Project Focus: The Dixon House

Quietly nestled in downtown Easton is an establishment with a reputation for outstanding elderly care. Ascending the steps of the spacious front porch and entering through the front door, you’ll be greeted with welcoming smiles on the faces of everyone you encounter at The Dixon House, both residents and staff alike.

There is a sense of pride and optimism at The Dixon House—attributes which have long endured since the doors first opened in 1910. “It’s always been group housing, and it’s continuing to serve that purpose,” says Linda Elben, executive director of The Dixon House. “We feel it is our duty to carry on the tradition of hospitality within this building. That includes providing a family-like atmosphere, and comfortable facilities and surroundings.”

To that end, as of late last year, the establishment underwent an entire first-floor interior design renovation. Don Wooters of Dwelling & Design was hired to help guide the project in the right direction. ‘Rejuvenation’ might be a better description, with all-new wallpapering, carpeting, light fixtures and furniture adorning the facility.

Dixon House Lobby

Lobby Seating Area

Entry Chandelier

“We designed and decorated in a colorful, transitional style, that was both mindful of the residents and in keeping with the nature of the building. We were able to accomplish a look that is manor-like rather than commercial or institutional, ” commented Don Wooters, interior designer and co-owner of Dwelling & Design.

Dining Room


Moving forward, “significant effort was made in updating it to compete and keep up with newer facilities on the Shore,” adds Wooters. Areas of the facility receiving the new interior design treatment include: lobby/seating area, dining room, “Day” room, central hallways, business offices, wellness center and salon. 


Dixon House Salon

“Dwelling & Design did a wonderful job maintaining the old Victorian feel of the house with the designs and colors that were chosen,” comments Linda Elben. “We feel that this is really the closest to home that someone can be in the later stages of life.”

“There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction working on a project like this,” says Wooters. “We are grateful to have worked with this exemplary local establishment and hope that its residents and employees enjoy the benefits of their surroundings for many years to come.”


Dwelling & Design

Before & After Photos:

Dining Room 

Business Office


Wellness Center


Project Design Renderings:

“Dining Room”

“Day Room”

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