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Mala Bed Collection

[Photo courtesy of John Robshaw Textiles.]

From the moment we first encountered John Robshaw’s textiles at market, we felt transported to a foreign, yet familiar place. We found ourselves swooning over the majestic elephant prints and Eastern-inspired themes, which lent themselves perfectly to everything they graced–including pillows, bed linens and stationary. A refreshing sense of “new timelessness” indicated we had found something magical, that we should embrace and share with others.


As a young painter in pursuit of his passions, John found himself traveling East seeking the perfect paint pigments for his projects. What he found was a deep connection with the local artisans he encountered and their tradition of textiles going back decades, if not centuries.

[Pictured: Unique John Robshaw block-print artwork available at Images courtesy John Robshaw Textiles.]

John fell in love with not just the natural beauty of these fabrics–including raw wool and cotton spun with loose, colorful geometric patterns–but also the time-honored production methods. He spent time with these craftsmen, learning their skills and applying their methods—particularly the process of block-printing from detailed wood carvings.

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The Visionary Designer

Throughout the course of his international travels (which include China, India and Indonesia, among other countries), he has discovered and amassed a collection of techniques and patterns that delight his inquisitive mind and inspire his artistic heart. Mixing a variety of styles and aligning them together with his own careful twist and creative vision, he has struck a unique designer chord within himself.

John Robshaw Artisans

[Photo courtesy John Robshaw Instagram: @johnrobshaw]

John’s works display an affinity for the various histories and cultures he has become so familiar with. And he holds the highest regard for these teachers and older practitioners—whom he is inclined to utilize within the fold of his company endeavors today—for their perfectly imperfect, human touch (reference: About John Robshaw at


John Robshaw Textiles

[Photo courtesy of John Robshaw Textiles.]

When admiring the wonderfully broad range of fashionable John Robshaw Textiles products, the continuity and attention to detail is unmistakable. Curved, scalloped edges define not only the elegant, fabric-adhered headboards, but also the fine stationary products as well. Thick, pulpy, recycled paper acts as the perfect canvas for holding rich, bold colors carefully applied by silkscreen or block print. Eastern themes of karma and yogi wisdom proliferate these printed materials, and indoctrinate both the giver and recipient, imbuing feelings of enlightenment and thoughtful charm.

JR Yogi Notecard

[Pictured: John Robshaw Retailer Thank You Card]

Is it possible to charge up the chakras and balance our karmic scale simply by coveting a piece of handmade fabric or paper? We’re not sure, but John Robshaw has us revisiting our feng-shui principles and pondering these ancient Eastern philosophies.



John Robshaw Textiles produces block printed textiles from India including bedding, wardrobe, tabletop, curtains, lounge, travel, gifts & accessories, vintage one-of-a-kind treasures, and much more.

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Don John Fiona

[Photo: Don Wooters & Fiona Newell Weeks of Dwelling & Design with John Robshaw at 2015 NY NOW Market.]

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