Table Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

Seeing what our designers do year-round is pretty spectacular. When it comes time for the holidays, it seems like they always have a little extra inspiration to add to make the setting wow-worthy. Here are a few ideas they shared for setting the table, whether it be more traditional, injecting a little coastal flair, or imagining something all your own. The important part–get creative (yourself, kids, parents, everyone) and have fun.

Experiment with color. Try integrating blue & white for a refreshingly cool, coastal look. Or pick your favorite color–you can even take turns each year deciding–and work around that scheme, bringing out your inner interior designer.

Local foraging. Trimmings from holly trees with lovely dark green leaves and bright red berries. Pine branches for garlands and wreaths. Pinecones. Shells, seaglass and driftwood for bringing in that beach inspiration.

Add extra Eastern Shore flair with deer antlers. Yes, we said it. Embrace the outdoors!

Light things up. Not only will candles add a feeling of warmth, but the playful dance of a flame often inspires conversation. Use hurricane vases to protect the garland, etc. and ensure the kids don’t burn down the house.

Another alternative: battery-powered LED lighting, woven into a table wreath or garland.

Placemats. Go colorful and creative with placemats gold or plaid (see page 14 of our Gift Catalog).  Or if simplicity is the aim, materials like burlap add an inexpensive, textural element (and can easily be repurposed), while letting the other more colorful elements sing.

Another idea: see Juliska’s Sentimental Tidbits plates (page 25 of Gift Catalog)

Fresh fruit. Decorate with colorful, fresh fruit and you won’t have to worry about packing these away after the New Year! An easy grab and healthy alternative to satisfying those sweet cravings. Pears and citrus are particularly delectable this time of year!

Personal placesettings. Use stamps and stickers on folded, blank stationary. Use those carefully-honed calligraphy skills, or let the kids do the honors (sure to be good for some laughs afterwards). 

Play a game around the table, like everyone taking turns explaining what they’re ‘most thankful for this year’, or sharing an all-time favorite holiday memory.

Bonus post-meal idea: Hot Chocolate Bar. Place personalized mugs around the table, inviting everyone for a warm cup of cocoa. Bar options may include candy canes, cinnamon sticks and eggnog. Adults can add a splash of coffee or Bailey’s to take things up a notch. Cheers!

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