Project Focus: Beach House

Project Focus: Beach House

Photographs courtesy of Dwelling & Design and Marnie Custom Homes.

Not far from the salty ocean waves and warm sandy beaches stands this oasis within an oasis. Three stories of custom designed luxury, with views for days and room for the whole fam, including your in-laws (we’ll let you make the call on that one).

A new build atop an old footprint, the square footage of this Whitewashed Meilu has been maximized, providing ample space both indoors and out. Climb the steps to the front door, which is raised 3/4 level. The combination entry and stairwell is open and inviting, with attractive shiplap-covered walls. 

The main floor includes the family area and bedrooms. The upper level (which is really the true living area) houses kitchen, dining area, and den. It also has a spare room with daybed. The lower level includes garage and utility room. 

The house is friendly, inviting and family-centric; with abundant seating found in every room. The outdoor decks and balconies are no exception! The open floor plan encourages a flow and rotation from one room to the other.

While appointing the interior, it was important to the family that the spaces be “bright, fun and comfortable”. This home easily delivers on all of those notes, guided by the energy and expertise of interior designer Fiona Weeks for Dwelling & Design. The home itself was meticulously crafted by Marney Custom Homes.

We can only imagine spending a few days at this dreamy beach getaway, taking in the fresh air and designer home decor.

Start the day having breakfast with stools gathered around the kitchen counter. Glass doors add extra depth to the kitchen space and allow the colorful cabinet contents to show out.

A soft, “white-washed” palette enhances the light and airy space.

Clever corner shelving cleanly joins up to the sleek, contemporary, driftwood-inspired pantry and cabinetry.

Take in the views (TV included) from the kitchen’s central configuration.

You’ll find a bit of whimsy scattered about, with colors and patterns featured here, there and everywhere (especially with lighting and decor accessories from Stray Dog Designs).

The playful personality of the home is accentuated with the coastal Americana artwork, the delicate dragonflies printed in the tapestries, and the colorful, mix-matched chairs around the porch’s outdoor dining table. 

Light floods into the family room on the upper level thru two sets of french doors and transom windows. The unique, vaulted ceiling is spacious and cozy at the same time. Shiplap surfaces give a “sea vessel” dimension and ambiance to the space.

Continuing with the theme of “light and airy”, the rattan open-design bar cart keeps all of the spirits handy and organized, while not physically imposing too much into the space.

Cement tiles give an organic, artisan feel to the bathroom floor. Blue sunbursts fearlessly radiate bold, maritime color; when otherwise darker walls could feel confining. 

Natural, woven baskets and fun-spirited artwork provide grounding and good vibes. push good vibes into every corner. 

A chaise lounge in the corner is perfect for afternoon naps, while the cool salty breeze blows thru the windows. Window treatments utilize blue and fawn, combining nautical and earthy colors, mimic the shoreline where water meets land.

White linens are bright, crisp and completely refreshing after long, hot, sandy days at the beach.

Built-in bed designed to make use of the two vintage shutters the client had. 

The lines of this zig-zag wallpaper move up and down like the waves of an ocean. They create an exciting focal point for the bedroom and replace the need for a traditional headboard.

Seafoam gray walls are warm and cool at the same time.

The ship-like walls and minimalist coastal décor carry thru the stairwell. The passageway is simple and strong, and the trim is perfectly complimentary to the square theme of the space and house as a whole.

Enjoy lunch sitting at the outdoor dining table (with the afforementioned, lovely mix-matched painted wooden chairs), conveniently protected by the level above from the harsh midday sun. 

Walk over to the beach–just a stone’s throw away–for an afternoon swim.

Indoor/outdoor furniture is perfect for leaving outside year round (although you may want to cover in the colder months to add longevity to the fabric). The rug is also intended for outdoor use, and can easily be swept or rinsed. We love this worry free furniture that lends itself to the carefree mentality we have while living your best beach life.

Adirondack chairs complete the setting.

A low, minimal railing allows for unobstructed sightlines and water views. We are seriously ready to lean into this whole beach vacation vibe, put our feet up and shine.

Toast to the beautiful summer day and watch the sunset while lounging on the upper level with the best views. 

Retreat back indoors and end the night with popcorn and a movie, digging into the comfort of the sprawling sectional in the family room.

We’re officially jealous! With so much contained within one package, this might be the first and last beach house you’d ever want to own. 

Cheers to making the most of your Summer this year!

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