Photoshoot: Juliska Garden Party

Juliska decided to have a Spring contest for retailers, called “Garden Party”, and we simply couldn’t pass up on the fun!

Here are a few of the photos that resulted (mostly unedited!).  Enjoy!

Juliska Garden Party #1

Garden Party #2
Juliska Flowers
Flowers Fiona

Pink French Tulips. (Caught Fiona distracted!)

Garden Party #4
Garden Party #5
Juliska Garden Party #2

(All items featured by Juliska: Bunny S&P shakers, Bunny plates, (Grayson) glass bowl, pink goblets, candle holders, Bamboo dinner plates, tea cups & saucers, Cake stand, flatware, napkin rings, placemats and vases.)

Our favorite photo will be posted to Instagram on April 15 with the hashtag #juliskadisplaycontest #juliskajoy #juliska.  

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