Trends 2020/21

Peeking ahead to see what’s trending, while also taking into account how a global pandemic has influenced our choices within the design landscape.

Anyone ready to start thinking about 2021 yet? Actually, the real question is–is anyone not? If the new colors forecasted by Pantone are any indication, hopefully next year will have us feeling all realigned and energized. Let’s jump into it and work our way down the list of home furnishings and interior design ideas–some catching flames, and others already smoldering.

Photo courtesy of Natural Curiousities

Ruby, Emerald and other jewel tones.

According to High Point Market insiders, Pantone, and others, this is where it’s at now and in the future. This palette is timeless and has had a loyal following for nearly a century. Count us amongst them. (We’re not that old though!)

We’ll include Turquoise and Celadon in this conversation as well. Always nice on their own for bright pops of color; or throw them into your blue and white scheme for some added sophistication.

We have to admit, this recent trend is right in our wheelhouse, whether you’re talking furnishings, accessories, artwork or even jewelry (hint hint: Julie Vos). If this is where 2021 is headed, we’re gonna be pretty OK with that. Shine, jewel tones, shine!

Photo courtesy of John Robshaw.


The “new neutral”? Whether it’s Schumacher, John Robshaw, Dulux or others, these companies are breaking out the browns. Mother. Loving. What?? Yes, that’s right.

Whether it’s described as the “new neutral” or “boho-inspired”, the #brownout is coming. Believe me, even having a bit of insider knowledge, this isn’t something we were expecting.

We’re gonna go with it, although we may have to dip our toes into a bit of Greige before we’re totally warmed up to the idea.

Ceiling color

Whether with paint or wallpaper, adding actual color to your ceiling can be totally liberating. One, it gives you a different surface to express your creativity. Two, ceiling details that might otherwise go unnoticed now become recognized features. Three, if done well, it can actually make the space feel larger.

We encourage you to go for it! If you need some ideas, or recommendations, hit us up.

Photo courtesy of Schumacher


Back from the dead. Sometimes it’s crazy to think how far this actually died off. Like basically on the verge of extinction. But have wallcoverings ever come roaring back!

Why has this happened, you may be wondering? A couple guesses on our part (in chronological order of course):

  1. Homeowners are tired and bored with the DIY look. Painting your own walls and kitchen cabinets? That’s so 2012.
  2. A more sophisticated palette has emerged and gravitated towards another important interior design element: textiles. An evolution of the average American’s “sense of design” has progressed from accent pillows to bedroom linens to upholstered furniture to…what’s the most logical surface? Walls of course. And more often than not, Ceilings.

Evolution can be a beautiful thing. Here’s lookin at you (and all those questionable wallpaper decisions) Grandma!

Photo courtesy of AKDO.

Tile Impact / Statement Surfaces

Want to make a statement? Looking for a space to hang that gorgeous tile you laid eyes on in our design center? Well, those goals can be different, or one and the same.

Tile has become so popular, that it has outgrown the modern usage strictly in kitchens and baths. Also, if it’s a single wall you’re thinking about, the project is going to be much more economical than say an entire shower or bathroom.

Also, for a more traditional but no less covetable option, there are plenty of scenic wallpaper murals, or hire an artist for a straight-up handpainted creation. It’s your home, so make it one that speaks to you.

Larger Showers & Bathrooms

Can’t get away to the spa? Create your own private retreat. De-stressing is much easier to do in a large, well-appointed space. Just sayin’. Go big or go home. Or…go big at home.

Photo courtesy of Dana Gibson Designs

Lighting – Couture Lamps

We’re seeing a continuation of metal in heavy doses (get it…heavy metal). Mixed metals, assorted finishes, etc. The exciting area of growth, however, is in the design and usage of organic forms. Nature has been very inspiring this year and will continue to influence lighting designs in 2021.

Photo courtesy of LEE Industries.

Performance fabrics

In step and stride with the “outdoors” movement, performance fabrics are more and more becoming the homeowners’ choice…even for indoor furniture. It’s hard to ignore the fact that they offer the best of both worlds: durability, plus all the colors, patterns and softness you get with traditional fabrics. Even micro suedes are making a comeback!

To-Bay-Go Rug. Photo courtesy of Company C.

Varying, unexpected textures

The craving for textiles continues to grow in more creative measures. We love this unique trend, particularly with floorcoverings. Combining different weaves and piles adds dimension and variety, while the overall outcome very much resembles a work of art.


Although full-blown entertaining is still curbed at the moment, we are no doubt planning and designing our spaces with just that in mind. The only questions is…”when do I get to show off my beautiful new space?”. Well, we can’t answer that. But, we can help get you ready for when it happens. And it will be a marvelous moment, indeed (insert cabin-fever-induced maniacal laughter).

Until then, stay the course and stay safe!

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