Special Message From Us + Current Operations Info

So with the whole world going crazy right now, we’ve been just as confused as everyone else, trying to absorb, pivot and move forward. We’ve been asking ourselves all the questions, like…

Do we close? That’s not a straightforward answer, but we’ll explain in a minute.

How does a retail business with showroom and design center reinvent itself or adapt in a mostly digital environment?

What are peoples’ expectations of us?

Insert another #theskyisfalling extremely panicked question here.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to the facts and current state-of-affairs.

The Interior Design end of the business is OPEN, as it has been deemed an essential service. We are staying very busy, with usual Spring influx. Additionally, people are now home looking around at their kitchen hardware, window treatments, bathroom wallpaper, etc. wanting to make changes now that it’s staring them in the face 24/7. Good problems–we thank everyone for this!

As long as our vendors continue producing and distributing these items, we’ll get them to you as fast as humanly possible. That being said, a few HAVE been forced to close down, such as LEE Industries (our primary furniture manufacturer; read announcement) for the next 2-4 weeks. For items such as these, we will try to give you the most honest timetable we can, but there are certain unknowns everyone is dealing with here. Your patience is much appreciated!

Our Retail Store is CLOSED (it is not an essential service, and that decision has been made for us, obviously). HOWEVER, we are full of inventory, and receiving Spring shipments on a weekly basis. Therefore, we shall…

Continue retail sales online (browse available items under ‘SHOP’ on the website). Simply use online store checkout. See something on social media? You can always DM, call or email (our office hours 10am-5pm will remain the same).

Offer extra incentives such as FREE SHIPPING & DELIVERY. All online orders over $50 now qualify. (Some exclusions apply, of course).

Publish extra content such as DIY suggestions (coming soon; for now, here’s this year’s Spring Cleaning Checklist, new Pinterest boards, product and project features, and store video that will hopefully help or entertain you during this unique time we find ourselves in.

What else do you want to see from us? How can we better serve you in the new normal? Send us a message.

Let’s all do what we have to do to knock this thing out, and we’ll see you soon. Stay safe!


Fiona, Brooke, Nick, Rae and Michelle

Dwelling & Design

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