Project Focus: Fun on the Waterfront

Revisiting one of our favorite summertime spreads.

Take in the views at this charming Cape Cod while relaxing outdoors in Talbot County. Luxurious porch and patio seating arrangements take full advantage of pool and waterfront location.

The introduction of fuchsia into a breathtaking landscape of blue creates the perfect complement of tertiary colors.

The furniture framework perfectly picks up on architectural details such as the decorative porch screen.

Utilizing the surrounding beauty of water and sky, the furniture and design components merely serve to frame and enhance the natural features already on display.

Whimsical, pink-nautical fabrics pair well with the strong bones and refined craftsmanship of the furniture. This combination of flair and function suit the individual personalities of the homeowners, who enjoy entertaining, poignant conversation, and most of all–having fun with friends.

Interior/Outdoor design by Fiona Newell Weeks

Story and Photographs by Dwelling & Design

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