COLOR TRENDS: Fall/Winter 2019


It’s always fascinating to see what’s trending, even if we need a minute to warm up to the proposition. The design world can be a bit unpredictable, whether it’s jumping backwards (80’s) or ahead (90’s?), but that’s kind of what keeps us coming back.

And admittedly, it’s kind of nice to have a small shot of traditional in there as well (cocktail pun very intentional), like that little comfort-zone where we feel safe and not too out of touch. These are the colors that categorically make sense around this time of year (Fall leaves changing colors; shorter days and darker, moodier Winter colors).

Here’s our lineup, put together by combing through all of the ‘it’ lists, industry insights, and consulting our own designer tastes. We’ve weeded out the boring and the ridiculous, while keeping both trending and traditional in mind.

PINK POWDERPUFFHickory Chair | Blush Pink


Pictured: Chastain Chair with Pink Slipcover by Hickory Chair

Since the number on this color is literally ‘001’, we feel compelled to start exactly right here. So soothing and chic, Pink Powderpuff epitomizes the perfect Winter shade. When featured on walls and textiles, it has reflective qualities, as if pulling the soft, fleshy shades out of a cool dusk sunset.

An ideal seasonal color introduction to a coastal-styled setting, Pink Powderpuff tones things down a bit for calmer, contemplative vibes during the slower paced Winter months. It’ll keep you comfortable with warm and happy thoughts.

CALLUNAJohn Robshaw | Nija Bedding


Pictured: Nija Duvet Set courtesy of John Robshaw

We love those in-between colors that are almost impossible to put your finger on. Blue? Not quite. Purple? Um, kinda. Really, it’s the best of both.

John Robshaw, the infamous old school-innovative-textile-maker, has skills for choosing the finest shades and bringing them to life via primitive patterns and artisanal handmade methods. We’re big fans. 

SAFFRON THREADDesigners Guild | Stripe Pillow


Pictured: Tanchoi Saffron Decorative Pillow by Designers Guild

In the orange and yellow family, we’ve clasped onto two or three. At least. Butterscotch, Saffron, Tiger Orange and all things in this neighborhood we are buying. Prolonging the warmth of newly-departed Summer, and eagerly anticipating the cooler seasons symbolic of changing leaves, ripened melons and the glow of the fireplace.

CRUSHED PINEAPPLEDragon Ming | Schumacher


Pictured: Magical Ming Dragon by Schumacher 

The new Magical Ming Dragon pattern by Schumacher (pictured above) has a requisite oriental regality, and anti-authority punk-pop art attitude at the very same time. It’s rich and buttery, yet also sweet and sugary.

Either way it’s getting our attention. Also, for being so bold and brash, you’ll be surprised how well this gets along with the rest of your extended décor family. Who doesn’t love to mingle with the life of the party?

Check out The Edit from Schumacher (or its sister printed mag, The Bulletin). You’ll see the Magical Ming Dragon fabric on brazen display courtesy of rock-star designer Johnson Hartig.

KNOCKOUT PINKSociety Social | Carmen Credenza


Pictured: Carmen Grasscloth Credenza (Pink Grasscloth) by Society Social

Now this color is everything (and pretty much the only thing we could follow up Crushed Pineapple with). And no one who knows D&D would consider this ultra-glam, coolest-f*ing-color-in-the-world a stretch for us at all! This color is our drug of choice, forever and ever (please maintain a sense of humor; it’s an expression, not a condolence).

We can’t help but bask in the neon pink glow that kind of is the lifeline between ourselves and our childhood (especially for the ladies when it’s trending as ‘Mattel Pink’). For us, this color is timeless.

Design tip: Pair with Pink Powderpuff for the perfect one-two combo.

RASPBERRY TRUFFLEJulie Vos | Bordeaux Collection


Pictured: Olympia Collection in Bordeaux courtesy of Julie Vos

For starters–we’re chocolate addicts. Secondly–deep, burgundy red is as synonymous with Fall as, well, berries and chocolate.


An entire room in this color might be downright suffocating, but strategically placing pops/accents might just make you the smartest person in the room. If you’re simultaneously wearing Julie Vos jewelry, then you win by default. Speaking of winning…


LAZY SUNDAY (BM 803) | Benjamin Moore Classic

Pictured: Louvre Rug by Surya 

Lazy football Sunday anyone? This color just has winter blues-slash-wonderland written all over it. Whether invoking an aqueous nature, or reflections from the skies above, we’re simply compelled to surround ourselves with everything made in this color.

Lazy Sunday is soft, but not too soft, with a hint of steel blue. For lovers of #coastalstyle, this one should be a lock on your team’s weekly fantasy roster. 

SAP GREENAcross the Pond

SAP GREEN (Darwin Collection) | FARROW & BALL

Pictured: Art Print, “Across the Pond”

Similar to the family of yellows and golds, we’re all about a variety of gorgeous green shades. As there isn’t a single shade to sum up all of the fantastic foliage found in nature, we had a hard time deciding on just one. But we think we nailed it with this one—or at least narrowed it down to a small, impressive palette from our favorite paint company. 

Specifically, we’re enthralled with the upcoming releases from Farrow & Ball in concert with the National History Museum. Keep an eye out for the new range of colors, called ‘Colour by Nature’, just released on 9/19. Lots of savvy, old-school research (including references to Darwin) was invested in this highly-curated collection.

SAPLINGLEE Industries | Club Leather Chair

SAPLING (4042T) | Fine Paints of Europe

Pictured: LEE Club Chair in Cappuccino Leather

So this is our color contribution to the “neutral” category. Can you tell just how hard this is for us? Sapling, though, has a personality that is anything but bland. Imparting woodsy, bark tones and a smokiness that somehow makes us immediately feel warmer heading towards the Winter months. 

Sapling translates perfectly over to leather format, as seen on this club chair from LEE Industries. Light and luxurious as a frothy cappuccino.

A few more selections featuring Fall/Winter trending colors:



Pictured: Griffin Rug by Company C; Sutta Duvet set by John Robshaw; Astor Peony and Pink Bedding by Designers Guild; Azure Blue Collection by Julie Vos (NEW for the Fall!).

The thought of creating living spaces saturated with these colors has us pretty excited to roll into the next couple seasons. What about you? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 

Photographs in banner graphic courtesy of LEE Industries and Farrow & Ball. All rights reserved.

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