Do you Pinterest? Huh?? Well, do you, Pinhead??

We recently started our own full-fledged Pinterest page, and are enjoying it so much we had to blog about it! (Is that the new word for ‘brag’?) Yes, Pinterest first launched in 2011, but it is still at the forefront of relevancy in 2016 and will be for the forseeable future too, for that matter. They have lots of cool features in the pipeline, such as ‘promoted’ pins and a ‘buy it now’ button that we hope to be able to utilize, once they become available for small businesses. Anyways, we wanted to tell you about our favorite things so far, along with a handful of insights and observations, and our plans for making an irresistible Pinterest page!

First off, being in the interior design biz means that we are very visual people. We get excited by color, are highly interested in shape & form, and often think in terms of pictures, rather than words. Inside our creative egos, we grin ear-to-ear when comparing before-and-after shots from projects we’ve completed, because we can SEE the results of our efforts. HENCE, Pinterest is like the perfect high-test gasoline to get our Pink Cadillac (or in Don & Fiona’s case, a mint-turquoise 1974 Fiat La Spiaggina w/ wicker seats and cloth-top!) motors revving!

We delight in being able to pin & post pictures of our own interior design work. This way, you can see for yourselves exactly what we devote our time and energy to. (We love our jobs, but we have to give credit to our amazing clientele as well… after all we are just helping them achieve their interior design dreams & wishes!) The ability to upload your own content, as well as pass and shuffle ideas of other users so widely and quickly still never ceases to amaze us! Another plus is showing-off all of the cool stuff we currently have available in our actual store, located in downtown Easton, Maryland of course. With Pinterest, we pretty much can have our cake and eat it too.  (Did we mention how we actively scour boards for new recipes??)

We know what it does for us, in helping to show the World what we do… Now here are some of the benefits we hope it provides YOU, as our future loyal Pinterest Followers 😉

Inspiration.  A fun, colorful & stylish page to go online window-shopping and glean ideas for your own abode.  

Inventory.  See what’s out there, both on the market and in our physical store (on Goldsborough St).  And after our recent expansion, we of course have more to show you!  Fun fun!!  Find out what’s trending and also get specs (dimensions, price, etc.) of the decor we have on-hand or available to order.  If you see something you like, don’t be afraid to pull out that credit card and give us a call!

Information.  Helpful stuff! Some style, some common sense, and some technical pins for navigating the realm of home decor & interior design.   Also, preferences and recommendations, if we have them.

If you haven’t already created a Pinterest page for yourself, go ahead… it has a very mild learning curve and you can literally fill your board with über-interesting content in a matter of minutes!  It might just become your “Go-To-Google” for tackling pretty much anything and everything. Aquaponic Gardening?  Gluten-free recipes for decadent double-chocolate brownies?  Boho Bedroom ideas?  Just name it.  We’ll try to keep our page just as interesting.

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