High Point 2018 Spring Market Recap

We’re officially back from High Point Market! After days spent scouring the newest product lines, conferring with company reps, placing orders, and savoring the freshest infused-with-everything cocktails, we’re back home. Take a look at our favorite highlights of the show.

Lillian August | High Point Market


If we could pick a theme of the show, it would have to be “evolution”. We witnessed many of our favorite vendors doing exactly what they do best—sticking with familiar design recipes, but pushing the envelope a little—and with much success!

Showroom: Lillian August

Anna French | Thibaut | High Point Market


Making waves with new, colorful products was the legendary Thibaut. Featuring their new ‘Dynasty Collection’, this attraction was one of the most popular at market, and is currently being raved about by design editors and bloggers everywhere (including us…but we were on it WEEKS AGO…see 10 Spring Product Picks). Contrasting colors, especially with fabrics and textiles were prevalent throughout the show, including yellows and blacks as well.

Showroom: Anna French for Thibaut

Visual Comfort | High Point Market


One of the categories that made the biggest and most impressive visual impact was lighting. Some wacky and wild combinations, including oversized mobile-type models, left us starstruck. Keep your eyes on our storefront—there will be some great new lighting styles debuting this year!

Showroom: Visual Comfort

Thibaut | High Point Market


To everyone’s pleasure—including ours and our clients—there were plenty of classic combinations. Sometimes you just can’t get enough of a good thing. These were always done with a refreshing twist, adding new elements of interest and inspiration.

Showroom: Thibaut

Oomph | High Point Market


Keeping the bathroom light and bright is always a priority, but it’s also fun to add a bold splash of color. We like how some of the new fixtures available, including mirrors, light fixtures, vanities, etc. have taken on this role. Tile continues to be a popular trend, and we must say there is no scarcity to choose from. Check out this dramatic bathroom by @Oomph.

Showroom: Oomph (featuring Wallpaper by Thibaut)

Eloquence | High Point Market


Taking neutrals to dramatic new heights were the moody boudoirs and bedrooms that completely pulled us in and took our breath away. These had such an ambiance that it was hard to describe, but suffice it to say we felt transported to another world (maybe not even the present, but perhaps the past). Eloquence’s dreamy showrooms looked like scenes painted straight from a watercolorists’ palette.

Showroom: Eloquence

Artesia | High Point Market


Plenty of natural elements, such as repurposed natural wood, cotton, rope, and woven baskets and furniture adding warmth to the setting. Driftwood was the focal point of many furniture pieces, including dramatic table bases. These natural elements shine when paired with contrasting whites, producing a very clean and healthy vibe.

Showroom: Artesia

GuildMaster | High Point Market


One of our personal favorites that has strong representation of the shore is Coastal. Combinations of blue and white, and water-derived pieces are always in style. We always love to see another color or two injected into this popular theme as well.

Showroom: GuildMaster

Windy O'Conner | High Point Market


Lots of colorful artwork that was impossible to miss. Styles included abstract works, as well as contemporary and anything else you might imagine. We always enjoy viewing the artwork on display as this is such a source of inspiration for us and what we do as designers.

SHOW HIGHLIGHT: Artist Windy O’Connor wore different dresses daily, each taken from one of her paintings or designs. Brilliant!

Showroom: Windy O’Connor

Good Vibes Only | High Point Market


We encountered loads of outdoor performance fabrics that are both great looking and feel good. Lots of gold elements, which is saying something considering its rising popularity over the past several years. Always glamorous! There was a serious “game” theme going around as well, including cards and shuffleboard (as seen above).

Showroom: Rick Brownlee

The Katharine | High Point Market


The market is always busy, so it’s great to be able to take a timeout here and there. Thankfully, there are lots of outstanding restaurants, bistros and bars to refuel, including one of our faves, The Katherine. Their menu of infused cocktails provided quite the thirst-quenching respite we were looking for.

Restaurant: The Katharine

Mint Moped | High Point Market


Surrounded by such creative people and companies, there are surprises seemingly around every corner (including this mint-colored moped with baskets of flowers @ Mr. Brown). In addition to the fabulous vendor displays, that’s one of the things we look forward to each year at High Point Market | The World’s Home for Home Furnishings. We’ll see you again this Fall!

Restaurant: Mr. Brown


Bonus Market Photos:

Artesia | High Point Market

Showroom: Artesia

Bunakara | High Point Market

Showroom: Bunakara

Showroom: Eloquence

Showroom: Eloquence

Showroom: Anna French for Thibaut

Showroom | High Point Market

Showroom: Replacements

Showroom: Matouk

Showroom: Hudson Valley Lighting

Showroom | High Point Market

And the best (or BS) for last. 

Showroom: BS Trading Co.

New merchandise (minus the raccoons) is arriving daily!


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