Ideas & Inspiration: Joyous Geometry

Bring joy to your dwelling through the use of gorgeous geometrical designs.

Here we highlight 7 selections that will instill a sense of joyful order to your spaces. And unlike the yawn-worthy shapes you learned about in high school—these are anything but boring! Both fun and smart, these offerings combine the best of both worlds.

Thibaut 'Summerhouse'

1. Thibaut ‘Summerhouse’

With appealing combinations of structure and playfulness, Thibaut’s new ‘Summerhouse’ releases have us in a state of exuberance. We feel these bold, juicy lines and colors are super-relevant in the current world-of-design, with the juxtaposition of loose, hand-drawn art and clean, geometric shapes. Each element becomes elevated–coexisting in a new, harmonious form of expression.

View our Thibaut Summer House Pinterest Board containing the entire collection.

Palecek 'Fossil Console'

2. Furniture As Art (And Vice Versa)

Often imitating three-dimensional sculpture, furniture creations emerging on the scene (like *Palecek’s Fossil console table, pictured above) are exquisite collisions of form and function. The geometric arrangements portray delicate balance but also bear foundations of strength and stability. An excavated slab of fossilized clam crowns the table top, making each piece a truly unique work-of-art.

LEE Industries 'Atrium'

3. Boho Inspiration

If you’re feeling boxed-in, just rearrange the grid, add a dose of Boho inspiration, and throw in a few Greek keys. Even the name of this tangerine-colored textile, ‘Atrium’, means “open-air structure” by definition. Adding to this fabric’s more casual nature is its faded, stone-washed appearance–although it’s certainly not lacking for color by any stretch.

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With an ode to the old-world cement tile used for centuries across the globe, AKDO’s brand new ‘PASSAGE’ porcelain brings a more modern version with materials that will still stand the test of time. Appropriate for multiple surfaces, indulge in fanciful floors (that you’ll want to dance on!) and beautiful backsplashes to compliment your counters and cabinetry.

Dana Gibson 'Canton'

5. Dana Gibson ‘Canton’

Dana Gibson is great at creating crossover appeal with her textile-based designs. As seen with this Canton pillow, she combines classic Eastern imagery and bamboo cross-hatching with complimentary patterns and whimsical flowers for a look that is updated and fresh–and unmistakably her own.

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Visual Comfort Chandelier

6. Chandelier Symmetry

Most chandeliers are symmetrical by default—in order to maintain their balance when hanging from a singular, centered point. So you won’t have to venture very far in this category to obtain the desired effect. However, it is exciting to see certain designers and manufacturers push the envelope such as Visual Comfort, who have one of the most diverse lighting selections, including designs from the likes of Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren and Peter Bristol, to name a few.

Hexagon Mirror

7. Frame-by-Frame

Soften those hard edges by going for something a little less square and a whole lot more interesting. We guarantee it will get recognition (from friends or guests who have that discerning eye for design), while at the same time integrating with complimentary wallcoverings and accessories, thanks to the addition of atypical lines that blend rather than float separately on their own rectangular island. A real “getaway” in terms of the familiar home décor landscape.

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