such as Hill’s Café and their JMX juice line have used it to highlight the natural, healthy features of their products, in addition to biodegradable and recycled packaging content. It is representative of money (ca$h), go (green light) and synonymous with the eco-friendly movement.  Summed-up in the words of Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute–“symbolic of the age we’re living in”.

Green Juice

In the interior design realm, one of our favorite colors has always been lime green–a very close cousin to Greenery. Over the years, we have always been compelled to work this into our home designs and store vignettes (just drive by our store windows, browse our portfolio, or peruse our Instagram feed). We find it happy and energetic, whilst also calming and restorative!

Showroom 2

 Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design

Green can be a great color year-round for its warmth and vitality, whether used primarily or accentually. It serves to bring a bit of nature indoors, and will also complement your existing potted plant life quite well. Want a pop of color that injects new life into your existing coastal-theme? Blue and green are a classic combination, and give that comfortable Polo or preppy understated-swagger to a room. It’s also not gender-specific, so it can safely be used to decorate a new baby’s nursery, whether it’s a boy or girl.


Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design

Wooters Project

Design Project | Dwelling & Design

Some more quotes from Laurie Pressman (VP of the Pantone Color Institute) during Pantone’s latest Color of the Year announcement:

“Green signifies the 1st sign of Spring…and compels us to express, explore and experiment.”

“Green is forward-thinking in the sense of not just eating avocados, but applying avocados.”

“It indicates self-assurance, success and happiness.”

“Green is Nature’s neutral.”

“(The color green) has been proven to slow our hearts’ production of stress hormones.”

“(Green implores us to) work in tandem with natural forces in the environment…and connect with something greater than ourselves.”

 Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design

It also stands in stark contrast to last year’s selections—Rose Quartz and Serenity. And yes, in 2016 there were two ‘Colors of the Year’ (actually, the only time since COTY’s inception in 2001 that they’ve doubled-up). But sure enough, to help carry over those colors in seamless & ingenious fashion, Pantone has offered a very useful (and attractive!) ‘Transitional Palette’. After all, it would be kind of silly and impractical to completely start over with a blank canvas each year, just to keep up with the latest trends!

Pantone 2017 Transitions

 Pantone | Transitions Palette 2017

So, needless to say, we are very excited at the prospect of utilizing this color in a broader scope, now that it is receiving even more recognition. If you are interested in adding or expounding upon this color within your own domain—we are more than eager to help you do just that!


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Showroom 3

Store Showroom | Dwelling & Design

John Steiner Artwork

Original Artwork by John Steiner | Dwelling & Design

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