DIY Interior Design Project Ideas (Quarantine Edition)

Looking for ways to keep yourselves occupied while “vacationing” at home these days? Or maybe you’ve already burned straight thru your list of things-to-do and are looking for the latest DIY mission to throw yourself headfirst into. 

It’s honestly kind of a job in itself keeping ourselves (not to mention kids!) busy, productive and engaged with activities that are both enjoyable and rewarding. We can only binge Tiger King and Too Hot too Handle for so long before losing all motivation to continue living life and drown in quarantine hell.

So here are a few ideas, along with our best advice, on how to undertake and knock out your next interior design slash home improvement project. With a little hard work and creativity, you can add fresh, splashy style to your surroundings and maybe even find your own inner interior designer. You got this!

Fresh coat of paint. Nothing can change your outlook on life quite like a fresh coat of paint. Despite all the naysayers, color has a significant effect on mood. Boost your morale with something bold and exciting if you’re feeling adventurous, or something light and calming if you’re feeling stressed.

Fun(ctional) kids projects. With a combination of child enthusiasm and adult oversight (and finishing touches perhaps?), turn handmade items into shabby-chic décor. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Chalkboard for the fridge. Custom tissue-paper box cover. Do a painting from your favorite photograph or choose a theme and create an original work of art. 

Throw up some inspo on those walls. Break out those concert posters and art prints you loved enough to purchase, but since then have been rolled up and wasting away in the attic or closet. Update family photos. Frame and hang all of these things for some new color and energy. And while you’re at it, reminisce about the experiences and fond memories.

Another idea: make a French memo board. Cover an old bulletin board with your favorite fabric. Add ribbon and pins. Insert your favorite cool things. Post on Instagram. Repeat on a weekly (or monthly) basis.

Color blocks. Restyle your bookcases. Add wallpaper to the back of the shelves to brighten things up. Remove the book covers to reveal solid colors (less busy, more fun). Color group to show your elite sophistication and organization skills.

De-clutter & Reorganize. Since we’re minimalizing life (is that a word?), might as well carry the same idea over to the possessions in your home. Purge. You’ll be amazed how the simple act of de-cluttering actually ADDs to the space. Addition by subtraction. By getting rid of the outdated and irrelevant, the important things you really want to shine won’t have distractions or compete for your attention. FTW.

Rearrange. Have you cracked the code of your home’s floorplan? Are you getting the most out of each room? How can you maximize the square footage of your spaces? Similar to a fresh coat of paint, these changes can make a dramatic impact on the perception of each space and overall livability of your house.

Or, simply experiment and try something new!

While you’re at it, you might need our Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Assess old or unused furniture. Give it a facelift with fresh paint and some tasteful stencils. Swap pillows to make an old chair more comfy. Or, clear out and donate to charity later.

Practice your table-setting skills. Add some glamour and sophistication. And frankly, anything looks better than a bare table. Yeah, we just mentioned de-cluttering, but put something on the table. It’ll make for a more memorable occassion. And the food always tastes better in an attractive vessel or setting. 

Install LED lighting. Under kitchen cabinets, in your home theatre (fancy description for your living room), or bedroom.They bring not only cool vibes, but increased visibility, ambiance… and maybe even romance (i.e. bedroom idea just mentioned). Anything involving LED lights immediately results in bragging rights. Plus, it’ll be a good excuse to have friends come over for dinner and a movie (after the whole quarantine thing has moved on).

Retile the face of your fireplace surround. This often requires just one (!) box of your favorite new tile, and one box of chosen grout color. You already have your inner (edge of opening) and outer (mantle) borders. So just make sure to cut straight pieces, slather underside with the right amount of cement, and slap it up in place.

Pretty straightforward (unless you’re a perfectionist). The cutting is the hardest part.

How are your upholstery skills? It’s easy to recover your pop-out dining chair seats. You just need fabric, scissors, and a staple gun. And a screwdriver to remove and reattach the seat. Add brass tacks for a super sophisticated look (they also can help hide any errors that might have been made tucking the fabric around the edges).

BONUS ROUND / Advanced DIY Skill Level

Update your kitchen. Feeling extra adventurous? Take on the master DIY challenge! Here are a handful of ideas:

Remove (all or just a few) cabinet doors to make open shelving.

Paint kitchen cabinets and/or island. First remove hardware, clean cabinets well, remove all residue, lightly sad, prime, paint.

Change the hardware: knobs and handles- check out some different ones on Etsy. Just measure the existing holes to order the same span.

Take your time (it’s not like we don’t have plenty of it right now) and have fun! We know you can do it! Send us your before and after pictures to be featured in an upcoming post or blog. 

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