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(Pictured: Amy Walstrum and Francesca Wiseman of Imagination Library; Fiona Weeks and Don Wooters of Dwelling & Design.)

Dwelling & Design is pleased to announce their charitable contribution of $1,000 towards the Imagination Library of Talbot County. Funds were raised in July through their annual LEE LOVES LOCAL sale, an initiative focused on giving back to local causes, in coordination with upholstered furniture manufacturer Lee Industries. Dwelling & Design matched funds raised, bringing the total to $1K.

“The support for this cause was fantastic,” says Dwelling & Design co-owner and interior designer Don Wooters. “We hope it helps to raise awareness of this great program, and provide a little extra means for accomplishing their mission of increasing children’s literacy,” he adds.

The Imagination Library currently provides reading materials for over 1,200 children living in Talbot County, pre-school aged and younger.

“Some of the best memories we have as children and parents are reading together at an early age. It encourages learning and creativity during the important formative years, and we all want to see our children live happy, prosperous lives,” adds Fiona Newell Weeks, fellow co-owner and interior designer at Dwelling & Design.

“A little goes a long way…$25 is enough to cover one child for a year…so any charitable support we receive makes a big difference,” says Francesca Wiseman of Imagination Library. “One of the benefits is that the donation stays local, within Talbot County, so anyone who helps can really see their contributions being put to use,” she adds.

“The more books they have access to, the more successful they’ll likely become in life, as it teaches learning and comprehension from an early age,” says Amy Walstrum, volunteer for Imagination Library, who is also a 3rd grade teacher at Chapel Elementary School in Cordova, MD. “Plus, the children look forward to receiving their books through the mail, sent directly to them with their names on the label…it’s exciting and empowering.”

Imagination Library is an independent, non-profit organization that is solely funded through individual donations and community support. Imagination Library provides preschool-aged Talbot County children with free monthly books in an effort to encourage and foster a love of reading, thus preparing them for a successful start to school.

Dwelling & Design was established in 2007 as a partnering between fellow designers Don Wooters and Fiona Newell Weeks. Now entering their 10th year of business, they have made a successful, colorful mark with their professional design services and unique products in the home furnishings and décor realm. Dwelling & Design was recently named 2017 Small Business of the Year by the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce.

For more information about Imagination Library of Talbot County, check out http://www.imaginationlibraryoftalbotcounty.org.

For more information on Dwelling & Design and Lee Industries furniture, visit https://dwellinganddesign.com and http://www.leeloveslocal.com.


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