HPMKT Fall 2020 Recap

Well, this year was different!

High Point Market Fall edition was both longer and shorter, if that’s even possible. Longer because it was scheduled over a longer period to spread out the appointments with vendors and attendees; and shorter because frankly we wanted to go, purchase all of the best lovelies we could find, and get out as soon as possible (for the safety of ourselves and everyone else).

Honestly, it was very surreal at times. Attendance was scattered (see explanation above) so there were open expanses of emptiness, where usually it would be filled with a busy flurry of designers, company reps, etc.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed our time there, visited some very impressive booths and found enough things to be satisfied. A buying trip was desperately needed, as we’ve been a bit depleted with the increased sales and decreased production this year.

While we have been fortunate to stay working during this crisis, others have not been so fortunate (LEE Industries was forced to shut down production for two months). We keep everyone in the industry in our thoughts as we all patiently wait to get through to the other end of this.

That being said, the fact that this event could happen is a huge positive for all of us (the Spring market set for April earlier this year was cancelled, btw).

Disclaimer: This is an abbreviated recap, as it was a whirlwind two days, but here are the highlights we captured from our trip!

A few nice pieces of ARTWORK we saw passing by. The last one looks like lily pads mixing with oxygen bubbles. (That’s why we love abstract–it’s crazy what you can see in these things.)

THIBAUT’s showroom was beautiful as always!

Okkayyy??? 🙂

We didn’t take too many photos of the LEE INDUSTRIES showroom, mainly because we were so infatuated that we forgot! They have definitely been in the kitchen this year, developing and releasing several key new pieces to their already impressive lineup. Stay tuned for what we bring to the shop!


And last but not least was PALACEK, our favorite showroom this year. So fun, light and airy, we almost don’t mind the entire absence of color! Actually, we love their neutral palette, and adding our own splashes of colors for projects and in the showroom. Such a perfect match for us!

See something you like? Let us know!

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