Holiday Message From Us

We couldn’t be more thankful this year for our customers and clients during a time unlike anything we’ve seen, or hopefully will ever see, again.

One of the silver linings during this time has been forming new relationships with customers and gaining closer working relationships with vendors.

Thank you to our vendors that offered special promotions during this extremely difficult time, incentivizing online sales and making shipping of products much easier than expected, when we were forced to close our doors for 6 weeks this Spring.

The Eastern Shore has seen a huge influx of new residents and correlating real estate boom, resulting in an increased demand for interior design services. We’re fortunate to have added several wonderful new clients and work on some amazing homes this year.

While our vendor reps were essentially on “house arrest”, unable to visit their territory’s commercial outlets, they managed to still take care of our needs and provide exceptional customer service from afar.

We extend our best wishes and gratitude to the manufacturers that were forced to close down their facilities for an extended period, and yet still managed to retain their workers. Upon reopening, they have been faced with massive backlogs, shortage of materials and more difficult shipping procedures. We urge anyone expecting to receive home furnishings in the next several months to remain patient, as we commend these companies for adapting and working to catch up as soon as they can.

We hope everyone finds their own special way of celebrating the holidays that is memorable, and look forward to seeing you all (mask free!) in the coming year.

Wishing everyone a very happy & healthy holiday season!

Dwelling & Design

Fiona, Brooke, Michelle, Nicholas, Rae & Caryn

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