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 A new line for us. But over a century of style, workmanship and innovation.

 With its long and reputable history, Hickory Chair enjoys instant brand name recognition. Originating in 1911, an astute team of businessmen started the company in Hickory, North Carolina (hence the name!). Since then, HC has blazed a hugely successful path in the furniture universe with an eye-for-design, innovative production methods, unique client customizations and care for their highly skilled workers, now generations deep.

 Classic American Style.

 Hickory Chair is artisanal upholstery, defined by Classic American style. In the 1960’s, Jacqueline Kennedy brought this style to popularity, as the public eye watched with great interest her efforts redecorating the White House. Fast forward 50 years, and Hickory Chair is responsible for building custom chairs and beds for President Barack Obama and his family, within the same prestigious house where the style became so famous.

Michelle Obama | Marvin Joseph | Hickory Chair

Michelle Obama sitting in Spool Chair by Hickory Chair. Photo courtesy of Marvin Joseph for The Washington Post.

Spool Chair | Hickory Chair

Spool Chair by Hickory Chair (available at Dwelling & Design).

What do we love about HC?

We love the quality, timelessness and boundless creativity that is brought to life with every crafted piece. Because of Hickory Chair’s artisanal talents and manufacturing abilities, pieces are tailored to fit any taste or desire, including their very own Artists Studio* that applies custom finishes and hand painted decorations.

It is truly astonishing the variety of furniture they offer for any room, in any style or category. Selections* range from dining tables, game tables, bar carts, beds, bookcases and display cabinets, to stools, accent chairs and full line of upholstery options.

How does Hickory Chair offer the client a more hands-on design experience?

Lots of online customization tools are available (although some may be for designer only). View the vast Textiles library including performance fabrics, embroidery, material and pattern options for any taste or suit. You can even utilize a Room Planner, identifying your exact room shape, fixture, other components and specifications—to digitally ‘place’ pieces within the space and decide on perfect layout. Also, choose hardware options wrought in premium metals.

Hickory Chair | Hardware

Photo courtesy of Hickory Chair.


Environmentally Responsible

“We take the long view when it comes to things like product quality and the environment,” said company President, Jay Reardon. “Our processes are responsible and personal. And our furniture is timeless instead of disposable. That’s what our company’s first hundred years has taught us. Basically, that the essence of true sustainability is style and quality that lasts.” (courtesy of

Designer Collections

Earlier this year, designer Ray Booth introduced his collection for Hickory Chair. When describing the style he brings, he provided an insight that is rather indicative of the company as a whole: “The juxtaposition of old and new is a signature of my work. I believe when standing at the junction of where we have been and where we are today, we can often glimpse where we might be going next.”

Garroux Sofa. Designed by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair.

Marais Bench. Designed by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair.

Alden Cocktail Table. Designed by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair.

Suzanne Kasler | Hickory Chair

Photo of Suzanne Kasler courtesy of Hickory Chair.

Another designer for the HC brand we love is Suzanne Kasler (you’ll see several of her pieces in our showroom). Hailing from Atlanta, she takes traditional and ever so slightly pushes the envelope, producing wonderful results including bits of flair, luxury and clever stylistic cues.  

Hickory Chair | High Point Market

Photograph courtesy of Hickory Chair instagram account (@hickorychair)

At High Point Market this month, Hickory Chair’s brand new Hable Collection (a collaboration with Susan and Kate Hable) will be released. The new collection features modern bedroom, dining room and living furniture. Susan Hable shares, “Hickory Chair is part of an outstanding tradition in American manufacturing. By inviting Hable to collaborate, they created designs with a decidedly global point of view that sits as comfortably in a traditional setting as it does a modern home or an informal city loft.”

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity of sharing Hickory Chair with our clientele and look forward to building (literally!) our relationship with them, bringing to life all sorts of creativity and unique pieces in the future. 


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