Upcoming Trends: Late 2016/Early 2017

Okay, so before we get underway, we have a quick question.  Um, tracksuits…?  TRACKSUITS???  We heard a bird chirping the other day that these were on their way back, and… whatever.  If that’s what the kids wanna parade around in, then like we said, WHATEVER.  We have different ideas when it comes to dressing ourselves (like a little less polyester), but will always do our best to go with the flow!  


Anyways… onto more serious conversation (we think!). Whilst looking around and anticipating the changing of the seasons, we’ve made some observations across the design realm – fashion, furniture, fabrics, etc. — and thought we’d share. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Metallics. Some designers say in, others say out

First of all, we encourage you to trust your own taste and go with what pleases you! That being said, there are plenty of examples indicating they’re still in.  Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan has brought metals into the vintage luxury conversation, highlighting those items which feature “desirable accents” such as secondary metal details (i.e. copper fruit bowl with brass rim; silver mug w/ gold handle, etc.) or observable manufacturing specs such as a date or the brand name. Metals have stood the test of time as being valuable commodities on this planet, so we don’t think that’s going to change, like, ever.

Technicolor stripes.  We’re not talking rainbows per se, more like light refractions on the dark side of the moon.  Come on, you know the iconic album cover we’re referring to (Pink Floyd!).  These bold colors, when utilized in stripe format, are fluid and electric.  There’s an energy and excitement level you’ll feel while flashing these colorful combinations on apparel, upholstery, or accessories on the street and throughout your home.  And no, you absolutely do not have to go full-throttle here — in case you’re feeling intimidated or a bit gun-shy.  A little can go a long way in simply tying colorful elements within a room together, with suggested accessories such as pillows, rugs and throws.  Check out some of the latest textile patterns from Osborne & Little here.  And for even more fun, customize your own items… we can do that for you too, btw!

(For those who just got “all excited up in here” regarding the wilder possibilities of Technicolor, here’s a #hot tip — check out current contemporary artist Felipe Pantone.)

And now, get ready to pump those brakes for a sec…

ripped wallpaper

Granny florals.  Granny florals??  You mean those super-busy bunched floral patterns with horribly drab background colors we’ve been waging war against for the last several decades??  It feels SO good ripping that old wallpaper off the walls and rescuing mankind from that tired and dusty era!  Yes.  It.  Does.

But no… actually that’s not what’s currently trending.  They may say “granny florals”, but that’s just to get your attention.  This is a far-cry reference to the honestly brilliant new flower-themed textiles being produced by companies such as Designers Guild (see Brand Focus: Designers Guild), Thibaut and many others.  So don’t get confused (or terrified) when you hear this subject being talked about.  We love these new patterns — just not the old term they’re using for them!

(Matter of fact, if you come up with something clever or more appropriate, other than “granny florals”, please share your suggestions below.)

 BTW: We apologize for our middle-aged sass or baditude (“bad attitude” — we made that up.). We’ll stop throwing shade now.

fall leaves

Seasonal Shifts Made Easy. Looking for those easy-to-swap accessories to change the mood of the room? We have your options covered. Rugs, throws, “perky” pillows and table linen ensembles… come hither!

Darker, warmer colors are no-brainers when seasons change and head towards cooler temperatures. And we’ll say it, but you already know it — with shorter and dimmer days, deep colors are simply more visible than soft pastels; and saturated, earthy colors, including oranges, reds and browns make ya feel a lil bit warmer on those damp, drafty fall or winter days.

pantone fall 2016

Alternative colors for those wanting to achieve a similar effect, but in a less traditional way? Check out Pantone’s totally-inspo (inspiring) Fall selections… including one medium-toned purple humbly named “Bodacious”, a rich golden yellow with the hunger-inducing moniker of “Spicy Mustard” and a deep, dark green hue that simply owns the title, “Lush Meadows”. All very visual, with goals of taking your mind off the depression-inducing doldrums of winter. You can check all 10 Fall 2016 colors out here.   

Another easy solution with dramatic, instantaneous effects is changing your table linens and settings. You know what we mean… the transformation factor is huge! For a wonderful variety of options regarding settings, check out our favorite source @Juliska, and for linens @LeJacquardFrancais.


Resurgence of Natural Elements.

Raw, unbleached cotton makes for not only visually interesting and comfortable upholstery, but also ethically made products as well. We broached this subject with our Summer Setting Pt. 1 blog, and kindly wish to remind everyone of this eco- mindset and movement. You can have your cake and eat it too in a new age of industry, and we are proud to carry multiple brands who follow these principals.

natural elements living room interior design

Nature vs. Technology. Just as there will always (seemingly) be a battle of colors vs. neutrals, the Trump’s versus the Clinton’s, and the universal yin and yang, so will exist the push and pull between Technology — with it’s beeps, chimes and email swooshes — and the raw, guttural cries of Mother Nature. (Although they do share the whole “vibration” phenomena.) At least that’s the way it’s shaping up in the 21st century. And manifestations of this are hence popping up in the design world in interesting ways.

In a blog we authored earlier this year (“Trending… 1, 2, 3”), we touched on effective applications for blending the two. For this particular installment, we observe a more cut and dry approach – as in complete separation – of the two in some instances. Living rooms “free from tech” and formal dining rooms with one sole, dedicated mission are amongst those areas where we often yearn to separate the calm from the frenzy. Whether done on the basis of principal, or as an attempt to carve out a slice of isolationist utopia, the point is made.  And the results are effective, from both a conscious-living perspective as well as implementation of attractive design.

Fiona Weeks Dwelling&Design Interior Design Project Kitchen

 [Photograph + Project Design by Fiona Newell Weeks of Dwelling & Design]

Getting back to a world where the kids get along, and share their toys & play spaces, we bring kitchens into focus — where a more mingled approach can pay dividends. Mix and match matte cabinet finishes with shiny, glass mosaic backsplashes and hammered-metal countertops. Throw some funky hardware and appliances into the equation and cooking dinner quickly becomes just as exciting (and perhaps costly!) as taking your Porsche or Mercedes coupe out for a spin. Ok, so maybe not kid’s play, especially with cutlery and such… but made for a nice analogy at first.  

Quick tip before we run — check out those super-sleek black stainless appliances that were flying under the radar a few years ago, but have really stepped into the spotlight recently. They create a handsome, dark contrast with shades of white, soft gray marble, and warm, bold colors as well.



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