Trending NOW! Fall 2017 | Conversation with Designers Fiona Weeks & Don Wooters

NY NOW 2017  

Ahead of the NY NOW Trade Show, Dwelling & Design co-owners and designers Fiona Newell Weeks and Don Wooters share their thoughts and insights regarding current trends in 2017 and what’s just around the corner.

Before we begin, you might be asking—what is the NY NOW Trade Show? It’s an annual event—exclusive to those within the trade—featuring 1,000+ innovative exhibitors displaying the latest home furnishings and textiles, décor, and housewares.

Who is setting the trends?

One of the first questions in regards to new and exciting ideas within the industry is—where do they originate? To which Fiona and Don both freely admit, “fashion is most often the driving force behind new home décor trends”.

Don has another insight to add…“Cosmetics,” he says, “seem to have influenced a lot of the colors being used right now.” From lighter blush tones such as dusty pink and creamy peach, to deep, provocative shades of red and purple reminiscent of lipstick, “the popular colors are getting warmer,” says Fiona.

What are the latest decorating styles?

In terms of decorating trends, “it may sound a bit cliché, but we’re seeing a lot of traditional-with-a-twist… and ‘eclectic’ is everywhere”, says Fiona. Naming several of his observations, Don says “high-end classic…English chintz…and old-world glammy glitz; people are striving for a sense of splendor within their spaces.”

Commenting specifically on furniture pieces she has seen recently, Fiona adds, “classic is always in, no matter what…and to the delight of those who prefer a little more old-fashioned flair, Victorian pieces are making a come back as well”. Complimenting this old-world charm in the textile realm, Don mentions ‘Althea’, a pattern famous for its large, colorful florals.

What will you be looking for at market?

When asked what they’ll be observing and looking for at market, they answer by pondering a question of their own—“will more manufacturing be returning to America?”, they ask. They have been monitoring global issues and say that all signs point to more goods being made within the country. “We’ll be looking for more products made in the USA,” they announce, which should be quite a refreshing development for our country’s economy moving forward.

Highlighted below are several trends they’ve noticed are hot right now or will be in the near future.

Robert Abbey Lighting

Mod Lighting (Lamps that shine, even in the daytime)

Lamps are often statement pieces—representations of both form and function. Modern and contemporary lighting, offered by companies such as Robert Abbey (seen above) and Holtkoetter, continues to push the envelope as representations of smooth sculpture, shiny space-age engineering or ultra-refined, contemporary contours. “Abstract-style lighting is very popular now, too” says Don. “While we prefer those with simple yet clever designs, we’re always excited to see the new creations in this category.”

CircaLoft Table Finishes

Natural Finishes (Well, almost.) 

“Perhaps what we mean is not totally painted”, says Fiona. As in whitewashed, distressed, or stained with any variation of color. Kind of like denim, wood is currently cool barely clothed. Wow, who knew “revealing the grain” could be so exciting! “We love the pieces currently available from companies such as CircaLoft (pictured here)”, says Fiona.

Dwellling & Design Showroom

Black & White (And the Gray areas in-between)

Gray has been the go-to alternative neutral in recent years. Now we’re seeing it more commonly include both ends of its’ spectral palette—black and white. “Any colors introduced within these spaces, including the palest of pastels, are going to show extremely well,” says Don. Also, a perfect stage for displaying black & white photography for the more monochromatic connoisseurs (as seen in our showroom setting above).


Malachite Mania

The glowing, opulent tones of green within malachite can be mesmerizing and energizing. “This is great when used as an accent, because the colors are powerful…so you don’t need much to really add a nice punch…even as a faux pattern, it’s very effective,” explains Fiona. Examples of accessory pieces include lamps, small tables, trays, and perhaps drink coasters.

Celadon Audubon Print

Wildlife in a Domestic Setting

Living on the scenic Eastern seaboard, we’re encompassed by beauty—especially in the Chesapeake Bay area. And when it comes to decorating interior spaces, “we can’t help but surround ourselves with more of the same”, says Don. “It’s all about the wildlife. When you know what you love, go with something classic—such as graceful waterfowl artwork or a series of always-timeless Audobon Prints.”

Now, we’re off to New York for market!


Fiona Newell Weeks 

Fiona Newell Weeks, designer and co-owner of Dwelling & Design

Don Wooters

Don Wooters, designer and co-owner of Dwelling & Design

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