Dwelling & Design Awarded TCCC 2017 Outstanding Small Business of the Year

The [Talbot County Chamber of Commerce] Chamber’s 2017 Outstanding Small Business Award was given to Dwelling & Design, an interior design and home furnishing business in Easton owned by Fiona Weeks and Don Wooters. 

Chamber director Tracy Berrigan presented the award.

“Weeks and Wooters each bring their own flair and expertise to the business,” Berrigan said. “It’s a great combination of a unique fresh style and a classic style with a traditional twit.”

“They provide personalized service from anything from designing a plan for furnishings a housewares for an entire home or an individual room,” she said. Dwelling & Design employs 6 people from designers to sales associates, experts on bridal registry and marketing specialists, each with a true passion for their work,” Berrigan said.

The business has a large showroom at 13 Goldsborough St., which recently expanded to include a neighboring commercial space.  The reach of its services extends to Annapolis, Washington, DC, Alexandria, VA; Philadelphia, PA; Houston, TX; and Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

It also is involved with several local non-profit organizations.

“We were very surprised when we opened our doors in 2007 at the beginning of the recession,” Don Wooters said about the positive response from the community.

“We just marched forward and spread our creative palette–offered all we had for consumers. We just did not turn back,” he said.

“The community is such a great place for us,” Fiona Weeks said. “And we feel so honored to be able to do what we love, where our passion is. Because sometimes in life you just don’t get that opportunity.”

[Taken from Star Democrat article by Richard Polk appearing Sunday, August 27, 2017.]

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