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OCTOBER 22 – 26, 2016

This week we’re off to North Carolina again for High Point Market: Fall Edition!  We’ll be scoping out the latest styles and bringing the best items back to our store showrooms. 

Ahead of our departure, we’d like to review and share with you some continuing trends, as well as others that are on the rise.  But first, how about a little history on the market itself?


In March of 1909, the first official “Southern Furniture Market” was held in the small town of High Point, NC.  As popularity and attendance increased each year onwards, an exposition building was constructed.  Containing almost 250K square feet of showroom space, and costing nearly $1 million, its doors opened in 1921.  Regular shows would now be held in January and July of each year. 

In 1950, further expansion was required, and the 10-story Wrenn Wing was attached (a $1 milllion addition).  In the years that followed, “in-between” market events emerged during the months of April and October.  These ultimately became better attended, starting in the 1960’s.  The January and July shows were finally discontinued in 1982. 

Also that year, an additional showroom complex debuted, called “Market Square” — and offered even more available showroom space for vendors and manufacturers.  It is this event that solidified High Point as a major furniture exhibition center.

 High Point Exposition Center

Showplace Exposition Building in High Point, NC.  Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.


Let’s get into a few of the hot trends and forecasted styles for this years’ market, shall we?

Geometric designs seem to be finding their way into everything!  Crossing-over into Classic Elegance, Mid-Century Boho, and the nation of Neutral — the obsession with shapes is real!  Fascination is probably a better word for it, as they inject both an organic energy and visual mantra-like balance to the homescape.  Patterns repeat themselves, right?  We must say this is a beloved and versatile trend we hope continues.

 Boho Ottomans

Bohemian-Inspired Leather Ottomans w/ Geometric Stitching $300 

greek key green rug

Greek-Key Patterned Woven Rug (multiple colors available) $68

Canary Yellow Tray

Canary Yellow Lacquered Tray w/ Mother of Pearl Inlays $65

Mixed Metals

Copper, Bronze, Stainless or Aluminum.  Hammered, brushed, polished or oxidized.   Whatever combo you want to put together and throw out there — people can’t get enough of the metallic bling!  So much so, that they are forgoing traditional standards and going counter-intuitive by pairing these alongside soft organics (i.e. woven textiles) and natural or weathered finishes such as driftwood.  It actually reminds us of the past — in a way.  In their most basic consortium, one might imagine the inside of a cabin in the rustic 1700’s — with dull metal  pans & shiny spoons hanging from a large, grainy wooden mantle surrounding an open cooking hearth.  Not to take you back to the dark ages — just a little perspective and humble nod to our ancestors’ old means of living!  Much evolution has taken place since then, and it is of course evident in the lighter and more refined contemporary pairings we are seeing at the present time.

Silver Textile Pillow

Silver Textile Pillow Large $279

Driftwood Table

Driftwood Table $2100

 Undeniably, in whichever form or fashion metals are presented, they command attention  — at the very least, a quick glance — due to the curiosity their reflective qualities incite. 


Deep Greens

Green on apparel indoors replaces the absence of green leaves outdoors during wintertime.  And while we’re getting “deep” here, the implementation of this specific color is actually in response to a very subliminal calling… or, pardon the pun — pining.  Outdoors-loving folks knowingly – or perhaps unknowingly – are drawn to this color and should be conscious about filling the void in some capacity when it’s not being fulfilled by nature.   We also believe this shade emanates a resilient energy – a reminder that while life may be in a state of dormancy, hibernation, or “long winter’s nap”, it is merely reserving its strength and waiting to burst back onto the scene once the frost has thawed.

green ginger jar

Green Ginger Jar $240

[Check out our review of the Seasonal 2016 Pantone colors, including shade of emerald green called Lush Meadows.]

DON’T SUFFER FROM THOSE WINTERTIME BLUES?  Well, lucky you!!!  In that case, we’ll save our “talk-you-down-from-the-ledge” speech and get right into the fluffier stuff!  Perhaps with a lighter-hearted mentality comes a love for softer, less-saturated tones.  We are seeing a carry-over of several of the popular neutrals from earlier this year, such as champagne rosé (muted pink) in particular.  Also, faded blues — which echo “blue skies of optimism” – and shades of golden hay, adding rays of sunshine to the palette.  And now we’re feeling all warm, content and ready to ride out the cool confluences of winter.

Soft Neutral Colors

Soft-colored Pillows Assorted $125-250 


Old Havana

A perfect transitional style for those lovers of green we were speaking of only moments ago.  Oh, Havana – you are that and so much more!   Coastal influences are easily brought into the scheme as well, including royal blue (and white too!).  How about asymmetrical designs, and those famous warm grays for rounding out this versatile and fun Copacabana party? 

Old Havana Style HPM

Photo courtesy of High Point Market

Authentic, rich and comfortable is what this lifestyle is about.  Drawing inspiration from Cuba’s infamous agricultural resource, the tobacco leaf – we lounge on sun-tanned brown leather surfaces and graciously maintain our utilitarian gold-leafed furniture.  Everything shows some sign of age, but conveys a class and confidence reassured all the more by this.


 Anyways, we have high expectations for everything to be unveiled at the show.  We hope we have given you something to look forward to as well. 

We’ll make announcements as all of the new shipment arrives, so make sure to subscribe to our preferred email list, and also follow us on all social media channels.  See you when we get back!


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