Summer Trends – Part 1

Summer Trends – Part 1

Summer Trends | Dwelling & Design

Looking ahead to Summer (yes we are!), we’re more than ready to turn the page on the past few weeks and start this new season inspired and reinvigorated.

Admittedly, our perspectives have changed and we’re seeing everything from a different angle, and under a new light—both as clients and designers.

Generally speaking, the current trends are emotion and practicality driven more than ever…as people are craving the things that make them happy, as well as items that will help organize and make sense of their lives right now.

We’ve surveyed the design landscape–including projects we’re currently working on, projects by other national designers, plus recent and upcoming releases from our favorite manufacturers–to compile this latest list of hot summer trends.

Blues | Dwelling & Design

Photos courtesy of Dwelling & Design

The Blues

Yeah, we’re making fun of our own rollercoaster of emotions, but the blues are always in style. Cool, calming and a pure joy to work with. Between our home decor and the amazing textile companies we work with, we’re always discovering a new shade of blue! 

Wallpaper design by Johathan Hartig for Schumacher

From a design standpoint, blues offer so much flexibility for decorating in classic or contemporary styles. After being in business all these years, it’s getting pretty obvious that the blues will never NOT be in fashion, and we should definitely be happy about it.

Yellow | Dwelling & Design

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow!

As soon as you start seeing yellow—sunflowers, sundresses, all of it—you know Summer is right around the corner. No other shade is as full of radiant cheer. Hence, this has always been a popular color for any area that needs a morale boost.

Featured wallpapers by Schumacher

Wallcoverings featuring fun patterns and lemon yellow are really hot at the moment. We can’t think of any better way to cheer yourself up than by bringing this color into your world. Even a little bit can go a long way!

Multifunctional Spaces by Southern Living

Multifunctional Spaces by Southern Living

Photos courtesy of Southern Living

Photo courtesy of Dwelling & Design. Interior design by Fiona Weeks.

Built-ins and Multifunctional Pieces

Shifting away from colors for a moment, we are really digging this latest design trend. Built-in features are clever and tremendously versatile. We love to see how people utilize their spaces!

There is so much room for innovation in this category. Usually the name of the game is storage–and honestly, who doesn’t need more of it? Benches with lids that open to access large storage cavities…chairs that combine to form box shelving…bookcases that open as secret doors. We can’t get enough.

Multifunctional Spaces (i.e. remote working)

This is the perfect follow-up category to what we just got done talking about. With more people working remotely from home, obviously, space is required to actually work. Some people have dedicated offices. Others are setup at the dining room table or maybe squeezed into one corner of their living room. The need for multifunctional spaces is real.

Whether reconfiguring your existing spaces or starting fresh, here are a few things to consider.

If you have eating space at the kitchen counter, you’re ahead of the game. Easily convert the previous dining space into a new working office area.

Combine home office with guest bedroom. Whether it’s a sleeper sofa or pulldown bed, this makes a ton of sense.

If converting a space, it doesn’t have to be super complicated either. Use what you have, whether it’s a sideboard, small table, waist-high shelf, or traditional desk. Any surface where you can lay your laptop is going to be productive!

Dwelling & Design

Photos courtesy of Dwelling & Design


Speaking of communing with nature, everyone is currently obsessed with green. Not in a green invasion kind of way, but rather a strategic incorporation of some of this color in each space. Why the uptick in green? 

Green has a grounding effect, which is calming during turbulent times such as these. Whether a soothing, deep green velvet or a lively lime that energizes, green is full of natural, feel-good qualities. Not a bad thing right about now. 

Photo courtesy of Kingsley Bate

Enhance Outdoor Spaces

Enhancing your outdoor space is not something you’re likely to regret. Everyone has cabin fever right now. We wanna get out! 

Photos courtesy of Dwelling & Design. Exterior design by Fiona Weeks.

Our #1 suggestion is to create a functional space where you can be comfortable doing whatever it is you do. Soak in some sun, read a book in the shade, throw some steaks or portabellas on the grill. Heck, why not setup your office outdoors for a day?

Start with table and chairs, add an umbrella and build from there. The sky is the limit.

Check out our latest Pinterest board: Summer Inspo.

Summer Trends: Part Two

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