Holiday Decorating Tips

Need a little last-minute decorating advice to help get your home ready for the holidays?

Well, here are a few ideas and insights from Don, Fiona & their staff of elves…

One of the keywords to keep in mind is “resourcefulness”. Take a look at your outdoor surroundings. Use easily-found items such as pinecones, magnolia leaves and interesting branches or large pieces of bark. And if you spot something in the neighbor’s yard? A great opportunity to take over a friendly & festive token (homemade goodies, bottle of wine/eggnog) and ask, “may I snip a few berries from your beautiful holly bush?”.

A K.I.S.S. approach is strongly recommended, as these understated elements by themselves can be more effective than you might realize. Don’t overthink this!

Use live, blooming plants, such as cyclamen, amaryllis and paper whites…and add moss for extra color and warmth. By using elements like red twig dogwood in simple fashion, you’re succeeding in “not taking away the elegance of nature”. Plus, you’re helping save time for the other things you need to do on your list (wrapping, baking, snoozing, etc.).

If you’re feeling a little crafty, here’s a creative idea. Start with a few poinsettias purchased from your local florist, church or grocery store. They don’t have to be the traditional red; in fact, we like the light green and creamy white shades the best. Cut the foil down to a less-tacky level (but ensuring there is enough left to contain soil & water) and wrap the pots in craft paper. This one easy addition instantly personalizes and transforms them into something so. much. better.

Thinking you want to go a little further outside-of-the-box? Reach beyond the traditional Christmas red & green with inspiration from Lilly Pulitzer (hot pink and lime green) or John Saladino (lavender and silver).

Make a wreath out of unexpected items—like pencils wrapped in colorful ribbons and yarns.

Yarn Wreath

Add fresh greens to a fake wreath to help it stay fresher looking for a longer period of time—especially if it takes a beating from the sun.

Garland Wreath

Wrap large blow-up exercise balls with strings of lights and hang from trees.

Scatter small to medium sized Christmas balls along the center of the dining room table for added color and fun. Or use cranberries, kumquats and key limes.

Add garland to the non-traditional or unexpected places—around paintings, over interior windows and doorways.

Establish family traditions like Christmas crackers with paper crowns inside for everyone to wear during dinner.

We have many more ideas… but have to run now!

Happy Holidays,

Fiona & Don (and The Elves)

Dwelling & Design

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