Summer Trends – Part 2

Summer Trends – Part 2

Summer Trends | Dwelling & Design

Looking ahead to Summer (yes we are!), we’re more than ready to turn the page on the past few weeks and start this new season inspired and reinvigorated.

Admittedly, our perspectives have changed and we’re seeing everything from a different angle, and under a new light—both as clients and designers.

Generally speaking, the current trends are emotion and practicality driven more than ever…as people are craving the things that make them happy, as well as items that will help organize and make sense of their lives right now.

We’ve surveyed the design landscape–including projects we’re currently working on, projects by other national designers, plus recent and upcoming releases from our favorite manufacturers–to compile this latest list of hot summer trends.

If you’re just arriving to the scene, we suggest reading Part One first. If not, onward!



Murals of any kind…abstract shapes and strokes, geometrical patterns, graffiti throw-ups, life-size scenes or portraits…whatever you can imagine. Talk about adding life to your walls! We like the idea of dedicating a full wall to this effort. You can leave it standing alone to admire like a large-scale painting in a gallery, or decorate around it.

Photos courtesy of Schumacher


Not ready to commit to a mural, but still want to add some interest to your walls? Wallpaper is back. And you have choices. Lots. One rule = it has to be fun. At least WE say so. Getting too conservative will make you remember the old days of wallpaper (not in the good ways) and otherwise, why bother?

Photos courtesy of Schumacher

Want to get wild and crazy? We’ll go there. We like to party, and we like a house that shouts PARTY! even more. We’re color addicts, what can we say? Feelin this vibe? Check out these and many more wallpapers that are inspiring Fiona right now. Pinterest: Summer Inspo.

Floretta by Juliska

Photo courtesy of Juliska

Floral Patterns

These are huge right now. We’re seeing florals everywhere from wallpaper, textiles, dishes, artwork, fashion…what else? Designers and average Joe’s alike enjoy the colorful positivity of florals, as well as their versatility. Not only do they offer color, but also attractive shapes, geometry, texture and can be placed anywhere at any time, in the background or forefront.

Dwelling & Design | Fiona Newell Weeks

Interior design by Fiona Weeks. Photo courtesy of Dwelling & Design.


Yes, you read that correctly. This trend is all about adding elegance. It’s also a fine way to add more warmth and texture. Hey, you either love it or you hate it. But it’s a thing in 2020.

Interior design by Fiona Weeks | Dwelling & Design

Interior design by Fiona Weeks. Photo courtesy of Dwelling & Design.

Contrasting Décor

Fact: This is not new for us—we’ve done this for as long as we can remember. Glad more people are starting to get on board and see the tremendous visual appeal that pairing contrasting colors (they are often opposite one another on the color wheel) can have.

Photo by Dwelling & Design

Interior design by Homeowner and Fiona Weeks. Photo courtesy of Dwelling & Design. See Project Focus: Relaxing Retreat in Tunis Mills.

Current trends for implementing this idea include colored cabinets. If you have a light countertop color, go with a dark cabinet color. And vice versa. Dark navy cabinets with light countertops are particularly stunning.

By starting on either end of the color spectrum, now you have all the room in the middle to operate and add your accessories.

Dwelling & Design

Photo courtesy of Dwelling & Design

Pink Earthy Shades

This one seems to contradict all of the prior trends we’ve mentioned. However, there’s still a dedicated niche for the soft peaches, corals and terra cottas. And we firmly believe that everyone can get along. Remember that middle ground we were just describing? To that end, we have always loved pairing white, navy and coral. Not looking for such a stark contrast?

Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Do what soothes you and put similar shades from the same family together. When using softer, more neutral palettes, this is the ideal opportunity to highlight textures of the individual elements present. There is something to be said for cherishing these more subtle features and design cues. The textile designers themselves will appreciate your eye for details.

Dwelling & Design | Interior design by Fiona Weeks

Interior design by Fiona Weeks. Photo courtesy of Dwelling & Design.

Decluttered spaces, more thoughtful living

This overlaps with multifunctional pieces and spaces (see Part 1) to a very large degree. However, rather than trying to get more out of less, sometimes we just need to pitch it. Getting rid of clutter and other unnecessary items has an incredible transformative effect. Suddenly, you can find things again! The keys and remote controls are where you put them. Instead of mad shuffling to find what’s under piles of paper, you can actually look across the room and see if something’s on the table or not.

The keys and remote controls are where you put them! Uhhh…that admittedly might be a stretch. But point is, we’re actually saving ourselves time and frustration by keeping a tidy home. (Keys and remote controls will always have minds of their own.)

So, that’s it. Chime in on what you like or don’t. Which do you think will be gone quickly?…and which do you think will be around for awhile? Let us know what you think.

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