8 Attractive Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics for the Active Household

We want it all. The style and luxury of the finest woven fabrics. But that’s not nearly enough. We want spill-resistance, like in those “glass of red wine” commercials. And we need to be able to leave our furniture outside in the elements for a week and have it still look as good as when it first left the factory.  

Ok, what else? How about able to endure 50,000 double-rubs with 1,500 hours of lightfastness. Is that asking too much?

Good news—these demanding requirements are practically becoming the norm nowadays. Technology is rapidly advancing in the textiles industry too. Companies realize the investment made in furniture by consumers with children and pets (adults can be hard on furniture too, admit it!) and that they need it to hold up under all sorts of precarious situations. In other words, hope for the best but definitely be prepared for the worst!

So yes, we can have our cupcake and eat it too, and easily clean the icing off the cushions. No biggie.

Here’s a collection of 8 different indoor/outdoor options that we think are pretty attractive—not only for their patterns—but for the priceless peace of mind they offer in addition.

(Disclaimer: All of the following fabric samples are rated for indoor/outdoor use. However, please consult individual fabric specifications for durability ratings and recommended usage. All photos courtesy of respective designers.)

Holly Hunt | Vinyasa, Golden Sun

Holly Hunt | Vinyasa, Golden Sun

With a sterling reputation and impeccable taste, Holly Hunt continues to shine across the interior design realm, and Golden Sun is the perfect example of that.

Content: 100% solution-dyed acrylic

Specs: Stocked with stain repellant finish; kid-proof; easy to clean; non-fade.

Pindler | Pescador, Haze

Pindler | Pescador, Haze

From Pindler’s Sunbelievable Collection (love that name!). We also love their subdued sense of style that hits all the right notes.

Content: 61% solution dyed all-weather acrylic; 39% solution dyed poly exclusive design

Specs: Mildew & fade resistant; soil & stain resistant; 50,000 double rubs; 1500 hours lightfastness.

Fabricut | Bella Dura

FABRICUT | Bella Dura, Maggie, Azalea 

This whimsical, geometrical pattern is begging to be paired with other design elements and decor accessories (mountains, wind chimes, etc.). 

Content: 100% Bella Dura 

Specs: Indoor/outdoor; water, soil & stain repellant finish; mildew resistant; 1,500 hours light fastness; exceeds 65,000 Double Rubs (Wyzenbeek Method); 5 year warranty; exclusive pattern. (#fabricutfind)

Thibaut | Oasis, Spa Blue

Thibaut | Oasis, Spa Blue

This woven graphic adds just enough interest and texture while retaining all of the soothing and calm qualities desired.

Content: 100% Sunbrella acrylic

Specs: Proprietary water and stain repellent finish.

Perennials | French Lilac Fabric

PERENNIALS – Go To Stripe, French Lilac Fabric

Absolutely in love with this dreamy, classic French stripe. The definition of timeless.

Content: 100% solution-dyed acrylic

Specs: Indoor/outdoor; Perennials NanoSeal Finish.

Schumacher | Sarong Weave

Schumacher | Sarong Weave, Grey

This block-print inspired, tiny quatrefoile pattern has style and comfort written all over it.

Content: 100% solution-dyed acrylic

Specs: Indoor/outdoor; 6 year lightfastness.

Kravet | Ritme Marine

Kravet | Ritme, Marine

This fun, bohemian-inspired design will work beautifully in any outdoor (or indoor) setting.

Content: 100% Polyolefin

Specs: Indoor/outdoor; water repellent & stain release finish; 50,000 double rubs.

Lee | Novo Natural


Soft neutrals and subtle navy stripes given a distressed treatment. What’s not to love?

Content: 95% Polyester, 5% Olefin

Specs: Outdoor/indoor; stain & fade resistant; 33,000 double rubs; eco-friendly. 

Btw, this is an extremely small sample size! It was incredibly difficult to choose from everything that is out there, but so much fun too. For more, check out our Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics Pinterest page, and of course stop by the store and design center. We can help navigate, if you need it 🙂



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